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The American Lawyers Twisted/ Manipulated Kamehameha III's Deeds For Their Purposes or A Challenge In Exposing Fraud, Corruption from the Twisted/Conspiring American Lawyers

          The American Lawyers Twisted/ Manipulated Kamehameha                                                 III's Deeds For Their Purposes

                    A Challenge In Exposing Fraud, Corruption from the 
                                Twisted/Conspiring American Lawyers
                                                                                        Reviewed by Amelia Gora (2018)
The following article posted in 1864 shows the American Lawyers/pirates/pillagers/operatives entered in the court case which moved from Kamehameha III - Kauikeaouli's directions to one that is twisted/manipulated to suit themselves.
The basic truth is that the Crown Lands were for himself, his heirs and successors, forever.  See also the Government lands:
The characters, American Lawyers added stretches to their opinions about the matters when in reality they had no say.
The deeds says it all:
Kamehameha III - Kauikeaouli's Crown Land Deed, and Government Lands to be taken cared of by the House of Nobles, House of Representatives, with the rights of Native Tenants.
The following are the important documents affecting our Hawaiian Kingdom/Kingdom of Hawaii/Hawaiian archipelago/ Hawaiian Islands/Hawaii/Ko Hawaii Pae Aina/He Mokupuni Pae Aina o Hawaii lands, etc.:
The following are the Original Judges in the Hawaiian Kingdom:
Abner Paki
Charles Kanaina
John Kapena
The Judges Descendants/Heirs:

Abner Pākī
Abner Paki.jpg
Born c. 1808
Died June 13, 1855
Burial June 28, 1855[1]
Pohukaina Tomb
October 30, 1865
Mauna ʻAla Royal Mausoleum
Spouse Kuini Liliha
; Kaikainalii
Issue Bernice Pauahi Bishop
 (hānai) step:  J.F. Koakanu, Abigail Lanihau, Jane Loeau, Maheha, Kailinaoa Lanihau, Kalola, Kaluaikau, and Alapai, 
Full name
Abner Kuhoʻoheiheipahu Pākī
Father Kalani-hele-maiiluna
Mother Kahooheiheipahu

Kanaʻina II
His Honour/His Highness
Kanaina painting.jpg
Born 1801
Napoʻopoʻo, Hawaiʻi
Died March 13, 1877
Burial March 29, 1877[1]
Kawaiahaʻo Church
Spouse Auhea Kekāuluohi; Miriam Kekauonohi
William Charles Lunalilo; step: All of Kalaniopuu, Kamehameha,
Kaumualii; John Young, Isaac Davis et. als. descendants
Kamehameha Dynasty House of Moana
House of Kamehameha
Father [Eia] Ka-makakaualii
Mother Kauwā Palila
Occupation House of Nobles
Privy Counsel
Royal attendant
Kāhili Bearer
Signature Kanaʻina II's signature
Jonah Kapena
Assistant Judge of the Supreme Court of Hawaii
In office
May 10, 1842 – 1848
Member of the Kingdom of Hawaii
House of Nobles
In office
1845, 1850–1866
Personal details
Died March 12, 1868
Honolulu, Hawaii
Resting place Kawaiahaʻo Church
Nationality Hawaiian
Spouse(s) Kahilipulu; Kalaikini
Children Keawe, Kekualoa, John Makini Kapena (hānai)
Alma mater Lahainaluna Seminary
Occupation Royal Secretary, Judge, Civil Servant, Editor
Zorobabela Kaʻauwai
Assistant Judge of the Supreme Court of Hawaii
In office
May 10, 1842 – November, 1846
Succeeded by Joshua Kaʻeo
Member of the Board of Commissioners to Quiet Land Titles
In office
February 10, 1846 – March 21, 1850
Succeeded by Joshua Kekaulahao
Member of the Kingdom of Hawaii
House of Representatives
In office
1851–1852, 1854–1855
Personal details
Born c. 1799/1806[a]
Died August 8, 1856
Nationality Kingdom of Hawaii
Spouse(s) Kalanikauleleiaiwi III
Children David Kahalekula Kaʻauwai
William Hoapili Kaʻauwai
George Kaleiwohi Kaʻauwai
Alma mater Lahainaluna Seminary
Occupation Deacon, Judge, Politician, Businessman
Lorrin Andrews, June 24, 1846-Dec. 28, 1854
William L. Lee  Dec. 5, 1846-May 28, 1857 (Chief Justice)
John Ii, Jan., 1848 Feb. 1864
George M. Robertson, Jan 10, 1855-March 12, 1867
Elisha H. Allen, June 4, `1857-Feb. 1, 1877 (Chief Justice)
Robert G. Davis, Feb. 16, 1864-July 8, 1868.
Alfred S. Hartwell, Sept. 30, 1868-Feb. 18, 1874.
James W. Austin, July 10, 1868-July 10, 1869
Hermann A. Widemann, July 10, 1869 - Feb. 18,m 1874.
Charles C. Harris, Feb. 18, 1874-July 2, 1881 (Chief Justice, Feb 1 1877-July 2, 1881).
A. Francis Judd, Feb. 18, 1874-May 20, 1900 (Chief Justice, Nov. 5, 1881-May 20, 1900).
Note: The Judges highlighted are problematic persons.  
I hereby invite you to share some of your findings after reading the twisted legalese in this aged case.
You will see many falsehoods in the following article which makes a good discussion with those interested in making corrections.
The reality is that a Constitutional Monarchy government is unlike a Democratic government.
The deliberate twists and turns in the legalese are documented by "wanna be's" or those who have no say.
The issue is that Kamehameha III's deeds were a done deal...………...and who are they to question the actions of a Sovereign?
Have fun...….because you'll see many flaws/frauds/issues...…..perhaps even better than crossword puzzles or a intense game of chess, etc.

The Pacific commercial advertiser. (Honolulu, Hawaiian Islands) 1856-1888, June 04, 1864, Image 3

Image provided by University of Hawaii at Manoa; Honolulu, HI

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