Santa Claus from Hawaii by Amelia Kuulei Gora (2003) - article from PIRATES OF THE PACIFIC: Charles Reed Bishop and Friends

Santa Claus from Hawaii by Amelia Kuulei Gora (2003) - article from... 


Santa Claus and Hawaii


SANTA CLAUS from Hawaii
By Amelia Kuulei Gora (2003), One of Kamehameha’s descendants
SANTA Claus, a character based on fourth-century bishop Nicholas – a patron saint of the Dutch Amsterdam, named by Dutch merchants and sailors. Saint Nicholas/Sint Nikolaas; Sinterklaus were names given by the Dutch.
The following documents Santa Claus, a fictional character, promoted by American deviants and businessmen over time with background and noted:
1812 A HISTORY OF NEW YORK…by Diedrich Knickerbocker (1812) by Washington Irving was published. Santa Claus was mentioned.
Background: John Jacob Astor, who mistreated Indians, had paid Washington Irving to write favorably about him.
John Jacob Astor (1763-1848) was an American capitalist whose business was Fur. (Note: Notice how Santa Claus outfit is made of Fur.)
1837 “An Account of a Visit from St. Nicholas” also known as “Twas the Night before Christmas” book by Clement Moore was printed and promoted.
Background: Clement Moore wrote material attacking Thomas Jefferson for his undermining the Christian faith.
Thomas Jefferson (1743-1826) was the Third (3rd ) President of the United States, Statesman, Diplomat, Architect and author of a bible which included “only divine love, mercy and goodness.”
Thomas Jefferson owned 400 slaves. His twice married wife Martha (Walses Skelton) added another 135 slaves and lands amounting to 40,000 acres. In the draft of the Declaration of Independence, Jefferson struck out the paragraph denouncing slavery. He was a practicing attorney who abolished the slave trade from Africa; HATED HEREDITARY PRIVILEGE (S). He cast aside the kingly ceremonies and adopted the rule “first come, first served.” He doctored his slaves; was a scientist of sorts calculating an eclipse; letter copying press, revolving and folding chair; hemp; pedometer; gold medal winning plow; a two-wheeled vehicle inventor. He knew seven languages: English; Greek; Latin; French; Italian; Spanish and German. He was a writer and compiled a bible.
He borrowed $20,000 to repay a debt made while being the President for fear of being jailed. His treasured library was sold to Congress to maintain his home for himself, his grandchildren, grandnieces, and grandnephews. The Presidential income was $25,000 per annum. He was the author of the Declaration of Independence and founder of the University of Washington.
? U. S. Military Academy at West Point teacher painted a jovial, white male, a Santa Claus entering a Chimney top.
Background: The West Point teacher/artist represented the military establishment.
Note: The military is always in the background and supports American businessmen and their activities.
It is interesting to note that the white male character denotes someone superior over others of color. The dominant character is one who “takes care” of “children”, the “needy”, the grantor of gifts to those who are “good” and nothing to those who are “bad”.
1870 Santa Claus appeared on Christmas cards.
Background: “Jolly” Saint Nick/Santa Claus reflects a character that is content with the existing social order. American businessmen promoted Santa Claus.
Santa Claus became promoted especially so by the Macy Company, a merchandising firm:
1873 Macy Stores owner, Roland H. Macy had rented an area within Macy’s to Lazarus Straus and sons: Isador; Nathan, and Oscar. Their items were valued and made Macy’s a popular store.
1877 Roland H. Macy died leaving a son with drinking problems. According to his will, Stocks were to be sold to relatives and to set up a small trust for his son named Rowland H. Macy, Jr. who had drinking problems.
1878 Rowland H. Macy, Jr. died.
1878 George W. Macy of Honolulu, one of the investors in the Macy Company was the “purported Father of George W. Macy, Jr. whose claimed mother was Piena/Piiana (w) according to First Circuit Court Case No. 798, Archives, Honolulu, Hawaii.
Piena/Piiana (w) had died and the guardians assigned to George W. Macy, Jr. were his grandparent’s Kahiamoe (k) and Kaili/Kekai/Kekainui/Kamalii/Kamaliiwahine (w).
