Trying to get some feedback, how you figure

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You know, this file is huge, we need to figure out a good size to stay under, any suggestions?
umm, could always use external photo hosting sites as an alternative =]

Mahalo, do you suggest any particular site to use?
Aloha, currently I primarily use PhotoBucket and ImageShack, but I also have accounts at PictureTrail and I know there's one more but I cant even remember bec I never login long time =/ *.searching.emails.*

Morning view from Ka`a`awa - Photo by FLoW

"Morning View From Ka`a`awa" - Photo by FLoW
Ho ka nani! He kalena kou.
It's a beautiful piece, the strong embrace of Kamapua'a and Pele. I like how the two figures are entwined, almost as one and the peace the two seem to have at this moment in their turbulent relationship, the only thing is I wish I could reach into my computer and turn it so I could see more of it.

In regards to file size, the picture came out ok on my computer.
so where is your work? Buss it out ")
This was my first attempt ever to try and sketch a face. I need to take art classes, or at least keep practicing. I am only sharing it to participate in this group - I figured it wasn't fair to look and not share, hahaha.
Looks good! it would be good to show a few more angles, maybe a quarter turn each time. Or maybe you should resize your pics so they are not multimegabyte in size.

Just to keep with the Pele/Kamapuaa theme, I throw in my block print of Kamapuaa here. You can read about the imagery in the print on my blog here on MaoliWorld. I too molowā to go back there, cut and paste here. I figure if u like know more, u can go check. ;)




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