The title is 'O Ka-mana-na-awe-ula-a-Kanaloa.

This is a print I've been working on for awhile now, I keep coming back to it trying to bring it to the next level. I created the initial design about 2 years ago after I returned from Closing.

The design in the frame of the image is a water mark design called pu'ili. I think for the most part the image is self-explanitory but not please let me know.

Besides the technical difficulties, for me I think the only thing I have left to work out is how I want to carve the border and what I want to do with the octopus.

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I especially liked the last one with the darker he'e and reddish - orange tints.
He keu ko'u iini i ka mea hope loa, oia hoi, ka hee uliuli, a me na waihooluu ulaula.

When you say "print," what kind of material are you carving?
Ia oe i hai ai "kapala," he aha ke ano o kau e kalai ai?

Nau kela kaha kii o ka mano ma kau hoailona (icon) Maoliworld? Nani loa.
Thanks :)

It's a 4-layer Linoleum Reduction print.

And yup... the mano print is also mine it's combinatin of things, it's a monoprint with a linoleum I carved printed on top of it.
4-layer! Awesome work. I really like your style. Looking forward to seeing more. I love prints. I love the rawness of it. The very thing that limits the detail is what makes it so striking.
I totally agree that is definetly one of my favorite aspects of relief printmaking. I also feel that as a contemporary medium it is close to traditional crafts vis a vis the use of 'ohe kapala to decorate kapa.


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