RESPECT is needed by the hawaiian groups and individuals of oahu/molokai

i noticed many kanaka.....of oahu and molokai

disrespect and dishonored our Royal Kingdom Heirs

of our maui nui and this needs to be addressed....

this very vital issue has gotten worst over the years,

that at my age (50yr,)..... i am now able to expose and testify what i have witness....

i am still dealing with friends of mokuula.....and this continued hewa of GREED,

allowed by this county of maui  on my sacred land

of Loko Mokuhinia.....of my Royal Kingdom Ancesters!

to testify of the 5 deaths (all males/false cultural leaders of our maui nui),

and 3 was sent home dead back to oahu....heed the warning

for i pray and ask to Remove the evil acts of oahu and molokai...immediately....amene

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why don't you file a Motion to Intervene in the Crown Lands case...........maybe then your families will respect you.....many on Maui know who our families are, including who our ancestors too......

Yes, you do have a lot of M13 going on on Maui and here too in Waianae.  It is not visible to most people because those that do have the money are in the system.  If you pay attention to David Kennedy Gang, both locally, nationally, and internationally one would see all the trappings of gang and rituals.  I am not fond of David and the local enforcement's they are a collective of 'bullies' using ignorance as their tool to incite a riot, just of which had happened in Makaha at Keaau's.  David Kennedy- gang, disruptive physicians, and local law enforcement's used a collective tactic to roll over very sick people.    

amelia...i have request that you give me only 3 names of your ohana that you speak of on our Royal Kingdom of my Maui Nui...and so far you only named donna willard  (of oahu/molokai)...and i have exposed her hewa in our Honokohau Valley..and yes i have spoken to our living kupunas on our Maui Nui....and thats why i am able to tesitify her evil wrongful actions on our Kingdom of Maui Nui~~~

you amelia have also used your ancesters names (davis & young)...who was the murderers (sharp shooters) that came to our Kingdom of our Ancesters to kill our Royal Maui Ali'i Nui's (read your history) of your evil american forerign descendants of Greed...and yes i have also Exposed their evilness of hewa~~~

i await to recieve more names of your ohana's of our Maui Nui to expose your entire ohana that have and till today have been a bad example for our Kanaka Maoli's till now.....that is why we can not get ahead......because of the american influence that has been deep seated in the hearts of our Native Hawaiians of Usa...just like your ohana's coming out of oahu and or molokai~~~

please i await more names to be exposed from your ohana's on my Maui Nui (for we know who is who)....for you are right.....our living kupuna and aggressive makua's of our Maui Nui is very much aware of donna willard evil intentions of GREED....and NO respect to our sacredness on and to our Royal Kingdom Heirs of our Maui Nui~~~~

please send me more names of your ohana of Maui we can identify the bad from the good and the right from the wrongful criminal acts that is coming from oahu and molokai.......mauruuru....da princess of Loko Mokuhinia....amene~

Am sending your comments to Donna Willard, et. als.............because you appear to be overstepping and in the area of slander..........

good luck in getting out of this one................and your ohana know you as the FILIPINO one.

for thr truth will be

The truth of the matter is that you're all waha.........goodbye.

no you come to our maui nui.....and see thr truth for yourself,

thats why like identify...more of your ohana's from maui nui,

so far the ones you named so far....did Hewa to our Sacredness on our Kingdom of Maui Nui,

remember...alot of kanaka' reading.....your true ancesters of Greed and,

for one cana not hide...heed the warning~~~

as for your ms. donna willard,

she know who I am!!!!.......

she know how to find me,

i no fear evil, amelia....for Ke Akua already,

know her intentions as well as yours and  discipline is on its way,

and i will continue to expose the hewa that you amelia,

is sending to our Maui Nui...from oahu of fakes and full of Greed......amene~~~

oh and donna totally aware that......i speak of truth and the american mentality called it slander,

only if one lie....and i am telling you the truth amelia......and soon more other kanaka from Maui Nui will also present

facts and findings.....that is happening on our maui nui and the wrongful actions of donna willard, remember our

Kingdom of Maui is still small enough to know who is who????? and we all got to know who and what

this donna willard is all about on our Kingdom of Maui Nui......for now i leave her in the hands of Ke Akua...amene~~~



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