The Legitimate Government in Hawaii Series:  Oppositions = Injuries?

                                                      Review by Amelia Gora (2021)

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Did you know that after the U.S. Secretary of State -visited Hawaii, obtained testimonies and oppositions in 2014.... days later three (3) persons were hit by cars with the intent to injure them severely? --- cousin Francis Keoua Gora was one of them.....was that by chance? The 1850 Treaty of the Hawaiian Kingdom and the United States was brought out at the meeting..... 1897 the Kue Petition opposed annexation; 1959 Opposition to Statehood was 1969 the Star Bulletin newspaper exposed the truth that there was No Annexation and that Hawaii was "seized".....2000 the U.S. Supreme Court Memorandum documents the claim to Annexation was illegal; in.2014 Watson documented there was No Annexation; in 2015 UH Professor Williamson Chang documented that it was impossible to annex another independent nation and in 2018 United Nation's Dr. Alfred deZayas said that we have a strange occupation and that the Hawaiian Kingdom exists......Premeditation to usurp and annex Hawaii since 1824 and a number of U.S. Presidents has been found....U.S. President Cleveland Gave Hawaii back three (3) times and the lies continue to support Pirate U.S. President William McKinley who had his peeps - the Army, Navy, and other personnel "develop" a Territory of the United States and turn it into a Territory of Hawaii while all along each entity created by treasonous persons S.B. Dole, Charles Reed Bishop operated an entity that did NOT have Sovereignty! 1959, with an Executive Order in hand U.S. President Dwight D. Eisenhower proclaimed that the Territory became a State UNDER the U.S. sharing a 1/50 interest in its Sovereignty......meanwhile the Hawaiian Kingdom/ Kingdom of Hawaii with Kamehameha's descendants existing holds the Sovereignty of our neutral, friendly, non-violent, permanent treaty of friendship and amity.....and then the U.S. representative visit in 2014 resulted in some of our kanaka maoli injured and they were the ones who opposed on record.........something's not right....and needs to be corrected........Evidence is abundant and legally posted for the records.....also ALL kanaka maoli needs to be vigilant!!! another Reference:
So the Interior Department Wants Input on Hawaiian Nation-Building?
So the Interior Department Wants Input on Hawaiian Nation-Building?
There is no justification for denying Hawaiians an opportunity to become fully educated on their history so they can make informed decisions.
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