what should I expect to pay for a good SEO service? i'm tech inclined but just for hardware, got no idea when it comes to coding or any of that.

i need to build a website for my business. what language should it be written in so that it's SEO friendly/google friendly and user friendly so i won't have issues uploading pics and what not. for example, i've read those cheap themes aren't listed on google ranking.

thanks in advance.

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dont write your site in ISH unless you want to be stuck in 2006

Hey there! When it comes to pricing for SEO services, it really depends on your website's complexity. I suggest reaching out to reputable SEO agencies for quotes and comparing costs. As for website building, I highly recommend WordPress. It's user-friendly, SEO-friendly, and offers awesome themes optimized for search engine rankings. Just be sure to choose a trustworthy theme and follow image optimization best practices.
By the way, I recently stumbled upon some helpful tips on how to rank higher on Google. You might find it useful for improving your website's visibility. Here's the link https://vikinglinks.com/how-to-rank-higher-in-google-10-comprehensi.... Anyway, I'm new to this forum. Nice to meet you all!


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