THE FOLLOWING GENEALOGIES MAY BE DIFFICULT TO UNDERSTAND, SKIP OVER THIS SECTION TO NEXT PARAGRAPH. Kaili (w) was a Kamehameha descendant through Kaoleioku (k) married to Keoua (w) who had Hanuna (k), Pauahi (w) and stepsibling’s Keola (k) and Konia(w). Hanuna (k) had four (4) children: Kapule (k); Kini(w); Hookahe(w); and Poohina (w). Kapule (k) had (4+) children: Kamaliiwahine/Kaili (w); Kaakau (w); Kamai (k); and Nainoaalua (k). Kamaliiwahine/Kaili (w) daughter was named Piena/Piiana (w) had siblings: Ahukinialaa (w); Kamauoha (k); Wahineaea (w); Luakini/ Kaluakini (k) who was A hanai/adoptive father of Kapiolani/Queen Kapiolani. Luakini/Kaluakini (k) had Other siblings/stepsiblings and direct descendants including my own grandmother Named Elikapeka Kaimiola Kaluakini Gora. Queen Kapiolani’s claimed hanai/ Adopted son was Kuhio Kalanianaole/Prince Kuhio. Prince Kuhio had represented Hawaii after the wrongful dethronement of Queen Liliuokalani and had introduced the Hawaiian Homestead Act (1920), which was based on the Crown Lands, the claimed ceded lands that still has owners, because Kamehameha’s bloodlines, descendants still exist. Prince Kuhio’s brother David Kawananakoa had married Abigail Campbell, daughter of James Campbell and Abigail Maipinepine Kalaikini/Kaleikini.
Macy’s investors:
Roland H. Macy’s relatives;
Preferred shares investors:
General Electric Credit Corporation
Mutual Shares Corporation
Mutual shares:
Chief: Michael A. Price
Goldman & Sachs, limited partnership with Sidney J. Weinberg
Common shares:
Ed Finkelstein
Mark Handler
Art Reiner
Bobby Friedman
Hal Kahn
New Board: Michael A. Price; Sidney J. Weinberg; and Dan I. Hale of General Electric

1884 – Bernice Pauahi Bishop died. Her husband Charles Reed Bishop PIRATE OF THE PACIFIC was an American SPY, banker, a Mason/Freemason, plantation owner, Pacific Cable Company investor, etc. Untrue that it was, Bishop and others claimed Bernice Pauahi to be the last of the Kamehameha’s, the Sovereign of the Hawaiian Islands, the Hawaiian Archipelago.
Issues of CONSPIRACIES appear on Bernice Pauahi Bishop Trust/Estates due to the efforts of the PIRATE OF THE PACIFIC and FRIENDS.
Issues of CONSPIRACIES appear on this MACY line with associations and investing backed by the Kamehameha Schools Bishop Estates, Liberty House, Goldman and Sachs/Stock Investors with Weinberg as one of its officers.
George Macy also became a TERRORIST, taxing peoples in Hawaii while working with the United States Internal Revenue in Hawaii.
1893 Queen Liliuokalani was dethroned, basically shoved off the throne because the Whites felt they could do a better job. Queen Liliuokalani had handed Hawaii Temporarily to the United States President who has since died.
1917 Queen Liliuokalani died. A claimed Trust was set up with documented OPPOSITIONS. The Bank of Hawaii became Trustees in part along with The other Conspirators/TERRORISTS/Provisional Government supporters Backed by the United States government.
Congress over time called Queen Liliuokalani “NIGGER”.
1920 The Crown Lands/claimed ceded lands by Conspirators/TERRORISTS/ Provisional government supporters was placed in a Trust under the Hawaiian Homelands concept. The Bill was claimed to have been introduced by Prince Kuhio/Kuhio Kalanianaole, another “NIGGER” who was also a Mason/ A Freemason like his brother David Kawananakoa. Both Kuhio and Kawananakoa were NOT Kamehameha’s descendants.
