Well, for my final in the lā‘au lapa‘au class, I have to evaluate which law of health that I need the greatest improvement on. For this period in time, I definitely need to get more sleep, but in general, I need to cleanse! I must admit, I dabble in cleansing. I just figure that my relatively healthy diet and some exercise will keep my body running well most of the time. But I've recently learned better. Kumu Krista recommends cleansing 2 to 4 times per year. How many of us do this? You know what really got me? Krista's pictures! I can't share the exact ones with you, but check out this picture of green gallstones provided by Dr. Bill Thomas of the Erickson School. Krista's pictures were much more scary, but this picture of gallstones is enough to make me want to cleanse properly. It's on my agenda to do right after this semester is pau.

Anybody have any thoughts, recommendations, stories on cleansing?

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My most recent cleansing experience was last month. I did a 10-day Master Cleanse, with excellent results. During that time, I drank a daily herbal laxative that helps to remove the toxins that accumulate in your intestiines/colon. On days that I didn't have to work, I would do a salt-water cleanse first thing in the morning to flush out my digestive tract. Breaking the cleanse was gradual, adding fresh squeezed o.j. to my regime on the 11th and 12th day, than a vegetable soup on the 13th, going to a diet of mainly raw foods i.e. salads, fruits, fresh squeezed juices on the 14th. I have kept this up for the last month, adding fish and nuts for protien. I have eliminated all processed foods and anything using GMO. I buy mostly organic and stay away from "fast food".

The cleanse was relatively "painless' aside from a coffee/caffine withdrawal headache I experienced the first day. Hunger pains were minimal, mainly mental "cravings", but I coped with that by working and staying away from kitchen. When the family sat down for meals, I spent quiet time in my room reading or on the computer. It really is a time to recharge and spend some alone time with yourself. It is a committment, one that you need to prepare yourself for. Timing is important. Don't do it when special events are coming up or when you are stressed....The lemon juice/maplesyrup/cayenne drink provides you with the necessary nutrients to keep you going through the day although extreme physical exertion can make you a little weak.

You know you are really cleansing when you see the mucus in your bowel movements....sorry to gross you out. The end result? I lost 13 lbs. in 10 days, my skin was clearer and I had more energy than when I started. It is important to get good rest while cleansing and MOST IMPORTANT....break your cleanse slowly, starting w/ fresh pure juices, adding whole fruits and vegetables next, and so on.....DO NOT go out and eat a 9 course Chinese dinner immediately. For optimal results, stay with a mainly raw food diet, whole grains, nuts and lean protein. I eat a lot of fish....no can give dat up along with poi and sweet potato. Limu is excellent too!

I would definitely wait until after final exams and school is pau before undertaking a cleanse. It is the perfect way to start the summer season, not to mention the added bonus of loosing a few lbs. Good luck.
"kumu krista" here,

michele ('ahahui la'au lapa'au's moderator) - didn't mean to scare you with the pics...okay, maybe a little. just enough to underscore the importance of all those vital organs we rarely think about... :)

like miliaulani, my most recent cleanse was the master cleanse. today is my first day "off" - drinking o.j. as reccomended. i usually do the master cleanse once a year, and organ/site specific cleanses twice each year. since i have given my life over to the wisdom of la'au lapa'au, through cleansing and following the other "laws of health" in sleeping, eating, exercising, pondering, meditation and prayer, i have been able to entirely avoid illness - no colds, no flus, nothing. which is not to say that i won't ever slip up, or that i have been absolutely perfect in following all the laws, but it does give creedence to the preventative medicine philosophy of la'au lapa'au.

everything that miliaulani said i echo. mili, you are a great example of a very positive lifestyle change that if more people made, would reduce the ridiculous, epidemic amounts of disease in the kanaka 'oiwi community and in hawai'i at large.

i have seen a "mea 'ai" group on here, but perhaps we should get an "'aipono" group going to discuss healthy foods, recipies, sustainable farming, and all the other things that bring the kanaka and the 'aina back into a positive relationship...or maybe start that discussion here? just a thought.

mili, i'm so glad you are a part of the 'ahahui la'au lapa'au. if you are on o'ahu, i hope that you attend some of the events and meetings. you have awesome mana'o. e malama pono i ko 'oukou kino a me 'uhane.


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