Royalty, Commoner, what does this prove?

Who would be for it and what do you think? I know this will never happen but with all the crap of who wants to claim who what where when and would be an interesting finding.

This would stop all those who make false claims. And if we continue this way...what if we are forced to do this one day? Hmmm? Just think outside the box for awhile....SMILE

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Mahalo e kupaa no ko manao. I like that thought. Thanks for sharing.
One more thought since I talking so much right now. . . . . . .I waiting for a great leader to emerge. I hope and pray that Akua will bless us with someone who we all can look towards and say, He/She got my devotion. We need something/someone to pull us all in for unity. That's my mana'o.. sorry off the subject. aloha
the House of nobles was a collection of ali'i. Maybe that's where they should be housed. LOL...
What would be the point?— what good would it do?
lastly seeing the limitation in post one… It seams like it may actually return quite a number of false positives and negatives.


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