Wave energy got a boost with the connection of the Oyster hydro-electric device to the electricity grid in Scotland last Friday.

Aquamarine Power activated the connection of the Oyster in the waters off Orkney, marking one of the few ocean power devices to be producing electricity.

The device is a hydraulic pump operated by a "hinged flap," where a large metal piece moves back and forth from the motion of the waves. The movement moves a hydraulic piston that pumps water underground to a hydro-electric turbine that drives a generator to make electricity.

The peak power output of the Oyster 1 is about two megawatts, depending on the location. The company, which received research funding from the U.K. government, is now working on a second-generation device.

There are a number of technologies being pursued to convert wave or tidal energy into electrical energy, including underwater generators. The advantage of the pump design is that it's relatively simple and many components, such as gear boxes and generators, are not exposed to the water.

Twenty Oysters, which are attached to the seabed at about 10 meters of water, could produce enough electricity to power 9,000 homes in the U.K., according to Aquamarine Power.

In the U.S., the Seadog Pump uses a similar approach of pumping water offshore to a hydro-electric turbine to make electricity.

The Oyster was tested at the European Marine Energy Centre. In the U.S., there is an effort to establish an ocean power research center in southern Massachusetts.

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Hi Kamatose.

While a good idea plus the Hawaiian Kingdom and Scotland (1707) share in its struggle regarding others respecting their sovereignty... I think we should remember that these products will bring in more people:

FWIW my husband is a senior design engineer and every time he works others from out of the area come in to invade the area which affects the supply and demand of housing. I don't know about others but this is not what I want LOL

I have lived in Seattle and Kirkland. Look at what Microsoft did to home prices there partly due to outsiders moving in. My property there has shot up in tax assessed value which makes it difficult for local people to afford to live there. This will happen to Hawai'i too if one is not careful and diligent. We should also remember that corporations like these exist to make a profit. They are not doing charity work nor are they doing this for free. (Full disclosure: I do make more money if the sale price of a home is higher but I think it's unfair when outsiders move to Hawai'i which jacks up the listing prices of homes which makes home buying for local people nearly unattainable these days unless they 1) Have rich parents and/or grandparents who help them and/or 2) They work two, three, or four jobs and/or 3) Step on others to make more money thus be able to survive in Hawai'i.)

This is also a reason why my husband does not work in Hawai'i because to do so would help create things which would help bring more people to the islands. IMHO we need less people pollution... not more and some inventions while good in theory in practice they inadvertently and adversely affect the aina.

Instead I like the technology of ancient Hawaiians which is more efficient. Fortunately there are some who practice these arts and sciences who are still alive. IMHO we should ask them to help the rest of us synthesize what they know with what we may need for energy sources. IMHO Hawaiians of old are very efficient and sensitive to balancing the needs and wants of the people with the needs of the environment. IMHO you will not find this in a national or internation corporation. IMHO they are in it for the money not for the environment.

Full disclosure: Al Gore will be the first "green" billionaire courtesy of him using his corporation called Generation Investment Management LLP, TARP money, CAP and trade, and Goldman Sachs. I do not believe the "green" hype.

E malama pono.
ALOHA Mai, e Ululani, One of the reason why I support the Revival of the Hawaiian Kingdom is that we can control every thing much more then now. Like for homes, under the Hawaiian Kingdom I strongly support that the property tax on the homes of the Hawaiian Nationals of the Hawaiian Kingdom be ZERO. I do not support Hawaiian Nationals paying tax on their national lands that culturally belong to them as a Trust. Property Tax should be placed on all Foreign Entities that do business in the Hawaiian Kingdom. For those Hawaiians who remain American Citizens, they will be Taxed like all foreigners in the Kingdom will be Taxes. For many years I spoke up on Hawaiian Homesteaders paying property tax on their homestead lands. Many native Hawaiians at that time told me that they were proud Americans and wanted to pay their Taxes!
Imua Ke Aupuni Moi O Hawaii, o Pomai
Aloha kaua e Pomai.

My dad is "half Hawaiian" whatever that means but chooses not to apply because he did not want to wait 35 years to be "approved" for land that he is a legal heir. My dad has never listened to authority and was even kicked out of St Louis High School for challenging authority. He ended up graduating from Kalani High School which some people look down on because it's a "lowly public school" while St Louis is a "prestigious private school" but there are other Hawaiians who pay the price for speaking up to do the right thing. These people are punished while those who lie, cheat, and/or steal are rewarded. They have conditioned some people on O'ahu to be fake where being honest is punished and being a lying fake is rewarded. Some Hawaiians know beddah not say anything and be truthful or else they going be kicked out of their home on "homestead" land. I do not blame them.

For those like my aunty and uncle on "homestead" in Keaukaha and Waimanalo respectively it can be difficult to speak out against America. If they do they will lose their house and have nowhere else to go so while personally in my opinion they should not pay land taxes to an entity of the U.S. they just doing what they have to do to survive so I no blame them.

I blame the system and the people who force these Hawaiians into a corner. Yes they have choices but from what I have seen as a child as a visitor in Keaukaha and Waimanalo it has not been easy on the people so I don't blame them. To me they are only making the best of terrible conditions. Right or wrong... to me at least they still living in Hawai'i while issues are being resolved. To me it would be much worse if they fled like the rest of us did for a multitude of reasons though full disclosure I have some land that I was left so I can come back home. Some people are not so lucky. They have nowhere to go. (Don't get me wrong though because I have my share of experience with a**h*l* who talk to me and/or treat me as though I am worse than dirt so I am not naive. A few of my own relatives are a**h*l*s too so I am not naive to the realities.)

