Aloha kakou!

I am noticing that it is very easy to add mp3 offerings from anyoneʻs profile music selections to your own. It has already expanded my appreciation of the range of music that we are listening to, from Hawaiian to reggae to jazz to oli to porky pig.

For example, if you go to my profile, you will find a short listing of offerings:
1. a morning chorus of native bird songs, including even the songs of native forest birds now endangered or extinct
2. Kau ka haliʻa - forest entrance chant
3. Kīpahulu
4. Kimo Henderson Hula
5. E Hoʻi i ka Pili
6. Home Kapaka
7. No Ke Ano Ahiahi
8. Kamāmakakaua
9. Porky pig sings B-b-blue Christmas

To add any of these to your own profile music listings is a simple matter of clicking on the "Add to my page" button while the song is playing, if that profile has allowed it. I invite anyone else on Maoliworld to add any song they find on my profile, and I hope to continue to find good songs among the growing numbers of us as well.

Mahalo a nui,


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Wow, cool stuff! Mahalo!!! Aloha, L.


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