Well, my kanakz,
Whut the fuck we going do? I tell you something, I am a single mother and I frickin hussle to get my shit paid for or at least pay rent and buy food. I dont live comfortable. I no more nice shit and all brand new shit. I get plenty ducktape too cuz. I know how it is to be standing there living in a communo living place and waiting your turn for dinner, I know how it is to be without the nice luxuries of life.

IT WAS THE BOMB! I had plenty friends there and we would just wala'au and kanika pila la dat. I thank Akua for giving me those hard times because i would not know how to jam on the uke, i would not know how to be a tita, a sistah, a mother and most of all a survivor! Hang in there by brothers and sisters, we will get through this. Always look at the bright side of the buld cuz!

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