The Pointed Truth About Extreme Haters

 The Pointed Truth About Extreme Haters

                 by Amelia Gora (2021)

From the cast outs the criminals and throw away s of Great Britain turned to pillagers plunderers and pirates making treaties with the landowners turned to lawless rape killings to take lands and call them uncivilized replaced by murdering missionaries supported by the Vatican then the white supremacists callously mistreat all people of color calling themselves freedom fighters and defenders of democracy when in reality it’s a way to protect themselves yet continue the genocide on lands they do not own.... white is right is the message and when you’re brown you’re down... and some of the answers to that has become a resistance thru the antifa black lives matter and other groups resistant to white supremacy slaves and now including the Asians on the same path as the innocent American Indians inundated due to the English land grabbers who desire world domination along with other warmonger nations. The innocents are and remain victims and expected to be the fighters for the white supremacists ... a circle of evils..... killing of innocent children appears to be a solution by extreme haters... Rep Greene pointed out that Pelosi told Clinton that killing / shootings of school children should be made ...the targets are the young innocents including the Mexican children prompted by Biden Harris and others... May God Bless each and everyone. aloha.

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