as a child i was chosen to have the oppurtunity to have had the Honor to be raised by my Na KUPUNA's of this Kingdom of Maui Nui.
mary pukui, described Kupuna as grandparent or ancestor. a few days ago i had a conversation with non-hawaiians that claimed to be Kupuna's. they had NO Kupuna relatives, NO ahupua'a, and NO raising of Kupuna's and definite NO Mana of a Kupuna and yet identifies themselves as Kupuna's.
They were from the mainland and what made them Kupuna's was their age over 50 years old.
my living Na Kupuna's taught me that a Kupuna, have had to be raised with the culture and traditions of our people the Kanaka Maoli's and most was raised from a very young age as myself.
Kupuna was defined as a native Hawaiian cultural traditional elder by my ancestors, that had deep knowledge of our history and lived the HA (breath of life) of their Ahupua'a.
however, there is a difference with being a Senior Citizen and identifing oneself as a Kupuna due to the age qualification. Being born and raised in hawaii does not qualify one as a Kupuna because of the age, but one who identifies one self as a Kupuna has the responsibility to teach the next generations to come of the culture and traditions of what was taught by our grandparents and ancestors.

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Mahalo, Mahalo, Mahalo Kauhi Hoopii--mihi


God is not impressed with titles .


How do you know that god is not impressed with titles? Do you know him?  If so when you see him tell him that I am impressed with the title of "Happy New Year" and Peace on Earth!

It is difficult to teach the next generation, but we do it cause we care--not by titles.  I believe this is what was intended to!

By the way, I do believe that your bloodline here in Hawaii did many devastating things to the first people.  I would appreciate the acknowledgement of what wrongs were done.  It is inexcusable!  I too, have white missionary bloodline and I always seek out the good that was done and if their was any difference I would acknowledge that too in a flash!

To date, all white lines were loyal to Liliu and her Kingdom!

I am standing on a political decision of the 'bloodquantum' because there are 40,000 plus native Hawaiians on a wait list and can disappear off the face of the earth at a snap of a finger.  So, as I said it is a political position not a natural Na Kupuna tradition of our ancestors aina that I hold in my heart. 

Yes too, we ought not serve two masters too!  In this hypocrite moment I am guilty of such!

Do You read the Bible ???   Read it read what the scriptures say . I like where it says we all have fallen short of the Glory of God .... Also where he says he is so disgusted with his creation he wants to spew us out of his mouth puke us out that is how sick God is of his Creation .. 


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