Radiation exposure can cause CANCER!

Aloha all... I found the original cancer map of Hawaii from the Hawaii State Health Dept. Copy and pass forward at will. These maps were created by a random telephone poll by Hawai'i State Health Dept. Now I admit a telephone survey is not based on real scientific method but it is all I've been able to find. When I and other concerned residents met with State of Hawaii Health officials in 2004, we were told they weren't doing any other kind of stats on cancer in Hawaii. I think the maps tell a story as they are. Look at O'ahu. There is no place on O'ahu that represents less than 7% cancer rate. O'ahu is small and has the biggest population and has endured the most negative impact from military live fire training. The highest cancer rate on O'ahu is on east boarder of Pearl Harbor with a greater than 12% cancer rate. (Pearl Harbor is known to be one of seven military caused superfund sites. Spills of radioactive materials in Pearl Harbor has been researched and reported by www.dmzhawaii.org. Hawai'i island is large with less population, but why should Kona have a greater than 12% cancer and Hilo is less than 7%? One reason is that Kona is more consistently downwind from Pohakuloa Traning Area. Sadly Hawai'i State Health Department has NEVER looked at military toxins as at least part of the problem of the high cancer rates in Hawai'i. When they do, the military toxic house of cards will fall apart and they will be forced to decommission the live fire training ranges here in Hawai'i. An important first step toward healing the islands from the military's 60+ years of toxic insult and damage. As I see it we need to keep pressing for 24/7 (transparent) air testing for all military toxins especially depleted uranium around all live fire training ranges in Hawai'i. It doesn't matter if the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) give the army a license to have a radioactive material or not. Honest and accurate testing is key. The tests need to be transparent so our experts like Dr Lorrin Pang from Maui can verify for us that the testing methods are honest. No level of radiation exposure is healthy for living things, Hawai'i residents or our fragile eco-system. Cancer can be caused by radiation exposure. Lindafaye Kroll www.alfsartgallery.com/toxic_hawaii.html

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