Write to Abercrombie about why he believes the State can sell the Crown Lands!


Neil Abercrombie comments on Trust and yet he so far has failed to explain how the State has the right to sell our trusts or the "Crown Lands"  The question of who owns the Crown lands is answered in the question and we know that full Hawaiian beneficial rights will in the future, be fully restored.

So please go to his Facebook page and ask him should Hawaiian nationals "Trust" him.

He doesn't think we are alive so let him know we exist.

Long live the Hawaiian Nation and its kingdom and beloved people.

Mahalo hui


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How does one reason with one who is unreasonable? LOL

E malama pono and mahalo for ALL that you do e Kai.
ALOHA Mai, e Ululani, I have always been against the buying and selling in Fee Simple of Trust Lands in Hawaii. As I believe that all Trust Lands should be kept in a Perpetual Trust. Thru the years many native Hawaiians have disagreed greatly with me on this position that I take on the Selling of the Trust Lands of Hawaii. Including those of my own family. Who feel that I'm holding on to the Old Ways of our people. Old Ways that do not apply to today's Hawaii and our people. For many years I have testified before the members of the State Legislature and members of the Congress of the United States. No for my self interest, but for the Cultural Rights of our people to the Trust Lands of Hawaii. I was involved in having the Congress of the United States to lower the Blood Quantum for native Hawaiians successors to their homesteads to 25%. Many members of my Ohana are native Hawaiians. Living on Hawaiian Homestead Lands. Thru the years I have encouraged all native Hawaiians to apply for Hawaiian Homestead Lands. As it is my belief that United States and the State of Hawaii owes every native Hawaiian a Homestead Paid In Full with an Apology letter signed by the President of the United States.
There are native Hawaiians who do not want all native Hawaiians to benefit from the Hawaiian Homes Land Trust. As they see the Hawaiian Home Lands like a Loaf of Bread with only so many Slices for the people. Prince Kuhio wanted every one of his people on the Hawaiian Home Trust Lands as a Nation for his people. Not just a Selective Few as it is today. In the coming State of Hawaii elections, our people have an opportunity to let our Concerns be heard to those who are running of Public Offices. Since I renounced my citizenship to the United States in 1993 I do not Vote. But I do encourage all of our people to Vote if you are still citizens of the United States. Long Live The Hawaiian Kingdom, o Pomai

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Mahalo nui for your posting of this issue. Sadly many native Hawaiians enjoy the profits from the sell of the National Lands of the Hawaiian Kingdom. Especially those who support the selling of Hawaiian Home Trust Lands in Fee Simple. After all they believe that the Hawaiian Home Trust Lands are their Lands and they should be able to buy those Trust Lands in Free Simple. It is these native Hawaiians who are Traitors to their own people. The Records of buying Hawaiian Home Trust Lands In Free Simple by native Hawaiians speaks for itself. Loud and Clear. One reason for not having an Inventory of the Ceded Lands by the State of Hawaii.
Long Live The Hawaiian Kingdom, o Pomai
ALOHA Kaua, e Braddah Kai, I'm always enjoy your comments. Keep them coming and more often. Especailly now that the State of Hawaiian Elections are in Bloom. Long Live The Hawaiian Kingdom, o Pomai, HPACH

Neil Abercrombie

Aloha Kai, Kamuela, and Shawna: I have always believed that Hawaiians should control their own destiny, and that includes controlling the land and money being held in trust. When Hawaii v. OHA was decided last year by the U.S. Supreme Court, I opposed the state's position. I joined with Senators Inouye and Akaka and Rep. Hirono and filed a ... See Moreamicus curiae brief to dispute the state's argument that the Apology Resolution was "simply an apology." That is also why I support the Akaka bill, because it will create a framework for Hawaiians to control the resources to determine their future.
Aloha kaua e Kai.

Neil Abercrombie already lied about Hawaiians


stating that the Hawaiian archipelago is part of the United States. It is not part of the United States and it's never been a part of the United States.

He also already voted for the Akaka Bill in the House on February 23, 2010


so whatever he says in video or in hard copy is irrelevant at this point. He's done damage and e kala mai but he lies about Hawaiians. He is a liar. What does one expect from a liar? A thief who is trying to reorganize the land thus the titles and royal patents of Hawaiians and their legal heirs? One can't get the truth out of one who lies.

