What is the Native Practitioners Mana'o (and any one else who feels compeled to speak) about the Huna teachings?

There is a huge movement called Huna that has spread all across the globe in the New Age arena. I am wondering what are the opinons of this in the community of those who fallow the ways of their ancestors.

In my understanding from most practitioners they have been some what stmiulated by this movement, yet don't see it as totaly true to any kahiko traditions. At some level all spiritual teaching have paralels and can be some what compatable, usualy cultural themes differ though.

From one side we can see an Authentic Kahuna validating this movement and adapting her teachings to obsorbe a follwing by the Huna movement, Morna Simeona.

We can also see many authentic practitioners of our culture contributed or were guest speakers at these seminars, from Goerge Naope and his Haumana Etua to Jon Kaimikaua, to Papa Owai (i forget how his name was spelled), and Papa Kalua both Kahunas, and many more of the underground arts taught at these seminars.

Jon Kaimikaua once menchined that he didn't think their teaching was the hawaiian way, but I'm sure he used his platform to educate on what he did feel was hawaiian and didn't reject them out rightly for disagreeing with their version of Kahuna teachings.
I believe this was the same posture most Maoli took when teaching these seminars.

I can understand them teaching to this venue during times when the Kaona of hawaiian tradition was still under the labels of witchcraft by the missionary community and worthless nonesense by the scientific community. And the masses of our hawaiians caught up in modern world obsessions seeing no value in dabling in such things, after watching enough Hollywood as their role models. Once the traditional values were thouroughly stomped out of the hawaiian collective unconscious..(group mind)

But of course all these dynamics in play there has been resurected intrest created by the Huna community into secerets of old hawaii. Yet obviously distorted to incoporate New Age concepts and culture by looking at the context.

I know some feel it is prostituting hawaiian culture, others feel it is a teaching to fallow, and most don't even concern them selves with such things...

Any perspective on this, from any angle would be recieved with out my judgment but i can not speak for others who might also respond....

I personaly believe the pono way is to understand others opinions rather then feel threatened or insulted by contrast. My Akua Aumakua can embrace diversity rather then feel the need to create a cookie cutter dictatorship.


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Bradley Hall of Calvery Church - Kahului. You sound exactly like the calvanist missionaries that came to Hawaii in the early 1800's preaching fire and damnation all the while stealing/culpable-in-stealing Hawaii's lands!!!

So much for trust and credibiltiy! Then or NOW!

I will make this very simple for you....you are "trespassing' upon my soul! It is religious genocide of Hawaii's people all over again! Doesn't matter what you and/or anyone thinks of in terms of right/wrong...each of us...you included have inalienable rights...such as 'freedom of religion'

I do not trespass upon you...so don't trespass upon me/anyone else for that matter.

I'll leave you with a bit of historical facts....Hawaii and its people were living a true and practical "sustainable" lifestyle well for over 2500 years before any foreigner landed on our shores....

Tell me Bradley Hall....what can you offer Hawaii and its people (all cultures/ethnicity) that ke akua did not already give us thousands of years before your christian "organizations" set foot on our aina??? In less than 300 years, Hawaii has become unsustainble and perverted by greed and hate on a 'biblical scale'....pun intended!

And yes....I too live on Maui.
This sort of collectivist thinking--that human society somehow trumps each person's personal relationship with God--is the height of arrogance. An individual's relationship with the Almighty should be at the center of his/her existence. Otherwise, you might as well say that your friends on facebook are what really matter. Sure, this wisdom took a long, long time to reach this corner of the world. Nevertheless, it would be so sinful to try to distract people from their individual responsibilty to the saviour, by trying to say--for example--that somehow it is significant that they were displaced from their land by Hawaiian Commercial and Sugar, or that they just lost their health coverage because they were laid off by Maui Land & Pineapple. The Lord doesn't want to get involved at that level, that sort of temporal stuff is every individual's responsibility.
You're right about the arrogance. But as Jesus said...to look at yourself first before you cast the stone.

Rather than try to CONDEMN others based on their action, and give the reasonings why YOU believe they're worthy of being condemned (mentioning FB, lost health coverage, laid off, etc.) try looking at yourself first & how you would want to be treated & what exactly did Jesus teach.....assuming you are talking about his teachings rather than fault finding...am I right?
Wow - spoken like a true American. Well got bless your individualist soul - you can go be by yourself now....
Ahhhhh...what? If you're gonna pull an Arrogant-Card Bradley Hall, which by-the-way is unfounded, let's not omit the fact that the arrogance you imply was brought to these islands by your Christian institutions....and by your own "words" apparently has not left.

As I've said....you are TRESPASSING upon me.....upon my soul!!!!
"The Lord doesn't want to get involved at that level, that sort of temporal stuff is every individual's responsibility."

How do you know what the Lord does/doe not want? Did/does he "talk to you?"

This last sentence Bradley Hall is very telling of your character relative to all your preaching (you are a pastor for your church are you not) here on this forum.....HOOPUNIPUNI!
Worlds are coming together on fb and it's been great for Hawaiians to know what is going on. The Almighty is the land and it's people are it's stewards. The creator, is awesome but it's not a man, it's not a woman but both, it's not a human, or a plant but it is both, its not the sky and the stars it is both.

It is just your responsibility to seek spirituality on your individual level but many Hawaiians have regained our own sense of cultural identity which was started greatly by the hula which is Hawaiian Religion, La`au Lapa`au work is Religion, Navigation is Religion, Mahi`ai is Religion, Education is very much Religion, Fishing is Religion, Life is Religion so don't act like we need anything from you. Every one has the right to their own spirituality including you as distorted as you may be in your arrogant view of how you think your religion is better when all spirituality/religion should be equally recognized or you end up losing credibility and making your religion look bad.

I love that I have met many from different countries on facebook, it is something kanaka maoli never had before. Aside from it attachment to the CIA, it has expanded our minds on many levels.
What corner of the world are you talking about? We had a religion way before you. The Hawaiians believed in a higher source, he was called I'o. You built churches to house your religious beliefs, just as the Hawaiians built there heiaus for theirs. And again we are faced with the second coming, you. As I said before GO HOME, clean your own house, before you clean someone elses house. As Foster has said stop trespassing on our souls. Bye now and have a nice day.
so true Sharon! And the missionaries arrived & changed that style of thinking with the intent of making themselves known to be god-like, superior to the barbaric people.
Yeah I keep getting notifications that someone posted except he fails to mention pox infected blankets or the Spanish Inquisition brought up by Catholics. I don't want a GUY hiding under "Jungle Girl" to tell us what to do. Hello LOL I no like to read religious arrogance either sheesh.

BTW I decided to start the Kalo Project. That way all of us can have huli LOL I had so many people ask about my lo'i. Oh ulu too so we no starve :P
Funny you mentioned ulu...i thought, why not that too. Got my uala, kalo, but the kalo not good for eating b/c of where it's growing. Yet.
E Kalani;
How are you doing? As you know I spend most of my time on facebook and come back periodicly to see what is going down. Seems like, I come back to stupid, like this guy. I think the reason these idealistic people fight so much, is because they have no culture of their own, so run over and trample on someone elses, in the name of religion and it justifies his reason. But there is a saying, stupid is as stupid does and what, they need company. Sorry, dont play that game. But these kind of people need an outlet to peddle their BS. Sorry, dont play that game either. When they going to realize, enough is enough. Kalani, you take care and God bless luv ya


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