Whether the Hawaiian Kingdom was overthrown or somehow extended in to the "Republic" and then the US territory, was the Commission to quiet land title repealed?  I have read cases like Pa Pelekane 1921 where the Territorial Court claims that the Hawaiian Kingdom laws are not foreign to the Territory.

You can also read Carter V, Gear 1905 and we find that the Mahele rights are applied to land ownership. So why does the State of Hawaii [where ever its boarder lay?] seem to think that the vested Hawaiian lands rights have been extinguished?

The modern court has ruled in many cases that the laws of the Hawaiian Kingdom ARE foreign to them without outright declaration of it.  This has been very effective in removing Hawaiians from their lands. 

Where are those lands found?  All the lands of the Hawaiian archipelago our the absolute ownership of the King [Crown] the Chiefs and the people [makaainana] in common.  If you stay top the land in Ko Hawaii Pae Aina you are not trespassing since you have an absolute ownership of the land under your feet!

So why do the State courts, State police and State government act as if the land was seized in 1893? If the US follows the law, not much of the State will remain.

Can Hawaiians be permanently removed from their lands?  I personally believe you cannot lose your land and can legally return to claim Hawaiian lands.  It is also clear that the State of Hawaii will use armed men and women to remove Hawaiians from the property with threats of violence and or the use of it. 

So who is responsible to enforce Hawaiian rights, protect Hawaiian persons and remove foreign trespassers on Hawaiian private property? 

Perhaps Ke'anu Sai is correct and it is the occupying military force and so far they have failed to claim that responsibility.

Please be careful as we work to determine who will protect Hawaiians from the continued oppression.

Malama Kou Kino

Kai Landow

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A'e never overthrown. Not an abstraction, not a wish, but simple law, Hawaiian Kingdom law, American law, State of Hawaii law. The Law of the land. The owners of the land, the beneficiaries of the trusts are known to us. Let us inform the courts, the bureau of conveyances and all parties Hawaiians are not trespassers.

File your claims!

The intention of the king was to prevent invaders from taking the land. Thus he privatized the lands with the rights of native tenants in allodial. Foreigners could only lease the lands. This inspired him to set that guideline because his people vehemently objected giving lands to foreigners. The King believed the mahi'ai were the backbone of the nation; thus, the arable lands were for the maka'ainana and what they could farm. There were some maoli who preferred the old system and let the konohiki control it as before. Others were indecisive, and had the options to partition their portion in court at a later time. This was a big move from traditional practices; but the king understood the coveted nature of the foreigners. These allodial titles were ignored by the foreigners using the doctrines of discovery and the doctrines of conquest despit the treaties engaged and ratified by both countries. These doctrines are imbedded within the U.S. Manifest destiny, imperialism, and expansionism which is still used today; the most recent is the Akaka Bill. Hawai'i still holds superior title to their lands as other nations do theirs. Foreign land laws have no lawful effect in Hawai'i land laws.
A'e Tane

We live in a lawless nation where foreign people with guns can come onto Hawaiians land and claim it with fraudulent titles. That is what we seek to remedy as the government of necessity. We can not effect Hawaiian rights in any way but we can seek to protect them.

aloha Kai

Aloha kakou.

                          E Kai, can you please elaborate on how Carter v Gear 1905 rules that Mahele rights are applied to land ownership? Where exactly was this provision outlined in the proceedings? Having read the transcripts I am unable to find any reference to same, can you provide a link to substantiate? Mahalo. -Andrew.

Hi Kai,

Immunities for our people can be covered under the Minister of Foreign Affairs...........two cases are documented in the HAWAIIAN REPORTS Volume 2 - Landais and the De Flanchet case.......

Queen Liliuokalani did direct our families to maintain a peaceful, friendly, non-violent nation.  

Recently, one of Queen Liliuokalani's friends family did say that the Queen told her great grandmother that because the U.S. did not move to return the lands.............it is up to individual Hawaiians to reclaim their properties.

With that, it is right that our projects continue:  

1)  Family genealogies reclaiming our ownership to properties because we are the Title holders, the land owners

theiolani.blogspot.com  posted at the ending part of the IOLANI - The Royal Hawk news on the web with 429 issues to date

 2) assisting in the Project to Reclaim Ancestral Properties with supporting information, case precedence, protective orders given out by our families through the Acting Liaison of Foreign Affairs - Minister of Foreign Affairs /Department and

info:  theiolani@gmail.com

3) Konohiki Project to Bring Back the Konohiki through genealogies 

info:  theiolani@gmail.com

On the International side, information to many has been made through our families through the Acting Liaison of Foreign Affairs - Minister of Foreign Affairs/Department.  Info:  theiolani@gmail.com

