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“Frankly, it amazes me that we have allowed the [u.s., state, county] government[s] to tax us from the cradle to the grave,” another reader writes.

“What's next? A tax at the time of conception? An invoice waiting for you once you’re ‘welcomed’ into the world?

As citizens, we need to stand up and stop this nonsense. People in government are public servants and they need to start doing something for the public, besides taking their earnings. The sooner we start correcting the current situation, the sooner a lot of corruption, incompetence and greed of ‘public’ servants will stop.”

Additions to the above are mine.


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Aloha e Ululani,
Thanks for the clarification. I did not mean to imply that Ku is the only person in the islands who would take a stand as an individual on any matter - but with regard to the specific lawsuits regarding telescope development on Mauna Kea, it is a matter of public record that he is (at present) the sole individual named, along with the organizations. As I understand it, there were a few other individuals earlier, but they had dropped out for whatever reason. No shame to that - opening yourself up to horrendous court costs can definitely be a deterrant.
Malama pono,
This of course one of my main concerns about Clarence Ching is he answers to no one and goes from a Kingdom claims to an American one. When asked to lokahi with the independence movement he told me he was a "Cultural Practitioner" and did not support us. OK then he should keep to his own kuleana and have our Aloha and respect.

Another example, Kai, of your unfair characterizations. Ku is hardly "answering to no one." How can working in conjunction with such organizations as KAHEA, Sierra Club, Royal Order of Kamehameha I (HI Island), and Kealoha Pisciotta's group, Mauna Kea Anaina Hou, in a lawsuit which is a collaborative effort involving many, by the way - be characterized as the action of a man who "answers to no one?" You said you were "pau," Kai, but you keep on.
Yes again you are correct. not pau, e kala mai

I do not know your experience as a Hawaiian Kingdom subject. We were often surprised to find out that groups like the Sierra club have worked directly against us. We did approach them for help and been told that they will only work for American based claims. Earth Justice and Nature conservancy [I know not mentioned] have worked to evict Kanaka and claim our support without our knowledge.

I would have to research KAHEA etc. But you see here is a problem, when you file a lawsuit on behalf of Hawiians. Are they Americans of Hawaiian descent or Hawaiian Kingdom subjects? I would challenge you or Mister Ching to show me a filing on behalf of Hawaiian Kingdom subjects.

why is this so important?
Where do Hawaiian rights come from? If you file as Hawaiian American your rights come from the "Republic of Hawaii" and these were extinguished by Annexation.

Surprisingly if your rights come from 1839 declaration of rights, 1850 Constitution and the 1848 Mahele then you can assert inpresciptable rights. Now these is the good ones. These ones is the guys the Supreme Court of the US said in Damon V Hawaii 1904 could not be extinguished by a technicality of the law.

Good for all time.

So why does the groups you mention file as Americans and with the help of Kanaka lawyers.

I just dont know. We certainly have told them. Oh that right were crazy.


Well at least a few constitutional law professors have agreed with me. but who listens to them.

hui hou Kai
Aloha Lana

You are exactly right here. this is a waste of time and off the point. I will endeavor to stay pono and discuss pertinent issues.

imagine 2 wise men who loves our hawaiian kingdom bicker as leaders, individual or organized!
thats why we need a wise women to justify the fairness and bring justise to the laws, lands and people
that resides on our hawaiian kingdom.
and yes we do welcome the wonderful knowledge of the men that is wise and has the highest respect
to the wise women in lead.
Yes I agree, I am always encouraging women to take leadership positions in the movement. There is far to many men at the head of this process. The balance is definitely lacking here and I have worked to bring wahine and kane together with small success.

So yes more Wahine would help the mana'o



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