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The website posted by Donna Willard makes an excellent pattern to reclaiming your tutu's aina

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Aloha Lanakila/Donna,

Our family descends from Hueu Davis second oldest son named Kailio.  Kailio married Nakai (w) one of the three (3) daughters of Kale Davis.  The other two (2) were Kuamoo (w) and Waikikilani (w).

My son-in-laws family descends from Nakai (w) which leads to the Kekai family who also descends from Kaluaikau (w) the sister of Kalola (w) - our ancestor, Alapai, Abigail Maheha, et. al. who all descend from Kamehameha.  Abner Paki wife was also Kakainaalii who was the widow of Kalaniulumoku (died in 1838) and our family became the stepsibling of Bernice Pauahi who was also a cousin, and became the hanai/adopted siblings of Kaeha/Kamakaeha/Makaeha/Lydia/Liliuokalani who became Queen Liliuokalani.  

We are also the descendants of John Kapena a son of Kalima who was the last wife of Kekuanaoa.  John Kapena had a brother Sam Kapena and sister Umiokalani.  They were the siblings of Paalua/Kapaalua/JWD Paalua; Ruth Keelikolani (w); Moses Kekuaiwa; David Kamehameha; Lot/Kamehameha V; Alexander Liholiho/Kamehameha IV; Victoria Kamamalu; and hanai/ adopted sister:Bernice Pauahi.

There are two (2) deeds found showing that Kekuanaoa/Mataio Kekuanaoa was married to Kalima (w).  (1) Liber 19/ page 12; and (2) Liber 19/ page 175.

one of the lands belonged to Kinau and Kekuanaoa, and the other land belonged to Ahia and both lands are in Waimanalo.  One of the lands had been conveyed to CH Judd and witnessed by Albert F. Judd...both conspirators who helped to dethrone Queen Liliuokalani.

In 1884, Bernice Pauahi died.  Her stepsister, a documented cousin was documented as her "next - of - kin" in her Probate, and her husband Charles Reed Bishop who was entitled to only a life interest.

1886 - Kalola (w) our ancestor died.  Her son Kahekili had died in 1876 had left a son named Ioela.  Kalola (w) had a hanai/adopted daughter named Kapooloku/Kapoolohu/Abigaila/Kapapoko/Poomaikelani/Princess Poomaikelani who had also married Ioela - meaning we have two (2) interests as next-of-kin being descendants of Kalola (w).

1893 - criminal dethronement of Queen Liliuokalani.

1909 - the Fraud Liliuokalani Trustees who were part of the Bernice Pauahi Bishop Trustees were also the conspirators who dethroned the Queen, a hanai/adopted sister of Bernice Pauahi Bishop created a Fraud Trust

1915 - Charles Reed Bishop died, his life interest in the estate ended.

Note:  Charles Reed Bishop in Liber 142 page 142 had deeded his life interest to the Bernice Pauahi Bishop Estates Trustees, and they continued claiming the lands belonging to the Kamehameha's, - Bernice Pauahi was Not the "last of the Kamehameha's" as claimed over time and even till today!  .

1917 - Queen Liliuokalani died.

Note:  the Bernice Pauahi Bishop Trustees claimed that they were the heirs, which can be seen in the Land Court case #1228.  They claimed all others in the Will had died therefore they claimed themselves to be the heirs.....they were all treasonous, frauds, conspirators, pirates, pillagers, genocide activists, racketeering persons, and have No Allodial land titles but are corrupt to the Max assisting in gaining lands for the United States.

They own nothing.

They are recorded as pirates, pillagers, thieves, conspirators etc by the Judicial Tribunal and the Supreme Court of the Hawaiian Kingdom/ Kingdom of Hawaii/Ko Hawaii Pae Aina which has the original jurisdiction and is the Legitimate Government in Hawaii..

Our family also descends from Peke Davis.

I happened upon your website again and am thankful for your posting the laws that you've used and the detailed information.

We are Kalaniopuu's, Kamehameha's, Kaumualii's, John Young's, Isaac Davis descendants basically making up the Ruling Chiefs of Hawaii.

Kamehameha, John Young/Olohana, and Kamehameha III adopted our ancestors: Hueu, Kale, and Peke Davis.

Hoping we can all work together.

aloha.  my email: and  I will give you my phone number through email.

Mahalo Cousin! Mahalo Ke Akua! ;)

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