This is a call to all Hawaiians to help each other shake this addiction that is killing us. Whether we provide help by providing a place to vent, or offer solutions and make connections across the islands, here is a place where we can come together and begin to heal the 'eha handed down from generation to generation.

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It IS the most significant epidemic I have encountered in my 26 years of life. It affects kupuna, kamalii, and anyone else because its destruction is unbiased.
IS the government doing all they can to stop this plague?
No, not at all, in no way, not even close.
So if they arent going to make a drastic change for our benefit, what can we do?
50 lbs of ice found in a superstars home and he gets the royal treatment?
An addict steals a car and get five years?
Domestic violence, ice to blame, and he walks?
A mother doesnt feed her baby because shes addicted and her baby dies?

An investigation needs to be conducted into the authority overlooking the import of this drug BECAUSE....

History has shown.

Police and helicopter!
searching to fill their greed,
let the peace be in the trees
while they bring you to your knees
will i kneel too and agree?
Or will I stand up and be free?
I believe the reality
Shall send us all to see
If more should choose to be
soon we all are free.
I embrace the life that my heart tells me to live.
What about you?

The lawmakers NEED to put an end to this once and for all. STOP the production and import of ephedra, and all its unhealthy forms.

I have seen some babies born with ice in their system and tried to adopt/hanai them. It's sad how it's destroying some people. I also know some former classmates who fell victim to ice. Some are unable to escape it. The only time they can is if they die or if they leave home (Hawai'i.)

I highly doubt that the state and feds will step in though even though we have an ice epidemic because they do want us gone so it would not surprise me if they are allowing the import of ice into the islands. I think it's the grand scheme of things and that's why there hasn't been a significant war against the ice epidemic in Hawai'i. Just my mana'o but I have come across many Hawaiian babies born with ice in their system. It's very sad to see some of these babies in foster care living in limbo.

In one case the baby's great grandmother tried to adopt/hanai him but the state forbid it. The baby who is oiwi eventually left with a family in the military who adopted him so the epidemic is contributing to our next generation fleeing the aina. So far though very little is being done to combat the ice epidemic which aligns with the grand scheme of things as in they want to get rid of us. Ice makes things easy for them to attain that. Sad but true....

Hopefully though this will change and we will not lose any more Hawaiians (and others too) to ice.
The Grand Scheme

Like CRACK It Hit Hawaii & Hawaiianz CIA Made it Happen, Same as ICE, Target Crowd Hawaiianz & Locals SCHOOL KIDZ,

Same As the Blackz & Mexicanz up in USA.
So many levels of attention this problem needs.

The biggest, deepest, most important and most difficult one is knowing who we are and feeling good about it.

So many things that destroy people's confidence in themselves, from small-kid time.

Great potential artists with the mana to change the world drugged up with Ritalin, Adderall so they can sit and stare like everybody else, and then told "don't do drugs". Kids swiping at each other's spirits cuz they don't know how else to express pain. And cuz of fear. Schools labeling da 'opio as "losers" over and over and over again cuz they're not doing their part on the conveyor belt to extinction...

Fear has a remedy, but it takes a lot of work.

And a lot of love. And creativity.

Then there's "enforcement". In my mind, the current "law" enforcement will never be truly effective in this problem. For one thing, some are in on it. Then -- let's face it: the battle is too natural, the opponents too well-matched. Ice vibes with "cop" mentality: aggression, dominance, money, powerplays, leaving things undone. Not saying every cop is like this, but it's the big picture. Like Batman and the Joker -- they just keep fighting, comic strip after comic strip, without anything really changing.

The real enforcement we need is internal. Inside ourselves, we need to enforce pono and aloha. Inside our communities, we need to enforce these things from all directions. And we need to take some power back from the system to do it, cuz right now it's hard. There's a sense that certain things are the job of The Man, and he's a mean bugga. Right now, he doesn't come to help at our call, he expects us to come at his. We need to turn this around, if not take his job over ourselves completely.

Back in the day, pretend there had been no fear of death, like the museum mentality teaches us pre-contact life was full of. I'm pretty sure there were at least some places not living in fear of the system all the time, huh? Would these places have been full of unruly people going off the deep end? I kinda doubt it.

In my mana'o, we need to deal very much with what is real. The "war on drugs" facilitated the ice epidemic by economic pressure. Not saying pakalolo dealing was a good thing but the way it happened left a gigantic economic hole (on both the supply and demand ends) that was very quickly filled with ice. It's ironic that they used to call pakalolo a "gateway drug". Well, if they were right (I don't think it's true actually, I'm just following their logic), I guess they ripped down the gate, huh?

Ephedra is a plant, used for medicine. So is cannabis, coca, 'awa. All can make monstrosities, but all are sacred, too -- they are still the keiki of Akua, being abused to fill in the hole in people's spirits.

Stress and pressure and fear are killers. We live with them so much that we get used to their presence, and without even being aware of it, we sometimes put them on others, too. "Just saying no" to these killers is a martial art that is hard to learn and hard to teach, especially if the person has already been whacked by them. But we gotta do it.

Just some thoughts.
Aloha kakou. I'm having a hard time finding any groups or organizations in Hawaii dedicated in fighting the meth problem and would like to raise money for it. Any recommendations / suggestions? Mahalo.
Aloha iheartmehanaokala,

The topic which you have selected is indeed a tragic scenario here on the Big it has escalated in such a way that, all families have one person who is addicted. And the crimes assoicated with the drug filters over into the communities. More then that though, the ohana is torn apart and becomes dysfunctional...There are so many kapuna here raising their mo'opunas and lately the rise on raising the great grandchildren as well.

I know there are groups out there that have support systems. But they are created with relatively little success. I boldy say this because if they were successful we would not have issues.

So in my humble opinion here is my vison on this. First we need land bases to put in place infrastructures called Re-hab facilities for Native Hawaiians. Secondly, we need Hawaiian oriented programs created by Hawaiians for Hawaiians. Thirdly, we need those Hawaiian agencies that control all our monies to fund them. We need our Native Hawaiian practioneers to be involved in the healing process of our people. Lastly, we need to encourage one another, this is the essence of Aloha.... for a nation divided cannot stand and our Kingdom and people need to be healed.
Aloha e Leilani. Such wise words... I would like to raise funds for this sort of endeavor. Unfortunately I'm having a hard time finding such programs... Any suggestions? Mahalo.
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