January 28,2009

Below is a comment that I shared with my Hawaiian bro Godfather Mark,

January 27,2009
Aloha , Kawika Aukai Kulianuu:

Point of the Spear... beautifully written, very informative.

A short update on what is happening here on the main land...

As you know I have been working on clean water and ocean pollution issues here on the Cali coast.
Last week a friend of mine,Tom Murphy developer of the AES Reclamator,flew to New Mexico to discuss business opportunities with the Jemez Pueblo native American Peoples. AES is proposing that the National Congress of American Indians (NCAI) take control of the enforcement responsibilities away from the U.S.EPA regarding Title 33 of the Federal Clean Water Act.The failure of the U.S EPA to enforce it's own mandates and laws has become obvious.A resent example of the inconsistent and selective enforcement by the U.S.EPA can be sited by the issuance of a 301h Sewage Waiver for the Morro Bay/Cayucos Wastewater Treatment Plant (MB/CSD WWTP) and the denial of the same waiver in Honolulu.The U.S EPA and the California Water Boards were made aware of the dilapidated sewage collection system which is leeching sewage into our once sustainable Drinking Water Aquifers.The evidence was presented to several Governmental Agencies,including to the EPA regional director Alexis Strauss.,.During the publicly held meeting, hosted by the Central Coast Regional Water Quality Control Board (CCRWQCB), the board was made aware that the issuance of a 301h Waiver mandates pre-treatment at the point source of each discharge ie a residence.The EPA and the CCRWQCB also dismissed the reports on the condition of the sewer collection system as "dubious and spurious".Yet in a e-mail correspondence with the same EPA representative that denied Honolulu it's 301h wavier, states that the U.S EPA is looking at both collections and the WWTP in Honolulu.( E-MAIL included at the end of this message).
That said, this might be a good opportunity for the Kingdom of Hawaii to step in and act as an third party mediator between the State of Hawaii (SOH) and the U.S EPA.By regaining it's control of enforcement regarding drinking water and wastewater,the Kingdom of Hawaii will be the Governing Body to control any development in the Hawaiian, Islands.By embracing technology that restores the basic human right to clean water while drastically reducing the carbon footprint associated with Climate Change,the Kingdom of Hawaii could be an internationally recognized example of Sustainability in the 21st Century.
The AES Technology,, currently available has been approved by the National Sanitation Federation (NSF) to eliminate the discharge of Nitrosamines known as ammonia in nitrates at the point source.This is the only demonstrated technology currently available that adheres to the Federal Clean Water Laws. The U.S EPA who were created to administer and promulgate best available technology have failed to do so for over 30 years.It is time for a new sheriff and who better to administer the Water Laws than the sovereign people of the land .BY the way, the AES Reclamator technology was developed on Maui in the early 90's.
Maybe someone should contact the mayor of Honolulu and help him get from under the Economic burden(fines) that is being perpetrated on the people of Hawaii by the Federal Government via the Selective Enforcement actions by U.S EPA.
Thank You, for all that you do, Throwin' Peace and Love to your family of freinds.
Richard E.T.Sadowski
B.S.Mechanical Engineer
CWEA Grade IV Wastewater Collection Sys.Operator
Member Directory of Experts California Ocean Protection Council

( e-mail correspondence with EPA start at bottom of page)
January 8,2008
Dear Ms.Strauss,
As I stated last month at the Central Coast Regional Water Resources Control Board hearing regarding the issuance of another 301h Sewage Waiver for the Morro Bay/Cayucos Wastewater Treatment Plant, the need to address the Collections systems and the WWTP holistically is essential.
The flow data that I compiled while employed at the Cayucos Sanitary District clearly showed that the WWTP is surcharging regularly during peak dry and wet weather conditions.In addition the series of reports on the collection system shows that major exfiltration of untreated sewage is entering our ground water and ocean.The Cayucos Sanitary District (CSD) deemed me incompetent to evaluate the collections system and a year ago Morro Bay's city staff deemed my reports "dubious and spuious" reporting to the reginal board staff that the city has always been dedicated to pro-active maintenance..In addition the cities engineer stated that I do not have the qulification or expertise to evaluate a collection system.However SLO Telegram Tribune reported yesterday that the city of Morro Bay is now estimating the cost of repairing the sewer collections infrastructure at 10 million dollars.This does not include the cost of repair of the CSD's collection system. Meanwhile unreported raw sewage is continuing to exfiltrate into our beaches and once sustainable aquifers. For your information ,I have a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering with over 25 years of field engineering experience and hold a Grade IV Wastewater Collections System Operators Certificate from the California Water Environmental Association (CWEA).
As you mentioned in the metting ,this matter still has to go before the California Coastal Commision (CCC).Unfortunately, the CCC board relies on the Reginal Water Control Board and EPA for technical findings and expertise, essentialy rubber stamping any decisions that have been reviewed by the reginal board staff. Meanwhile, last month the CCC has approved another large home to be built with a septic tank in Los Osos.
You stated in your e-mail the need to focus on regulating both aspects of collection and treatment of sewage is essential.However new technology that can treat the pollutants at the point source(ie a residence) also need to be considered and pormulgated.By decentralizing and avoiding pumping sewage throughout a communitee into a POTW we can begin to combat the public health risks associated with emerging contaminates and Climate Change.For example the community of Los Osos would be an ideal place to implement advance technologies such as the AES Reclamator since there is no current collection system or POTW in that community.With the federal government recongnizing the need for a large stimulas package to address current failing antiquated infrastructure, what better time to introduce an economical, environmentally superior, and sustianable solution

Richard E.T.Sadowski

--- On Wed, 1/7/09, Strauss.Alexis@epamail.epa.gov wrote:

From: Strauss.Alexis@epamail.epa.gov
Subject: Re: EPA denies 301h waivers in Honolulu
To: waterposse@yahoo.com
Cc: "Drew Bohan"
Date: Wednesday, January 7, 2009, 9:46 PM

Dear Mr. Sadowski,
We are indeed focused on both the Honolulu collection system, and on the
performance of the Honolulu POTWs which held 301h variances. We are
directly regulating both aspects. I have been tracking the many
articles in the Hawaii press since we released our final decision
Kind regards,
Alexis Strauss

Richard Sadowski

o.com> To
Alexis Strauss/R9/USEPA/US@EPA
01/07/2009 01:19 cc
PM Drew Bohan

Please respond EPA denies 301h waivers in
to Honolulu

January 7,2009
Dear Ms. Alexis Strauss;

On the front page in Honolulu today, the EPA denied two sewage
waivers for their Wastewater Treatment Plants.The emerging contaminates
from a dilapidated collection system can no longer be ignored, as
expressed by the Mayor of Honolulu.
Below is a link to one of the articles;

Richard E.T. Sadowski

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