After your year or years of boarding (indicate what grade entered) what positive advice or personal story you would like to share that made an impact on your life? You may include any experiences of dorm life and transitioning back to home life or your college life versus your education and boarding experiences at Kamehameha.or maybe just your own personal life story which may impact other boarders to make better life choices.

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I entered 7th grade at Maude Post West.. or East.. aue, poina wau!
Some thoughts and memories.

For some the Dorm life is hard at first.. being away from family and such.. for me it wasn't as bad because my home life wasn't that great. My first night in the dorm I was Okay.. but my roommate was having a hard time.. crying softly after lights out.. I tried to console him and told him "Hey its gonna be all right" to which he responded through his sniffles "Shut up before I broke your face!" .. Yay for first impressions..

If you are a halfway normal teenager you will end up with detention some time during your stay in the dorms.. If you've NEVER gotten detention EVER as a boarder.. I'm sorry but there's got to be something wrong with you! hah hah jus kidding! Yes it sucks to get detention but i figure I'm a better person because of it.. or something like that. ;-)

Being a freshman sucks
Yes it does because now all the Sophomores have someone to take their anger out on for all the crap they caught as Freshman.. so yes you will probably catch crap as a freshman.. One of the more memorable ones: A trash can (not the little ones from the room.. the big one in the bathroom/hall) filled 3/4 with water, toilet paper, trash and god-knows-what leaned against my door so when I opened it in the morning I got flooded... And I got detention for not having my room cleaned by the time morning inspection rolled around..see above... made me a better person.. blah blah blah..
You could make friends with a senior or better yet be closely related to some senior on the Varsity football team Offensive line.. I guess that would help. If all else fails just remember that next year you wont be the freshman heh. But also know that you will be a model for the younger classes and you should take this time to show compassion and aloha to your new poki'i.. yeah.. something like that. ;-)

Because of the schedule most boarders have its not always easy on relationships. Don't let it stop you, but realize its probably a little tougher than it could be. Unless shes a boarder as well :). Besides, sneaking a girl into and out of the dorm is not easy to do.. not impossible.. but not easy. But anyway, Don't do that! Bad Kanaka Maoli teenager! ;-)

Being a border sometimes you're living on a fixed income. But a little intuitiveness can make you a few extra bucks here and there.. One fact of life is that teenage boys are always hungry.. have your 'Ohana send you a couple cases of saimin and a crockpot and open up your own little After-dinner saimin stand! its kinda like those shops at the airport.. either they can pay your $3.00 a pack of saimin or they can suck air till breakfast.. But remember to be a good little Kanaka Maoli entrepreneur and say Aloha and Mahalo! ;-)

well its getting late and i think ive used up my quota of snide comments for the day ;-)
Anyway Have fun, Be good and live Aloha and things usually work out for the best as a boarder.. or something like that. ;-)

I went to Kapuaiwa Dormitory from 9th grade to the end of 1st quarter my senior year.

Things to remember:

You never know what happens till it actually happens.

Every decision you make as a Boarder is your own.

You are responsible for your actions and when it hits you square in the face be ready for it and accept it.


I loved Dorming. I loved being a Boarder! I made many friends from different islands and a lot of them are my friends on Facebook. I wasn't afraid when I went there my freshman year. I was excited knowing that this would prepare me for college. I wasn't homesick until my Senior year. Kapuaiwa was my home away from home. The Dorm advisors were always there when you needed to talk whether it was from my dorm or from the other dorms like Liholiho or Kina'u Hale. Don't let there strictness fool you. They only do that because they care. They believe in you. I always thought that. They push us harder than ever and even though they're were times were we may not have liked it, it toughened us. Made us stronger. Everyone in my dorm was my new family, even in the other dorms they were considered family to me. I felt like I came into a HUGE ohana and I'm glad I did. See the talent that everyone possessed and seeing all our differences yet similarities. It was a great experience.

Freshman year: Some say it was the hardest year, while others say it was easy. I say it's both. School is school. We are taught to learn things that will hopefully help us in the future. But I honestly think my freshman year was my best year at Kamehameha. Just knowing that I had all this responsibility and that I was excited for being here made it easy. Making new friends made it easy. But it was also my favorite year because I felt I was myself.

Sophomore year: It wasn't as easy as freshman year. P.E. was the biathalon. Math with Mr. Monteville was the best. More friends to meet. But more homework to do. Also detention. Detention from school is not the best but Detention from Dorm advisors really depends on what they give you. 2 hours of detention. man I had to work my detention for school off in the cafeteria which was fun. I met all the aunties and uncles who worked back there and I gave them props for doing what they do best. Around this time relationships you come more into focus, although freshman year it started for me :p Relationships are a tricky thing whether it's between family, friends, or boyfriends and girlfriends, it was tricky. You never knew what there true intentions were.

Junior year: Worst year ever for me. This is about the time when you hear everyone is getting there drivers liscenses or where people are looking at schools for college and everyone has jobs and there making money. This is where I thought about the finances of going here and how expensive it was and how tedious the paper work is to get into the school. it was also the year that i think that Bird Flu came out and the sickness was killing people. It was a frightening year.

Senior year: Not much to say really since I was there for only my 1st quarter. I can honestly say this. I missed Kamehameha dearly. Public schools are nothing like Kamehameha. Yah you may be able to get away with more things, but there are times when the teachers don't care. They don't push you like the teachers do at Kamehameha.   Thats where I had a reality check.

All in all I am proud to have gone to Kamehameha. I don't care what other people say about the school saying were ignorant and other things. I learned life long lessons from Kamehameha Boarding. I met great people there that I hold highly. They are important to me.

Did I mention how much I loved chapel! I used to sing when we had chapel services, during school and on Sundays :) Great times. But I will never forget Concert Glee Club. Ceballos is da MAN!

Well I have a class to go to! This is college life! XD enjoy life and be happy whenever u can! SMILE! :)


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