Aloha e Dalani,

This is a great idea. What a beautiful page you have. Yes, we should invite Sabra and see if we can get others on board.

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No worries Momi, I sent it out to Sabra and Kawai and Kana'e and Moana and if you think of anyone send to them too!
aloha e dalani--

what a wonderful idea! thank you for the invite. sorry you didn't have a chance to see the kihei i made for my nephew's wedding. although it took me many hours to not only pound it all out, as i'm sure you know (tee hee), the final product i was most proud of. my nephew and his new wife were so very grateful, and i am most grateful that you shared this skill with me. even with my busy schedule at school (i'm now taking 21 credits), i still make the time to work on individual pieces--i find it not only relaxing, but also an excellent grounding tool.

oh yeah, the final dimension of the kihei were 8'x5.5' which was great as it covered the couple from knee to over their heads. it's just awesome to be able to leave a legacy in my family with will be handed down through the generations.


Ha'upu! i miss you and yessssssssssss i did miss seeing the kapa in real life but tell me there are about a millionn pics of it and you can send me a couple! or better yet, post them here and share with the gang..8 x 5 1/2! thats awesome and im so proud of you and for your aloha for this work. Im going to post some upcoming classes here as soon as i confirm the dates times etc but one of them is a two day kapa making for the repatriations... hope you can make that one! and yeah i'll let everyone know by tonite the upcoming kapa classes at ka'ala learning center! aloha nui nui!
`ae, mahalo ia `oe, dalani! i definitely want to participate in the aha hana kapa for the `iwi kupuna, i want to also participate in upcoming classes, but that would definitely depend on the schedule as my classes this semester are nuts. i am so excited and thrilled by this website!

Ok, I sent an invitation out to Joni mae, Terry, Verna, and Pua C.
Aloha e Dalani

I am interested in your kapa making class. I thought there would be one in April on Saturdays. Would you please let me know when you are having another one? Lufi and I (Kaʻāhiki) are interested. Lufi taught the Maʻawe class at school (Hawaiian Studies Mānoa) and I have been pounding twice a week, sometimes 3 times a week. Still learning but would like to know more.

Mahalo nui, Kaʻāhiki
aloha e titarilla
thanks for joining us and i will be posting upcoming class dates and times tonite but yes we will be having classes starting in april and running to june.. three different ones actually, and trying to get some mala wauke work days in there as well ....stay tuned!
e ka'ahiki, check out the class schedule on the group front page... i have three different classes coming up
aloha e momi:)
he ninau: i live in puna and was wondering if you know of any kumu on the big island whom
i can contact and possibly take papa kapa from?
mahalo nui,
momi wheeler
Aloha e Momi,

O wau o Momi Subiono. I know of some women getting together to beat burial kapa, maybe you would like to join this group and kuku. I always feel like the more the merrier. We might be in Opihikao on a weekend. My family has a lot in Hawaiian acres, so we are there in Puna on some weekends. Do you know Joni mae Makuakane-Jarrell and Terry Reveira? We are working together on it.

Mahalo for your interest. Yes, we would love to spread the word and art of kapa making.

A`ohe pau ka `ike i ka halau ho`okahi - Not all knowledge is learned in one school.

mahalo nui momi for your reply.
'a'ole, i do not know joni and terry.
please keep me informed of how i can keep in contact with
these na wahine in puna/hilo/big i.
momi wheeler
I will email you my helu and you can send me your info. I live in Kona so we might have to plan it on a whim. E kala mai. This is what happens when you have such a busy life. but I'll talk to the other ladies about it and see when we are actually going to do it.




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