What is the Native Practitioners Mana'o (and any one else who feels compeled to speak) about the Huna teachings?

There is a huge movement called Huna that has spread all across the globe in the New Age arena. I am wondering what are the opinons of this in the community of those who fallow the ways of their ancestors.

In my understanding from most practitioners they have been some what stmiulated by this movement, yet don't see it as totaly true to any kahiko traditions. At some level all spiritual teaching have paralels and can be some what compatable, usualy cultural themes differ though.

From one side we can see an Authentic Kahuna validating this movement and adapting her teachings to obsorbe a follwing by the Huna movement, Morna Simeona.

We can also see many authentic practitioners of our culture contributed or were guest speakers at these seminars, from Goerge Naope and his Haumana Etua to Jon Kaimikaua, to Papa Owai (i forget how his name was spelled), and Papa Kalua both Kahunas, and many more of the underground arts taught at these seminars.

Jon Kaimikaua once menchined that he didn't think their teaching was the hawaiian way, but I'm sure he used his platform to educate on what he did feel was hawaiian and didn't reject them out rightly for disagreeing with their version of Kahuna teachings.
I believe this was the same posture most Maoli took when teaching these seminars.

I can understand them teaching to this venue during times when the Kaona of hawaiian tradition was still under the labels of witchcraft by the missionary community and worthless nonesense by the scientific community. And the masses of our hawaiians caught up in modern world obsessions seeing no value in dabling in such things, after watching enough Hollywood as their role models. Once the traditional values were thouroughly stomped out of the hawaiian collective unconscious..(group mind)

But of course all these dynamics in play there has been resurected intrest created by the Huna community into secerets of old hawaii. Yet obviously distorted to incoporate New Age concepts and culture by looking at the context.

I know some feel it is prostituting hawaiian culture, others feel it is a teaching to fallow, and most don't even concern them selves with such things...

Any perspective on this, from any angle would be recieved with out my judgment but i can not speak for others who might also respond....

I personaly believe the pono way is to understand others opinions rather then feel threatened or insulted by contrast. My Akua Aumakua can embrace diversity rather then feel the need to create a cookie cutter dictatorship.


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Do you not have access to anything Hawaiian? what are you doing on Maoliworld if you are not the least bit interested or able to look up a simple Hawaiian word? Auē, ua kūhalahala ʻoe i nā Hawaiʻi, ʻike ʻole naʻe i nā mea Hawaiʻi. No laila, kumu ʻole kēia. He mea minamina nō!

OKAY, it is time to lay the cards on the table. It is time for everyone on this discussion--not just me--to stop ducking responsibility, and to come out of the closet. Yes, my name is Bradley Hall and I am a pillar of the community on Maui. I am the Head Pastor at the Calvary Church in Kahului. I would like to invite everyone on this board to come to my sanctuary on October 31st-- Halloween, the traditional orgy of catholic spiritualism and superstition. I want to invite you all to come to Jesus on that day. On Sunday morning of October 31st, I will be accepting the apologies to Jesus of all those who have strayed. I include those who are still benighted by Polynesian "spirituality", fornicators, and homosexuals. I will be in front of the church absolving those--in the name of Jesus, because it is not about me, it is about the man whose message I was sent to bring you--who sincerely repent of their sins. That means the sensualists, the spiritualists (you "Hawaiians"--although, race is just a social construct, and there is no difference between you and, say, the scotch-irish), as well as those who lust after other men.

There will be a cleansing ceremony in front of the church (easy to find--across from Home Depot), in which I will accept your apologies and remove the blemish of your sins. I should warn you, those who are farthest from salvation are the ones who are most in need of salvation. Therefore, the first served will be repentant homosexuals who wish to be healed--especially those who served OUR county in Iraq and Afghanistan; then, we will cleanse those who still insist to worship the pagan figureheads of Tahiti. After that, it will be other sinners such as people with cancer.

