Kaohi: Aloha everyone in this community it's very important that we do more talking in these times of difficulties: economic, sad things, and education verses our ancestors love of aina

Mahalo for the space to share my morning thoughts:

We are in a peril at this time.  Some one is posting a lot of illegal prescription drugs on our Maoliworld.  It is to raise the numbers of drug sells on cyber space, to infiltrate our young people, and to take over our ancestors aina and values. 

It is truly sad that this frontal challenge as usually have very little action upon our Maoliworld users.  Which is understandable!  However, to be an activist and maoli one needs a lot of stamina and energy that seems at times to really conscious.

I have seen and have been in the business (mahaoe, niele) for a very long time.  Most people don't want to intrude into other people's business.

Do not let this respect of boundaries, or thinking of respect but really avoiding the problem get any bigger than it is.  This problem will mask over our entire population once the criminals grab their numbers and the young minds in this state.  

We will have to shift to other means of survival and really people I do not think we have that stamina to survive through this years of clean-up and damage control.  

It will take our best minds and turn it into mash!

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