I totally want to get off the grid... would love to have the house all hooked up to solar for everything and living in Makaha, its kind of mental not to! The technology is there but still somewhat out of $$ range. Id like to see the State do more to promote sustainability besides trying to grow hmo corn for ethanol. how about we use all that land to grow real food that we can actually EAT?

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I agree with you Dalani,

Solar is much more sensible but totally out of price range. I live in Kona and we get plenty sun. Even with the tax breaks you gotta be able to come up with the intial cost so we are forced to stay on the grid. It is quite frustrating. I would love to see people in general become more sustained. Maybe a Hawaiian Solar company should be in order. For Hawaiians on Hawaiian property.

We have no electricity at our Puna shack...It is great. I have a nature sink (55 gal drum catches water right outside the window...lol! ) So I don't get wet when it rains... but we use oil lamps. It's kind of the best of both worlds. I am trying to grow la`au lapa`au, food, anything of botanical use, whatever I can on both properties in the hopes that someday me and my husband don't have to buy "everything" from the store when we get older. I hope for my `ulu trees to be producing by then so we can raise our own pigs. I once raised a pig on `ulu and it was onoloa. but for now...everything is young. but your right. If everyone could get back to da `aina and grow our own food and bring back the barter system or should I say the ohana economic system, life would be easier, healthier, and Hawaiians again can enjoy the life of self sustainability...that's a great thought.
Wishing all of you a very Happy Easter. God Bless Us All!!!
Hi Dalani and Momi,

I'm enjoying the discussion. I didn't know you lived "in the boonies," Momi.

I'm trying to do the same, but right on the highway - 1.3 miles from Waimea town. Just got kicked out by 10-year ongoing girlfriend - and starting May 1 - living on the "farm" (1.6 acres) - where I lived for 4 years before I met her. Among other things - I have bearing citrus trees and avos now - and am hoping to expand to 'uala, bush beans, greens soon.

I'm looking to one of my favorite food activities - that is - "Salad in the Garden" - where I go out there with a squeeze bottle of salad dressing and pluck lettuce leaves off the plants, put on some dressing, then eat.

Anyway, I had planned to power the place by generator - but about a month ago - somebody broke in and stole it and some other stuff. So - going to procure another one. And, I'm hoping that with a phone line - I'll have a computer setup and can get tv too.

Just picked up a composting toilet a couple of months ago.

Actually, I have books and stuff strewn all over the place - as an aftermath of the big earthquake (that I haven't cleaned up yet). In fact, a couple of months ago - I had to jack the place up and re-situate the concrete blocks that the small (12 foot X 24 foot) shack is on.

After about 10 years of partial neglect - I have lots of stuff to do - including clearing the place of grass - so I can get to some serious planting.

Good thing I got a bit of savings to fall back on - as social security doesn't allow much leeway.

Also, raising sheep on borrowed places too. Some of them are at Soli's on his DHHL ag lot here in Waimea.

By the way - our attempt to provide Soli with a weatherproof house a year or so ago turned out pretty well (although it's not completely finished yet). Interview can be seen on "Free Hawai'i" tv site.

For Dalani - I have some wauke too, but they don't do well due to the colder weather we have here at 2800 feet elevation. Got down to the high 30s at least one time this past winter.

Anyway, I'm glad to join you all here - as we go back to the 'aina.


Hi Uncle Ku,

`Ae, I live in the boonies and it is so great to do so. :)

I'm so glad that Uncle Soli has friends who help him. He is an awesome kupuna who stood up for us at PIKO when we went to volcano. Sorry, you are still cleaning things up but it must be nice to have your own pad again. Yes, I totally agree with you, we all gotta get back to the aina. I just harvested some plants today and propagated some too. I got some wauke ready to go in the ground which I might take to the canoe club. I'm so glad my wauke is finally doing good and I even see runners coming up..:)

Good job, Uncle and happy salad in the garden...:)
yaaay for wauke finally doing good! ive got some wauke acting up...its spoiled and grows really fast but now that its almost 2 years old its really sticking to the stalk. i literally have to pry it off using my knife, but the bast is still good. im really not sure whats the deal... any ideas?
Hi Dalani,

You crack me up...do you harvest after a good rain and before nine in the morning. The moisture still seems to be in the canbium layer (sorry about the sp. I should know that one). It seems to work here and you know, kona hema is dry most of the time but thanks for the wauke cheer. I feel like doing that too...the morale support is great Dalani. you cracking me up....shoot we should've posted this on kapa wale no...:)
hmm after a good rain is about twice a year... its makaha girl...hahahahaha... actually im spoiled too by wauke that usually does what i want when i want it. the plants in my yard are fine and not nearly as spoiled as the other ones. i was thinking that maybe because they(the spoiled trees) are subjected to some intense valley winds sometimes that maybe theyre just holding their coats a little tighter... maybe i need to put up a windbreak...and maybe ease up on the watering to slow down the growing...back to the drawing board!
lol! watering? wow, it's "call of the wild" for my plants. lol! Interesting. I wonder if easing up on the water and making sure they are watered the night before you harvest, might help. We've been getting really good rain lately which is great for the plants cause we catch our water from our roof for household use and we don't have too many drops to share with plants but it has been raining pretty good for my babies. One thing we don't get alot here is real windy conditions so I don't know about that but let me know if your wind break works. This is all valuable information for the kapa wale no discussion lol! sorry, I guess any conversation me and Dalani try to wala`au on will turn into a kapa talk...lol! dat is so funny.
wow uncle, sounds like you are on the right track...i just read in the paper today that seed sales are going up so folks can grow more of their own food... funny that lots of these people are just out of it concerning the land and how to grow things but good they try anyway. about the wauke in the cold...marie macdonald was saying the same thing... that theyre wauke can only be harvested certain times of the year cause of the cold too and i guess that affects the way it grows. thats pretty interesting and i'll have to come check out all this cold weather wauke next time im on big island!
aloha no!

What's this "uncle" stuff? Am I that much older than you? I don't think so - well - maybe a few. lol

Heck - it's been quite a few years since I saw you last. I forget what the occasion was, but I was visiting you and you took me to "the farm" and we pounded some wauke. That was the first and last time. lol

Anyway - I'm glad that you're still alive.

If you're in the Waimea area of Hawai'i island - please let us know. Marie McDonald doesn't live very far away. I haven't seen her for awhile too, but certainly not as long as you.


no ack you... youre like six years younger than my dad! wow i better change face creams! hahahaha.... the farm is still hanging in there... we cleared a new area to plant vegetables and maybe get some critters and begin a sustainable living program for folks to grow theyre own gardens. i read an article in the paper yesterday where the seed companies are seeing increased sales because folks want to grow their own vegies... but folks are so far removed from the land that they call all day to ask how! " what? you mean i can grow my own tomatoes?? wow!!" but hey... got start somewhere and back at the beginning is a good place to start...
People should also know that they should buy seeds from the organic seed companies I think it is called "seed savers" and look for plants that are heirloom varieties which are free from gmo's to insure the seeds resprout cause some of them from the other companies, don't resprout after going to seed so you gotta buy more seeds from them in order to restock your garden with vegetables. It makes no sense to me to buy the seeds which aren't organic or heirloom only to have to buy more in the future. Heirloom varieties are old varieties which more readily sprout. :) It's interesting that seed sales are up, maybe the messed up economy is getting people back to the `aina. :) People should not only be growing their own food but also medicinals and cooking herbs are the best and some simple ones like ginger, grn. onions, parsley, basil which are quite expensive in the store but if you grow your own, you get one constant supply and no need to pay a thing for it. Awesome topic..and even awesome to wala`au about wauke. lol!


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