which culture is being represented on our Kingdom Hawaiian Islands today?????

i so ofter hear the talk about our Culture,

and yet we have japanese culture language school,

we have the luther martin KING...black culture,

then the Ku Wa Fa Choi....chinese culture,

and most culture that is highly active with the japanese

is the filipino culture....

why is the hawaiian culture all about entertainment

using the hula with grass fake skirts,

chants that has no more Mana and or HA,

we have hula kumu Mahu's teaching the hula

and we are not flourishing within our Native Hawaiian Culture....

we are in the FAKE.....nothing is real in our hawaiian culture today.....

can not find the real anymore.....tutu kupuna man said we are living in the FAKE STATE culture, humm?

tutu kupuna man said...look at this illegal Fake State elected officials.....all fake state illegal leaders of Japanese, Americans, Filipinos, and Chinese and more foreingers leading this fake state of

Intruders, Strangers, Tresspassers of Illegal Christian Americans, Plantationers, Immigrants, Migrants and many more that needs to be REMOVE immediately.....however this matter is left now in the hands of Ke Akua and our Sacred Royal Kingdom Ancesters.....just look in the news of americans....for more of Gods Nature will Cleanse the Hewa.....for i only await and Watch it on TV and in the newspapers of americans......mahalo Ke Akua for his guidance and Protection to always follow the ways and listen to the Voices of our Kupuna Kahiko....to IMUA and to KUKANAKA.....mauruuru

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Having a tough time in Waianae with all the sweeps, and no where to go for a lot of our Hawaiian people and their friends at Keeau!

please advise our hawaiian people to look up the address of your county council and mayor......send them all to the front doors of these voted elected leaders.....for they are the reason our Recognized Native Hawaiian kanaka maoli is being affected by the decisions of these leaders......why is the hawaiians on oahu being treated as ANIMALS on the beaches and shoreline of oahu island......this is a pure disgrace and dishonor to our Native Hawaiians.....what happened to the land deal in Kakaako (wasnt it for the hawaiians) to be put on hawaiian lands.....whats up with that.......we have so much lands for our hawaiian Kanaka maoli....why are they HOMELESS??????.....only this illegal state of oahu have allowed this to happen and that is why we can no longer have oahu be apart of our Kingdom of Maui Nui.....way tooooo much FILTH is coming to maui nui from OAHU.....and we on our maui nui need to limit and control the filthy flow from oahu, period.......however i will pray for the cleansing of oahu and the removal of their filth from Usa (the mainland)......amene~~~

the japanese, the chinese, the philipino and all americans need RESPECT and HONOR the Native Hawaiian Kanaka Maoli Traditional Culture....first!

the word,,,"culture" is being misused and abused towards Exploitiing our Traditional Culture of Kanaka Maoli's,

and profiting within a non profit organised people that is made up of strangers. intruders and tresspassers,

that is allowed to damage our resourses on our lands, in the ocean waters and diverted our drinking waters??????

the new culture on our Kingdom Islands is made up of the immigrants and migrants of Usa....and this is Hewa~~~

go take a look within this government system.....lots of japanese and filipinos that is the culture today with the americans!!!!!!


Richard Kinney is dead.  Da Princess,  you are really hitting a nerve here.  The "ceded lands",  the National Lands,  which have NEVER passed into private property offer some hope. 

The beaches are NOT private property but they are contested !! The economies of "the beach" are so obvious to everyone.

On the other hand, the mauka lands, the "ceded lands",  the National Lands, which have NEVER passed into private property offer some hope.  Whereas the economies of "the beach" are so obvious to everyone,  the mauka "ceded lands",  National Lands,  have economies quite different.  Could these mauka lands be the last hope for the kanakas  ??

Hunters, hermits, and menehunes have their unique economies up mauka.  Is it now time for the kanaka maoli on all islands to make one last stand up mauka like the Natives have always done across the whole Pacific Ocean  ??

Bordering these mauka lands are the private property parcels which point out for anyone to see the local "economy" in each particular vicinity.  Is it now time for the kanaka maoli on all islands to go along these fence lines and  "develop"  ???  Is it time to abandon efforts to "develop the beaches"  ???

The Daniel Inouye Legacy: "Kanakas,  Cut- throat pirate MONEY$$$$ is being handed out by the MILLIONS in The Bureau of Indian Affairs  !!!  Tie some Yankee scalps around your waists and stand in the money line  !!"

Mahalo Nui Loa,  Dan  !!


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