Because it is a privilege and not a right to be a student of Kamehameha Schools, should students be allowed back on campus to board or attend school if they are in violation of acts of violence (weapons, assault, etc), drug use or carrying of drug items (marijuana, ice, cocaine, etc)?

Why or Why not?

You may elaborate on this discussion as there may be those who feel there answers may be for both yes and no.

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Wow almost a year and no one has made a reply..
Oh well I guess i'll go ahead and open my big mouth! heh!

I remember the constant reminders that echo the first line of the post. "You should be grateful for the privilege of attending Kamehameha! for everyone of you attending there are 10 applicants waiting to fill your spot! yada yada yada..."

And personally I believed them..
so in my opinion I answer: NO.
If they are guilty of participating in illegal practices they should not be allowed to remain at Kamehameha.

I do not think outright expulsion is warranted without investigation, but if an investigation shows them to have knowingly and willfully participated in the illegal activity then yes, have them expelled and removed.

'o ia ko'u mana'o.


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