Although the claim of Kuhio and Kawananakoa maintains descendancy from Kaumualii, there are many other descendants who have documentation as Descending from Kaumualii. Kaumualii had other children who were older than their ancestor. Questionable issues of non-bloods/non-Hawaiian/kanaka maoli remain for the Kawananakoa families.
1926 George Macy, Jr., a young unmarried police officer died in a motorcycle accident. He was born in 1901. Unresolved issues in genealogies remain for Macy, Jr. was Macy, Jr. was claimed to be the purported son of Piena/Piiana (w) with George Macy.
His father was named George Macy, but no junior on the end, which indicates There are questionable issues and Funny business in the claims of Macy and ties to the Kamehameha families.
George Macy was the first Internal Revenue director in Hawaii. He collected Taxes for the Federal government who remain de facto (not legal) government In Hawaii.
It may be said that everyone in Hawaii has and is wrongfully paying taxes to the governments based on de facto existence and occupational status.
Macy, Jr. and parents are buried at the Kawaiahao Church Cemetery close to King William Lunalilo’s tomb. (Note: Mr. Young, employee at the Kawaiahao Church pointed out the Macy’s families graves one sunny afternoon –year 2001 with a brief historical background to being the store owners – MACY’S.)
Suspicions of the Macy’s not being part of our Kamehameha families/direct descendancy bloodlines remain.
Unless the Macy family’s remains are uncovered and DNA tested for kanaka Maoli blood/Kamehameha descendancy, it appears that the Macy’s claims may be another conspiracy issue entered by the Conspirators/TERRORISTS/Provisional government supporters who have MUCKED UP some of our records and have wrongfully and criminally assumed/ helped themselves to lands, monies, etc. that they have no right to. The Macy family claims are documented in Probate. Piena/Piiana/Malia Piiana was married to others.
1995 Bernice Pauahi Bishop Estates/Kamehameha Schools aka’s Trustees invested in Goldman and Sach’s stocks.
Note: The Bishop Estates claims are based on a Trust created in the de jure Kingdom of Hawaii period with unresolved issues due to the intense amount of FRAUD entries on Probates affecting all lands in Hawaii, etc.
The ongoing Conspirators/TERRORISTS/Provisional government and the evolved governments de facto supporters along with the United States government TAX the Estate as well.
Sovereign descendants/ descendants OPPOSE, jurisdiction IS NOT GRANTED to the currently run estate with de facto TERRORISTS criminally assuming lands, monies, etc. FRAUD exists, Criminal deviants exist. TERRORISM actively exists in Hawaii.
------------------------ ------------------ -------------------
- Weinberg invests/purchases sugar lands from Hawaii and sets up Trusts to help the Poor, the elderly, and the homeless. Weinberg Trust (includes his wife Jeanette) set up with claimed land holdings surpassing the holdings of some of the alii/Chiefs and Chiefesses Trusts with interest in helping the poor, the homeless, the elderly, etc.
2001 MACY’S bought out or saved bankrupt LIBERTY HOUSE Stores.
MACY’S is now known for its’ marvelous balloon parades given each Thanksgiving advertising Christmas, a white Santa Claus, merriment – thoughts of gifts, candies, goodies, snow, Christmas trees, decorations, holiday cards, cheer, baking, cooking, gatherings, fragrances, mood music – blanketing the crowds filled with young and old ----innocent victims of deceit.
Although the Santa Claus myth which has grown in the United States promoting contentment with social order, the realities are that the economic rewards are taken by the shrewd, the exploiters, the ruthless, and those who are TERRORISTS.
The fictitious character Santa Claus descends from demonic beings of chaos with its beginnings in Europe. “The Lord of Misrule, the Boy Bishop, and the Saint Nicholas who consigns bad children to a devilish companion” in Europe becomes everything opposite in the United States and Hawaii by TERRORIST businessmen at the expense of Kamehameha’s descendants, heirs and countless others.
The fictitious creation Santa Claus actually exploits the populations into deceit, cunning behaviors, and lying to children. The phenomena/socializing/programming phenomena given to the children are an incredible diversion of the truth, which aids in accommodating businessmen everywhere. The perpetuation of a white jolly faced male (red faced man who expected home-baked cookies and an ice cold glass of milk---in all actuality a white with red face means one who had one drink too many), dressed in expensive furs who magically drops into a chimney or a fictitious chimney and leaves an abundant amount of gifts for those who have been good is a downright lie adhered to by the rich and poor.
