to Identify the good from the bad and the right from the wrongful criminal acts???????

i was personally trainned the proper Protocals...from my Tranditonal Ali'i Kahunnui's of our Maui Nui.....and as a child.....i was told to "Kulikuli Kou Waha" to observe the voices and the correct actions of our Human Values and after reading the american bible with my living kupuna'....i learned that all humans have a touch of evil in them....however it is the Discipline that will correct that evil of mankind.

and this that type of discipline that is needed to correct the mind thinking of years and years of the abuse of GREED that is becomes a way of life for some...even for a native hawaiian that is not kanaka maoli in their ways of living and actions of hewa (a wrongful criminal act) becomes part of ones life??????

it takes a village to retrain this new and improved generation of eager Royal Kingdom Heirs.....for it is about the ohana's to get educated of knowing who they are and where they belong??????? identify the good from the bad and the right from the wrongful criminal acts is the first place to begin this journey of WISDOM to IDENTIFY......amene~~~

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once one is able to will be easier to speak up loud,

no fear the american human and follow the ways of the Protocals of your Ancesters to the Pure,

Clean and only way to....doing what is right in Ke Akua eyes.....not ours....amene

and were is this kamehameha guy....that started all the TRASH of the American Usa,

for kamehameha was the one that allowed this kind of Evil Greed to happen among our Kanaka Maoli's,

even the History of kamehameha proved that he was a DISOBIDENT young hardhead boy, that needed dirty licks,

for his ancesters and records shows, just on Big Island alone.....kamehemeha fought and lost in battle with the Ali'i's~~~~

please go read your history of this kid boy of nusiance to his family and ancesters of Big Island~~~

for kamehameha is not from our Kingdom of Maui Nui, peroid......kamehemeha was a sperm donor......that is the only connection with this man kamehameha and our Kingdom of Maui Nui.....for he was only a boy warrior that gave his sperms to 20 odda makaainana hawaiian ladies.....for none of them was of the Ali'i Nui RANK as my Sacred Her High Chiefess Queen Keopuolani....that was the only one to bare his Royal Children and all died....leaving kamehameha with NO lineage from my Great Great Great Grand mama...because he RAPED my Great Great Great Grand mama and he was forbidden to bare the Sacredness of my Royal Kingdom Ancesters of our Kingdom of Maui Nui.....for the Truth will be Revealed and spoken by the Royal Kingdom Heirs of our Royalties of our Maui Nui....for i was taught the TRUTH of knowing good from bad and the right from the American Wrongful CRIMINAL acts of Usa......da princess of Loko O Mokuhina.....Kingdom Capital of Maui Nui......amene


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