They jump through hoops then are left scraps as though they are dogs and are treated worse than dogs:

However I do know that some people are covertly counting on others to help make things better.

E malama pono.
ALOHA Mai, e Ululani, I highly recommend to every native Hawaiian as defined in the Hawaiian Homes Commission Act, the Admission Act of the State of Hawaii to apply for a homestead. Native Hawaiians as defined with these American Laws are the Trust Beneficiares to the State of Hawaii by law.
The Hawaiian Homes Commission Act is U.S. Federal Recognition for our people. I know that in the past the Hawaiian Homes Commisssion has been run as a "Welfare" program for our people. A "Welfare" program with many violations of the Trust.
The State of Hawaii in the past has committed a $600 Million payment for the many violations of the Hawaiian Homes Commission Trust.
Buying out in Fee Simple Hawaiian Homes Trust Lands is one of those violations. Buying out these Trust Lands by members of the General Public and native Hawaiians is HEWA.
Believe me Ululani, I know what I am talking about because I was there during the commission's reviewing of the serious violations of the Hawaiian Homes Commission Trust.
I have been in the movement for many years and know all the Closets and Secretive Actions of our people.
I highly recommend that your father think about submitting his name to the Hawaiian Homes List. As I encourage all native Hawaiians to submit their names to the Hawaiian Homes Commission List, immediately.
Imua Ke Aupuni Moi O Hawaii Nei, o Pomai
Aloha kaua e Pomaikaiokalani.

My father refuses to do so. He is waiting for the brown tide to overtake the white tide LOL Seriously to him it was built and supported by shady people. He doesn't want anything to do with it so he does the best that he can do with what he has as many oiwi/kanaka do.

E malama pono.
ALOHA Kaua, e Ululani, As for "jump through hoops" I have a cousin who lives on Hawaiian Homes with a Homestead. She has her two sons, their wives and 7 grandchildren living there with her and her husband. Yes, she 'Jump through Da Hoops", so that her children and their own may have a Roof over their Heads. She doesn't like Jumping through Da Hoops, but in a way don't we all Jump through Da Hoops? When I'm not able to Jump Over Da Hoop that comes before me, then it's time for me to Hele On to be with my Kupunakahiko.
Aloha kaua e Pomaikaiokalani.

IMHO DHHL has some of the worst hoops that are some of the most oppressive and demeaning to the human spirit. At least in the Haole World there are numerous opportunities and we are often rewarded for being honest and truthful instead of rewarded for perpetuating lies, being two faced/fake, etc. unlike with the games at DHHL. Or even in Hawai'i for that matter.

Where some people join in with others to try to silence oiwi women. Where some people make things difficult for legal heirs to retain their property rights.

In my experience the State of Florida is somewhat fair and reasonable to its indigenous people. The "state" of Hawai'i is not so to me the hoops are higher in Hawai'i and purposefully made higher to discourage Hawaiians... to demean them... to disrepect their spirit... to disgrace their heritage and disgrace who they are.

IMHO jumping through the hoops that I have jumped through is nothing compared to the hoops set up by the "state." Nowadays a fellow Kamehameha Schools graduate Micah Kane is the one who is helping to hold the hoops REALLY high while some congratulate him --- which to me is messed up. BTW it's still "taboo" to name names. Hush hush. Secret secret. That is, it is "taboo" to hold people accountable for their actions which is so messed up. Teaching our keiki to do people wrong and to be dishonest. That's why I love Hawaiian charter schools. They focus on good values.

You elders already know but one day the brown tide WILL overtake the white tide. It is just a matter of time. Ironically the Internet is an equalizer where the story is no longer one-sided. (Thanks to you, Pono, Tane, Ehu, Donna Burns, Guy Aina, Kaohi, etc. for keep on keeping on.)

E malama pono.
ALOHA Mai, e Ululani, You are so right that the Hoops on the continent are much easier to jump thrn then home here in Hawaii. For many years my brother and sister tried to get me to move and make my life on the continent. I know that if I had moved to the continent to live my life would be much better then what it is now.
I will continent the path that I'm on. I strongly believe in the revival of the Hawaiian Kingdom government. The government of Queen Liliuokalani.
Imua Ke Aupuni Moi O Hawaii Nei, o Pomai
If this catches on, it's something they'll definitely start pushing for and a lot of people will back it if lower electric bills are promised. It could very well be the new fad much like the super ferries.
ALOHA Mai, e Kamatose, Only with the Revival of the government of our nation, the Hawaiian Kingdom will things get better for our people and all of our Ohana.
Without the Blood Quantum our Ohana is a community to be reckon with great things to come.
One of my Kupunakahiko told our people in his time, to welcome the many people that will come to Hawaii, that some day they will be part of our Blood.
As I continue to move forward in the revival of the government of our nation the Hawaiian Kingdom, I will continually to move with the mana'o i'o of my Kupunakahiko.
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This is fascinating ....I''ve never thought of wave or tidal energy having a part in
producing electricty. The only thing with underwater generators, or the Oceans in general
is... that the ecosystems need protecting, and no harm done to them. It concerns me that
there will be abuses in protecting the Oceans.


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