I know some of you may not have had Miss Lord as an Intermediate School principal, but for those of us who did, she left a lasting impression.

DIANA H. LORD Diana H. Lord was born in Monmouth, United Kingdom. She was a past principal of The Kamehameha School -Intermediate Division. Diana passed away on March 9, 2008 at Kaiser Hospital at the age of 82. She is survived by dear friends. Her body was donated to UH School of Medicine. At her request, there will be no services. Anyone who wishes to make a donation in her honor can donate to either the Salvation Army or UH Medical School.

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Mahalo nui for sharing this information. She will be missed.
It's sad to hear about Miss Lord's passing, even if my memories of her at KS Inter. was one of fear and trepidation. She was a larger than life woman and she definitely kept us in line.
Oh boy do I remember her. I remember the "board of education" very well.
Ms Lord..
I remember
..that little bell she used to ring during Lunch when she made her announcements...
..the way she would look at you over her glasses that made you wish you weren't the one she was looking at..
..her voice always cool and smooth.. like the way a shotgun is cool and smooth before its fired...
..her unswerving dedication to make sure we were the best we could be even if we didn't notice the potential within ourselves..

there's just something about a 6foot tall British woman in a mu'umu'u that makes you sit up straight, pay attention, and say "Yes ma'am"
heh.. I have never said "Yes Ma'am" to anyone in my life before I met Ms Lord
Auwe, I just joined the network and read about the passing of Ms. Lord...

Yes, I remember her very well and especially the words, "I do not tolerate..."

She had left a great impression on me and I am saddened by her passing...
Yes she was my principal when I was in intermediate. How in the world did she get to Hawaii and Kamehameha???
She made a big impression and will be missed.
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I think from Bristol England during WW2 later assignment Kamehameha 4th grade teacher then acting vice principal under Lela Brewer 1958 while Mr. Richard Cundy on sabbatical at American University Lebanon 1958-59 when I was in my first year at KSPD.  Later Principal with Mr Cundy to Director of Personnel. Tony Ramos was her vice-principal when I left after 12 years KSPD with my Sabbatical and Summers in Taiwan studying Chinese Mandarin. Daughter Lili Reiko Smith Evensen has taught Science at upper school 26 years until present 2011. RIP Miss Lord AKA Nanny McPhee
Does anyone remember her favorite hymn?

I think it was the Queens Prayer we sang around dining tables (as one of the Faculty 1958-69)

and Students in Hawaiian

Robert Smith

Hmmm. Mahalo for that suggestion, sir, but the person who is quizzing me claims that her favorite hymn was an old British hymn that most people would not know the title of, but that some might recognize the melody.  Paʻakīkī kēia!




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