After spending a year in boarding (indicate what grade) what positive advice can you give to those new boarders to make their transition from home a pleasant one?

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I was accepted in 9th grade, and now its the summer to tenth grade. My first year of boarding was so much fun. When you become a boarder, at first its hard because you have to learn time mangement and such, but after a while you get closer and closer with your dormates and the boarding in fact, you become like a familyISh. My advice just be yourself and trust me you will make lots of friends.
as a graduate, the main piece of advice i can give to anyone going into boarding is to take FULL advantage of all the opportunities KS has to offer you. there are SO many clubs and extra cirricular activities that you can join, and you should. as for the transition, the best thing is to make friends. you're all going thru the same experience together so why not share it. friends always made my time at KS that much easier (and fun too!).

be yourself :)

mahalo for your input on this subject. We live on Kauai and my 13 yr. old daughter has just been accepted for 9th grade! We are so stoked... I have been hoping to have this opportunity for my daughter, like so many parents who dream of a good education for their children and now it's a reality.

Right now the question of dorming is on us; it's real, and my daughter, who is outgoing, is happy and anxious too. She goes to Kapaa Middle School and loves the circle of friends she has. She has he chance to stay with family of her close friend who is 10th grade at Kamehameha, in Kaneohe, and possibly an aunt who is moving to Oahu, Waianae soon.

I hope for her to board, as she would seem to get more support for getting down to the business of graduating high school with as much success as possible. No commuting, no distractions. I feel she would be more self reliant from the experience.

My hope is this forum might help me with some of the personal anxieties she has about boarding.

For one thing, she went to a summer program there a couple years ago, and didn't enjoy the boarding then. I don't know if it is the same boarding building as for high school, but the bathrooms were not private and she ended up getting constipation and felt pressure to get her hygiene done fast so as not to hold up the program... get up early, eat, use bathroom and out the door. 

She is healthy, but not really atheletic. I am pleased about the phys-ed program, but what kind of after-school activities are available for boarders?

She also felt a little intimidated by the cliques that formed. Is it the same for ALL the girls? Like if you board is it cool for girls that don't know anyone? At this point we haven't found out all who have been accepted from Kauai yet, and I'm sure she'll know one or two, but none of her close friends made it.

mahalo for any and all comments.


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