2. Tuesday, July 01, 2008
HELE WAWAE: I know that some kanaka has a strong disliking towards walking and exercise. I was one of them! But this is the simplest solution to life’s health problems. It’s an automatic guarantee that walking will definitely improve your life as well as your outlook.

Walking is a basic exercise that we all learned as keiki li’ili’i. By choosing to hele wawae, you will inherit the overwhelming list of benefits that will improve your life and lifestyle. The health benefits include:

-Weight Management
When combined with healthy eating, the pounds will fall off and be properly managed.
-Lowers Blood Pressure
The heart will strengthen thus pumping more blood with less effort and less stress on the arteries.
-Heart Attack Chances Reduce
It is proven for women that heart attack risk is decreased by approximately 30-40%.
-Increased “Maika’i” Cholesterol
Reduction of low-density lipoproteins (HDL) is an imperative necessity as they can clog arteries and cause heart attacks.
-Decreased chance of stoke by at least 50%.
-Reduced risk of having breast cancer, colon cancer and Type 2 Diabetes.
-No need for Gallstone surgery by 20-31%.
-Protection from hip fracture.
-Prevents depression.
-No constipation.
-Prevents osteoporosis.
-Strengthens muscles, back, joints, neck, and shoulders.
-Relieves arthritis, and back pain.
-Sleep much better.
-Improves mood and releases stress.
-Prolongs lifespan.

Although walking does come with endless, promising benefits, you must use caution as not walking properly can lead to back, neck, shoulder and joint pain, cramping, and the lost of enthusiasm for walking. Here are some tips to follow:

-Keep a steady pattern (example: 30 min/day; 5 days/wk.)
-Wear comfortable shoes!!
-Sometimes we make the mistake of wearing the wrong shoe when exercising. Here’s what to look for:
a.Lightweight – if your shoes are heavy it will cause problems.
b.Flexible – by wearing stiff shoes can develop pain in the kino.
c.Less than 1 year – if your shoes are more than 1 year old, it’s suggested to look for a shoe in better shape due to the condition of the +1 year old shoes that will have a negative effect when walking.
d.Comfortable – your shoes cannot be too small as it will cause discomfort during walking and pain post walking and eventually swelling of the feet. Wear shoes that are a little larger than your dress shoes to provide comfort.
-Stand tall don’t slouch or look down when walking. When you stand tall you breathe better and it prevents back, neck, and shoulder problems
-Bend your arms, never straighten them.
-Take quick, small steps rather than long steps.
-Push from your toes after the end of each step you take to improve your walking.
-Don’t forget to stretch before you walk and after you walk. It’ll get the muscles ready.
-Don’t over do it, remember to rest and take it easy. It’s not a race, it’s your health.
-While walking you should be able to maintain a conversation. If you’re breathing too lightly pick the pace up a bit, but if you’re breathing too heavily or can’t catch your breath, slow down too.
-Don’t be shy, walk with a hoaloha. Positive support is the best thing to bring along.
-If you don’t have any places to walk, climbing stairs for at least 15 minutes helps a whole lot and strengthens the heart too!
-Instead of watching T.V., trade 30 minutes of T.V. for 30 minutes of walking. It’ll improve your lifestyle.

Walking is the best and the most obvious form of medicine but unfortunately it’s also the most forgotten. It’s a guaranteed improvement for your life, it’s also free and the best prescription there is. With the rates of obesity, diabetes, and other health problems increasing each year we need to hiu and get our bodies in shape not for the benefit of others but for ourselves. Please remember that being healthy isn’t about looking “hot” it’s about loving your self and taking care of this precious gift given by Akua. Imua to a healthy and promising future!!


Iune Tip:

1. Monday, April 07, 2008
WAI: the simple but true answer to improving one's health. Wai is the foundation of life for every living creature on Earth. Every human kino is made up of 70% water, and is much needed, so your kino will function normally. By drinking at least 6-8 (8 oz.) glasses of wai a day, I guarantee that you will see a progression in your kino. Your mind will be clearer and refreshed, and your kino will be properly hydrated as it should be.

The consequences of not drinking enough wai are:
-dry and itchy skin
-nose bleeds
-constipation [which can eventually lead to hemorrhoids and colon cancer]
-dry coughing
-constant sneezing
-sinus pressure
-constant urinary tract infections (UTI's)
-cholesterol problems
-hypotension (lowered blood pressure)
-development of kidney stones
-heat exhaustion
-hospitalization if serious

The reason why we must drink plenty of wai is because our kino loses several cups of water through everyday activities such as sweating, urination, crying, and breathing. Thus we are always in a need of replenishment. Our lungs need wai in order to allow us to breathe normally. Our lungs need humid air to work; the air needs to be moistened before it reaches them. This is done by the mucous membrane that lines your nasal passages and bronchi. Thus, if there isn't enough wai in your kino, the lining will dry up and cause irritation in your lungs. Eventually you will become sensitive to dust, cigarette smoke, mold particles, pollen, smoke, etc. Also it will cause you to be less resistant to bacteria and viruses, leaving you vulnerable to colds, sicknesses, diseases, and other medical health problems.

The mucous membrane lining in your nasal passage and bronchi can also help defend you against disease. There is a barrier within the lining that provides a much useful defense. Dehydration is one of the many, but the less well known, factors that cause your lining's barrier to decrease and leave you open to many suffering side effects of dehydration.

It is imperative for the kino to receive wai daily. If and when you drink an adequate amount of wai, the benefits are:
-normal breathing
-less vulnerable to bacteria, viruses, and diseases
-joints and eyes are lubricated
-digestion is helped
-unneeded waste and toxins are regularly flushed out of system
-skin looks healthy and refreshed
-less acne breakouts
-regular movement
-normal blood pressure
-builds resistance against heart attacks
-aids weight-loss
-more energy
-less vulnerable to colon, bladder and breast cancer
-minimizes that monthly cramping for the wahines
-clearer mind
-feel rejuvenated and better about yourself
-and much more!

Plus, wai is the healthiest drink on Earth. It has 0 carbs, 0 calories, 0 sugar, 0 Trans fat, 0 sodium, and 0 cholesterol. But don't start off the bat with 8 glasses. If you're the type of person that drinks mostly sodas, juices, teas, milk, or coffee, I recommend that you start off small and work your way up. It's difficult for someone who's not used to drinking a lot of wai to begin by doing so. Rather, begin drinking at least 3-4 cups a day, and add on 1 cup as the days progresses. Sooner or later you'll find yourself drinking mostly wai!

With so much to do everyday, we sometimes forget to malama ourselves. But if we remember to at least drink 6-8 glasses of wai a day, our lives will improve above and beyond. Not only does drinking enough wai help with our daily problems but also potential future problems that we may face that could shorten our lives. Please remember, that when the next time you’re thirsty, instead of reaching for the Coke, coffee or juice, go for the wai! It will help you become a better person, inside and out! Imua to a healthy and promising future!

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Here's what my grandma used to say about water:

Water--internally, externally, eternally.
I love that! ^_^


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