~~~Steps to my IDENTITY to be Respected and Recognized~~~

i am called so many names.....good to bad....big nui smiles??????

but today......i am holding my legal documents of my

new Royal Kingdom name of my Kupuna Kahiko (ancesters),

of my Kingdom Capital of Maui Nui~~~


"steps to Identify my Royal Kingdom BirthRights of Maui Nui"

1). it took me 7 solid years to gather my Legal paper documents,

2). i prayed for guidance.... ask it for Justice.....and i believe it will happen.....yes babe!!!!

3). i confide all documents with my other 10 siblings.....8 above me and 2 below me~~~

4). i am on the hawaiian home list (50% bloodline) since 1993...19 years ago and still waiting??????

5). i got to change and correct my BIRTH CERTIFICATE (showing my mamakahili) Pure Kanaka????

6). i finally found my mamakahili real mothers Birth Certificate (to prove my Royalty) on Maui Nui!!!

7). and today....i celebrate my journeys to Announce the new me......big nui smiles~~~


"PrincessLehuanani  ValarieAquino  KumaewaKainaKaleoMomona"


8). next step is to submit my Court Order to the Bureau of Conveyances with the DLNR......yes!!!

9). order my new BirthCertificate from the Dept. of Health~~~

10). and i am a Legal Royal Kingdom Heir holding the surnames of all my Immediate

Royal Kingdom Ancesters (Kupuna Kahiko) of my Royal Kingdom Capital of Maui Nui......amene~~~

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if any one of you.....is interested in Correcting your Mo'okuauhau (genealogy).

i would be happy to assist you....in the needed steps.....to the Truths of

your Royal Kingdom Ancester that will lead you to your Kupuna Kahiko's Ahupua'a.....amene~~~

next week i change all my american Identity,

and take on my new and improved.....Sacred Identity of my

Royal Kingdom Capital of my Kupuna Kahiko (ancesters)

and more to come......mauruuru....da princess of Loko O Mokuhinia

i have never been lead and or guided by the human for search my Royal Kingdom Ancesters,

Ke Akua leads me correctly....for i ask him, and i believe it in him...and he have lead the way SAFELY....amene....

for even the smartest genealogist...held back from sharing....what was needed to be Identified as

a Royal Kingdom Heir???????.....thats why i do not rely on the human of mankind of Usa,

i have to totally give it all up to Ke Akua (above) and to my Royal Kingdom Ancesters (below),

for "THY KINGDOM WILL BE DONE ON EARTH (kingdom of maui nui), AS IT IS IN HEAVEN.....amene....da princess

kanaka maoli's this is now the time to IMUA (move forward) and to KUKANAKA (stand tall) for Justice.......mauruuru~~~

imagine no one took on my offer to assist them to their mo'okuauhau (genealogy),

only two reasons......i can think of.......one is lost and the other is Blind and both remains the same...ignorant!!!!!

to the hewa (wrongful Criminal acts) of the american Usa and acceptance to be treated as the imigrant of your sacredness????

for i am so happy Ke Akua have chosen my ohana nation to be the example to IMUA (move forward) and to KUKANAKA (stand tall) in our JUSTICE as the Royal Kingdom Heirs of our Kingdom of Maui Nui......and i will do what is Right

in the eyes of Ke Akua and in the hearts of our Royal Kingdom Ancesters of Maui Nui......amene.....da princess of Loko O Mokuhinia.....with big nui smiles for our Nation of Royal Kanaka Maoli's......of our Maui Nui......mauruuru~~~

i am now free from the american system of being treated like one immigrant and migrant on my own Sacred Royal Kingdom,

for this state of confusion is not in view of my Awareness to IMUA (move forward) and to KUKANAKA (stand tall) in JUSTCE


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