Why has the Churches failed in correcting the ongoing lies? Perhaps, it is because the Churches gain in wealth, monetary assist from the American businessmen as well who also sell Christian related objects such as the Nativity Scenes, etc. All Christmas time sales encourage the spirit of giving which also benefits the church at Christmas time as well.
The mood music developed by American businessmen further encourages a mood to shop, etc. The mechanisms employed through studies, observations by others are maintained in developing/enhancing all buyers.
The merchandise promoted, displayed, advertised by businessmen are planned to be completely sold by Christmas. The marketing, costs is taken up by the businessmen, the financing is made by the bankers, the big businessmen, the TERRORISTS who have defrauded, exploited lands, monies, Trusts, plantations, large businesses to base their Capitalistic Society which benefits a few.
Meanwhile, the Government backs the claims, disregarding the Frauds, Criminal Deceit, Criminal Malfeasance, Criminal Deviance, Genocide issues because more is to be gained and maintained through lands, taxes, monies gotten from the cunning, the deviant, the exploiters, the TERRORISTS, who descend from Missionary stock in part.
The United States, a Complex Slave Society, which had evolved from a downright Slave Society with its’ Presidents being slave owners, continues. The people’s wants for their children moves in alignment with the Capitalistic machinery due to easy/cash purchases from the wealthy (who benefit off of those with less) and credit purchases from the poor/slaves. (The credit purchasers pay nearly double for their merchandise.)
The credit purchases are also extended by businessmen, bankers, ruthless, TERRORISTS who are riding on the claims of Kamehameha’s descendants, heirs, and exploiting all of theWorld's Societies as well.
Criminal Deviance is the base of the American Society with the United States Government, armed military, and FBI/Federal Bureau of Investigations to back the criminal claims which is only looked at for no more than 45 years.
What is the true meaning of Christmas? It’s certainly not an alcoholic white man, dressed in animal skins for looks, and encouraging demonic behavior.
Historical evidence, moreover, that the basis is truly on demonic behavior attributed to quasi alcoholic behavior drugged on greed, animosity, jealousy, thievery, deceit, criminal malfeasance, depravity, manipulation of fellow humankind by those who want more and more.
So what is the true meaning of Christmas? We think we know it as the birth of Christ. But is it so? Do we believe what the Churches claim or do they too have ulterior motives as well? The Catholic Church with its Papal Bulls of 1493 validates the plundering on barbaric or other such undeveloped societies. With the current exposure of their perverted priests, everyone surely needs to take a step back and view the facts.
Saddened by the truth? You need not be. The complex slave Society includes the facts that many are working to pay off credit card bills at tremendous amounts of percentage rates, which makes many slaves. Note how the names in this article shows the many businesses living off of greed, criminal deviance, genocide, etc. at the expense of our Kamehameha families wealth and transferred to the general public – within the United States and the World.
For now, let us celebrate Life, Love, and set aside your Christmas, “distorted, greedy man created holiday” feelings aside along with your outrageous Credit Cards and celebrate with your loved ones every day.
Try the following steps to move towards the truth: Know your ancestors through Genealogies because most of us came from God. Live Truth, Joy, Life, Love, and Peace all gifts from God. We are masters of our own ship, the outcome, Pleasure, Pain, Reward, Punishment, Goodness, or Evilness is ours to keep or share. 

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Santa Claus from Hawaii by Amelia Kuulei Gora (2003) - article from PIRATES OF THE PACIFIC: Charles Reed Bishop and Friends
Santa Claus from Hawaii by Amelia Kuulei Gora (2003) - article from PIRATES OF THE PACIFIC: Charles Reed Bishop and Friends
Santa Claus and Hawaii SANTA CLAUS from Hawaii By Amelia Kuulei Gora (2003), One of Kamehameha’s descendants SANTA Claus, a character base...

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