You get more lies from the liar so why would one try to reason with him? He's made himself clear. IMHO the best way to remove his power and control is to remove him from office. He voted for the Akaka Bill. It's time for those Hawaiians who *do* vote in American elections to remove his ass from that chair. They can do it too. Send that message that we are not going to take his crap anymore.

E malama pono.

P.S. He has people watching what they write about him. He is *that* powerful. It's time to strip him of that power because frankly... I don't want to listen to or read his bullshit anymore.
Aloha Ululani

Yes he is part of a piratical government and he seeks the votes of Hawaiian Americans. We must face the facts that many Hawaiians support him and his Akaka bill. We can dismiss him and be pissed off because he tries to put a benevolent face on oppression.

I think we can gain something from engaging him and his government. I do not propose that a negotiated settlement of our imprisonment in our own country can be achieved by talking to him alone. One of the larger issue I deal with is the very lack of knowledge of that of the Hawaiian status and that is in America and Hawaii.

Hawaiians in large part have been lead to believe that it is all locked and sealed. They have to be Americans and their nation and its assets have been transferred to the American usurpers.

The State of Hawaii stands in a very precarious position, Since 1959 and when they got control of our trusts they have looted them without oversight. It was not really to the Leiali'i challenge [State if Hawaii V OHA] did anyone really question what was happening. 600,000 acres of land was alienated from the corpus [they sold off the land]. Now this was simple not a legal action on the part of the "Trustee", so this is why the loss at the Supreme court has put them in a panic.

Many people may face fraud charges and I believe it is a very likely outcome of having to return the trust back to the original beneficiaries. So if we have this discussion people can see what we are talking about and how their nation is there in front of them. They can also come to know it has substance and land was set aside for them regardless of whether the US occupies these islands or not.

Abercrombie and his colleagues hope we remain relatively silent or scream and yell so we can be marginalized. Let's not marginalize ourselves and make this nation live today by operating it.

One way we operate our nation is by starting bi-lateral talks with Neil's government to bring about a vote of constitutionally seated officials to administer for one thing our trusts.

Talk to Neil and engage him to help Hawaiians understand what his goals are with our wai wai au pau.


Neil is a personal friend of mine, and the issue I see on your string is not the Akaka bill, but a line of shit to 'enforcement'. I believe what you are saying is true about the need to talk to Neil, the issue too from my view is 'oppressive enforcment' Mufi or Neil 'talk story' about Independence.

I don't know how to arrive to status at this time with 'Independence' which is in my view the only talk story I want with Neil.

The 'Breach of Trust' was a temporay brick we "Ho Ala Kanawai" the opposing group for OHA (COHO) in the 1974 through into the mix at least until we got to this point of contention.

Keep up with the discussion the shiftting of enforcement is on the rise with DLNR and you have the biggest connectors on your string. Talking story with Neil is one thing changing the minds of the Demo/Dumbs are a different story. I've had my way with Neil before, but I don't know about this one. My connection is 'independence' and I'm going to keep that open with everything I have which isn't much at this point.

The Freedom of Religion access, Same sex marriages, and Gathering rights all fronts are sucking the shit out of me right now, freaken Hollywood Vampires. In the mean time, just talking story with Alika Silva on the return of our Na Kupuna Iwi is what's keeping me sane. I was at the Birthing Place in Wahiawa yesterday with Alika to prepare for tomorrows summerworld solstice.

Thank you for chancing this string of sotrts. I will try!
My aloha to Uncle Tom Lenchenko

I do not see this as the most important action of independence, but all things that help I will try.

I disagree with the idea that the issues are irrelevant to the Akaka Bill. Those lands are tied into the negotiations within the bill. This is like musical chairs and learning to chase one's tail as a diversion. Ululani is correct in thinking that Neil already did his damage in the U.S. House and will push the bill to pass, which we don't want or need. The bill will cloud the issue of the lands and be up for negotiations to further obfuscate the facts while playing with the property of the Kingdom. It will be harder for the hostile occupiers to give up and return those lands. It's like when buyers buy fenced/stolen property and have to return it to the lawful owners. No one likes to feel that they've been taken.

I don't think Neil will be open to de-occupation as it will be ruinous to his career; the same as Mufi; or even Aiona. This interferes with their political careers and income and the prestige that goes along with it.

I was born a little over a mile away from Kukaniloko and grew up around that area. AAAAhh! the memories. Even as young as I was; I knew that place was very significant. Much to reminisce on.

Love you all,



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