A member of my boyfriend's family was in the news recently, and I wonder, after all that I've heard, if this is not a tragedy tied to the ice epidemic.

Steven Wilcox was stabbed trying to save a woman from being beat up by her husband outside Komo Mai's in Kane'ohe. He lost his life, and now that same woman that he tried to help is saying that her husband was not hitting her. She also said, in one article, that she left her husband at one point in time because of drugs. I wonder now, if he had an ice problem...

I'm so sad that Steven was taken from his family and friends after trying to help someone out, but his memory will live on and his heroism will not be forgotten.

Hawaiians...help each other heal! Let's work together to keep each other off drugs. Help our men feel like men, so they can treat their women, and children, with love and respect.

Mahalo for having the heart of a warrior, Steven.

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