I invite all of you who still revere Pele and Tiki to come and relieve yourself of the burden of denial. I know you will be very grateful to me and in Jesus once you have had the courage to be honest with yourself. Afterwards, there will be a coffee social, where you can meet a lot of really great people in the lord who have moved here from the heartland to share their brand of "pono" with you. A lot of real bible-believing folk.
Are you kidding?? Religion is why everyone is disconnected to culture...You think you know "pono" yet you want people to relieve themselves from the spirituality of our ancestors who are Pele etc...so get over yourself. Save the world by learning cultural respect. Jesus was a kahuna not God.

The bible wasn't written by Jesus or God. It was written by very distorted men, and is continually distorted by stranger people in the world. I choose to respect all aspects of nature...that is my church.
Your calling yourself a "pillar of the community"? Yet, trying to disconnect the Native people of the land from their cultural beliefs??? hmmmm
a oia e Momi! Too many christians use "Jesus/God" as a means for condemnation, just as we've witnessed here rather than listen to "Jesus" who didn't preach condemnation. If they know the bible so well, they should know that Jesus mentions that, to look at themselves first before casting the stone, yet they ignore his teachines which was about respect and love.

The bible is distorted by humans and not ALL writings were included in the Bible but rather the few selected books for obvious reasons.
The bible is distorted in almost exactly the same manner in which hana haipule kanaka is distorted by the Huna movement, to put it bluntly; distortion with full ego in play and no qualms or scruples about exploitation. Mahalo for being the trigger of that insight e Kalani.
Aloha mai Kalani;
Are we here again with the respect? Man is this guy or whatevah for real. He should clean up his own house, before he try clean up somebody else's house. This at you Jungle girl, you should learn about the people you are dissing before you do it. Leave my cousin alone. We are the most spiritual people here. We had a culture and a religion before you westeners (being polite here) came and screwed all up for us, by calling us heathens and the likes. All I can say is GO HOME Mr Hall before you make a total a#@ out of yourself. Again e Kalani with the respected hah and buhaha. So sick and tired of some of these westeners, not all are bad, just a few. You have a nice day now. But seriously, GO HOME JUNGLE GIRL or whatevah (smile). Right on Momi
Hi kalani you know you can come on my page and look for your self andaybe my church can pray for you howthat one and at the same ime come a look at my geneology because iwas not lieing to you all. peace
unbelievable; as they say. I am shocked; but wait yeah, there are a lot of so called Christians on the political bandwagon these days... you know like the Tea Party Sara Palin follower types; angry but clueless.
Gotta go, but something to think about.
E kala mai but some members of the TEA Party may be religious people but they are HONEST about their beliefs. One of them being TARP money which was footed to the tune of $862,000,000,000 by the middle class is causing pain to people and wreaking havoc in their lives especially the lives of their children. So I wouldn't say that they are "Clueless." The media manipulation does try to portray them as being clueless and/or racist but they know how it feels to lose a job thus their home. They speak through honesty.

On the other hand Bradley uses "Jungle Girl" which is deceitful.
i agree Ululani, that they are honestly angry, and that too much is done to preserve the super rich at the expense of the middle class tax payers, but they are clueless if they think right wing U.S. politicians are the answer. In fact all their leaders are firmly supported and supportive of corporate control of gov't.
You know, it was the corporate interests that took Hawaii.
Tea Partiers are like the chickens voting for Colonel Sanders.
I didn't mean to bring U.S. politics into this discussion of spirituality; e kala mai i'au.
Um NO Jungle BOY.

I am growing more kalo, awa mo'i, and mamaki this week. THAT is pono. You are not.

Before "preaching" about God be honest first instead of being dishonest using the screen name "Jungle Girl." Whack false prophets who purport to be Christ-like yet DECEIVE and are DISHONEST these days!

I invite Kanaloa to haunt you in the waters off Maui and KU to speak with you while you arrogantly judge gays and transgenders for being WHO they are. Afterwards, there will be an ulu social where you can meet KU and share his brand of "pono" with you. A lot of real folk.


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