Write to Abercrombie about why he believes the State can sell the Crown Lands!


Neil Abercrombie comments on Trust and yet he so far has failed to explain how the State has the right to sell our trusts or the "Crown Lands"  The question of who owns the Crown lands is answered in the question and we know that full Hawaiian beneficial rights will in the future, be fully restored.

So please go to his Facebook page and ask him should Hawaiian nationals "Trust" him.

He doesn't think we are alive so let him know we exist.

Long live the Hawaiian Nation and its kingdom and beloved people.

Mahalo hui


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Aloha Tane

As usual all that you say is true and yet I think there are other truths. One of those is that a main weapon of the occupiers is to ignore, marginalize and propagandize against the Hawaiian nation and its people.

Everything is fine in paradise! OK so engagement with those trying to operate the Hawaiian Kingdom and seek to run the fake state has its useful outcomes. I suggesting we dont give in to being marginalized and we make ourselves known to them.

Look, he felt compelled to respond and had to avoid answering the question and so as Abercrombies aids read this post they learn we are thoughtful determined people. So also does the people who read his facebook page.

Lets face it sooner of later we are going to have to have a direct dialogue with this pirate administration, particularly when we remove them as "Trustee"

Then we'll see the panic, so let us be known to each other with a little Aloha and be the professional side of the table.

Love you too, Tane
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Okay Kai Landow,

Open the invite again for Independence for Hawaiian Nation and its kingdom and beloved people, time is of the essence.
I found the people who are campaigning for Neil in Waianae will check this organization out to discuss the need to have hearings in Hawaii for the Akaka Bill.

Would like to keep the communication lines open as the governor's race nears on the Akaka Bill.


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