Today, I emailed Ikaika Hussey the following email - with the hope of assembling Kanaka Maoli for maybe no specific reason at all but to get together and celebrate our existence and reinforce our personal relationships with each other and to further the realization of the continued existence of the Kingdom (sorry to you "total" americans and OHA and "akaka bill" supporters who don't realize that the Kingdom continues to exist):


With the success that Maoliworld has gotten, it would be appropriate - one of these times soon - for us to gather as a MaoliWorld ohana - (so-called) "statewide" or "islandwide" to celebrate our Kanaka Maoli-ness and our being Maoliworld ohana.

Wouldn't this be a great celebration if held at 'Iolani Palace grounds - without a permit - but completely by some kind of magic spontaneity that just happens - perhaps on one of our "special" days (but not July 31 when I will be celebrating "Ka La Ho'i Ho'i Ea!"on Mauna Kea).



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