Veterans kill time in meetings by taking good notes, sketching in their notebooks, eating Madden NFL 23 oats or the jerky Madden 23 Coins. And lastly as a friend of mine said to me when I inquired how he handles the boredom, "I dunno, just do it." The joke!So, if a person of my size or greater takes two steps ahead of your full bore, and you can't or won't resist What is supposed to keep him from falling onto top of you?

That situation is completely different when tackling a quarterback that is struggling and may prepare for the hit or even give one to himself. You ever push on a door and thought it was a lot heavier than it really was? That's exactly how it feels when you get an accurate hit to an NFL player while within the pockets.

When you're exploding into them, there's nothing to slow you down before you're on top of them. If a coach out there has invented a technique that will allow players to raise their bodies in mid-air and then land on top of them, this change in the rules is absurd.

It's clear that Clay Matthews isn't the only player unfairly penalized for this rule change to date. However, his sack in fact, sack from Alex Smith on Sunday was possibly the best instance of why pass rushers are in a no-win scenario in the event that the rule doesn't change back. It's hard to accept the fact that he was penalized for a game in which there was no quarterback with the ball.

Let's face it, the Madden NFL 23 has already introduced rules in the past that prohibit pass rushers from hitting the quarterback with their feet when they're sitting in the pocket (as did happen with Carson Palmer's playoff injury and after Tom Brady's knee injury), and if you hit a quarterback anywhere in the middle of the chest area Buy Mut 23 Coins, you'll be at the chance of being penalized for an injury to the helmet of a defenseless player. Therefore, in the past, the Madden NFL 23 has already made it difficult as hell not to get a foul when you hit the quarterback.

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