Recent information shows that "Nationals" are considered Terrorists.....  see 


notice that the Department of Treasury runs this list.......same as Federal Reserves the private banking group run by private owners and not the U.S. Government.....also supporting the New World Order/One World Order....

then most recently, Christians, Evangelists, Catholics, et. als. are considered 'Terrorists':  http://www.sodahead.com/united-states/army-ranger-pastor-insulted-t...

add the above to the Watch List:

1: Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, President of Iran

1: Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, President of Iran

No world leader has proven more hostile toward the western world in recent years than Iran’s president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Since coming to power in 2005, Ahmadinejad has captured countless headlines with his relentless nuclear ambitions, hardline vitriol toward Israel, and shadowy support for terror groups like Hezbollah and Hamas. Diplomacy and sanctions alike have thus far failed to bend the defiant resolve of Iran’s president, who has often used the nation’s highly demanded oil exports to insulate his government from foreign pressure. With Iran threatening to close the Straits of Hormuz and tensions seemingly near the breaking point, leaders around the world are desperate to known just how far Ahmadinejad will go. 

Read Latest Breaking News from Newsmax.comhttp://www.newsmax.com/slideshows/World-s-Most-Dangerous-Leaders-20... 

also,  this is my most recent article fyi........


Monarchy Governments, Christians, Evangelists, Catholics, Middle East, et. als. are the Enemy(ies) of the One World Order/New World Order


Anywayz..................posting the info for all to see, read, become empowered, etc.  and maintaining a neutral, friendly, non-violent nation.........



Aloha kakou.

                          E Amelia Kai appears to be tied up with other matters his MW page has been inactive for some time. The Aloha Uprising Facebook page has a recent posting that there is a gathering at Royal 'Iolani Palace on April 20th next to thank him for his outstanding work to date and & for "The Formal Removal of Kai Landow from the United Nations Indigenous Forum" you can view same by scrolling down on the right hand column of the page:


Mahalo for the Landais & De Flanchet cases will check those out, off the top of your papale Amelia are you aware of any similar court cases especially involving the stolen Crown Lands? If so please cite the case numbers, mahalo.

Did you see this hilarious article on "Hawaii News Now" where a man attempted to bring a live a duck into a Honolulu court? Maybe he felt U.S. courts in Hawai'i was quackery:


hi Andrew,

regarding the Crown Lands:

  PIRATES moved in to assume the Private Properties of the Royal Families who existed then and exists now and are currently in Court being sued by criminal deviants perpetuating the crimes documented through the Premeditation Evidence here in this thread.

Date:  July 24, 1893

Publication:  THE NEW YORK TIMES

Summary:  The treasonous persons who created the Provisional Government turned Republic supported by the U.S. "confiscated" the Crown Lands.  Nearly 1,000,000 acres of land were claimed as "ceded" by the treasonous persons and transferred to the U.S.

Prominent American lawyers were hired and "engaged to handle the case against the United States Government."

Premeditation, duress, dethroning a Queen of a neutral, non-violent, friendly nation, criminally assuming private properties, genocide, fraud, criminal deviance, breach of international laws, genocide, etc. ongoing issues.

Date:  April 21, 1894

Publication:  THE NEW YORK TIMES

Summary:  "Mr. Furbish, who is connected with the State Department of Washington....quoted from the official records of the correspondence between the provisional Government and the representatives of this country to show that the United States assisted the revolutionists, and urged that if this was proved it was only right that the status quo should be restored."

The Evidence in part is hereby posted for the records and for all Kanaka Maoli, friends, other nations to see the wrongs that is on record.

This, along with other evidence documents the Crimes of the centuries which has affected our Queen, the Royal Families, kanaka maoli, friends, other citizens, other nations.

These are issues of PIRACY(IES) on the High Seas, genocide, racketeering, mafia, etc. in the Hawaiian Islands.

Mr. Furbish, American testimony is also indicative of what must occur as stated above ....."the official records of the correspondence between the provisional Government and the representatives of this country to show that the United States assisted the revolutionists, and urged that if this was proved it was only right that the status quo should be restored."

All the above is part of the proof and validates that premeditation is documented, and ramifications are ongoing.





Reference:  repost from http://maoliworld.com/forum/topics/more-premeditation-evidence-comp...

the "quack"ery article was cute...........mahalo for that post..........



Aloha Amelia.

                             Mahalo for your kind response. Prof. Van Dyke cited a number of court rulings on Crown Lands in his book on the subject. Also, U.S. environmental attorney Neil Proto who was involved in the Kaho'olawe campaign wrote a 252-page book back in 2009 titled "The Rights of my People: Liliuokalanis battle with the United States." 


A substantial amount of the book is available free online if you Google it on "Google Books" where it has been digitalized, there are many references to Crown Land cases also. Aloha. -Andrew.


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