Kaohi has been EATTING the FAT off of the American Table for so many years, it's her DRUG!  

Kaohi knows no other life then that of a native Hawaiian Blood Quantum!

Kaohi's latest Addition Support for Abercrombie and ACT 195 says it all! 

Kaohi says that she does not know of the Answer!

Kaohi says this because Kaohi is the Problem! 

Kaohi like Abercrombie is Not the Answer as they are the DRUG Problem of our people!

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OLD LuLu BELL KAOHI and her DRUG HIGH on Abercrombie and ACT 195


LOVE IT POMAIKAIOKALANI!!  I can see things are still the same...How have you been? SMILE 


I'm just stopping by and checking in...

LOLS,  Some things are changing. 

Abercrombie signing the FAKE State AkaKa BILL is showing who really supporting FREE HAWAII.

Malama pono on oe, o Pomai

KUE Abercrombie, Luwella KAOH Leonardi, ACT 195 and their LuLu BELLS!
EATTING the FAT OFF of the Table is the DRUG of KAOHI.

Luwella KAOHI Leonardi is ALL FAT and NO MEAT!


OLD LuLu BELL keeps on laying her HEWA EGGS!.................

KAOHI, Once a LuLu BELL, always a LuLu BELL.....


Reply by Amelia Gora yesterday

hi Tane,


Am in agreement with you......


I must say that Kaohi is a toxic strain/bad blood infecting innocent kanaka.


Her missionary/mercenary ties, her being part of the Thurston, Samuel Andrews family who PLOTTED against Queen Liliuokalani in 1892 at MAKUA Valley with U.S. Representative Benjamin Tracy, and her stepmother descendant of PARMELE JUDD, etc., her complete support of Abercrombie, et. als. certainly says a lot.............and then some......


Opposition remains with the hewa Provisional government, turned Republic, then Territory, and State with documented oppositions from our families and friends over time........


Kaohi and all those on Hawaiian Home lands are perpetuating the evils of a criminal PIRATE nation that is now documented as Premeditating the criminal assumption of a neutral, non-violent, friendly nation with Treaties, etc............and because the bloodlines exist can be considered trespassers on Kamehameha III's/Kauikeouli's properties.


All kanaka maoli sitting on the Crown Lands who pay mortgages and who maintain that they are under duress, stress, coercion, and usurpation should get in contact with the true owners, descendants of Kamehameha, heirs of Kamehameha III, et. als. and authorizations to help malama family properties may be gotten.............contact:  hawaiianhistory@yahoo.com for more information.


The Kingdom of Hawaii is here, as well as the true descendants, land owners, including King Kalakaua's, Queen Liliuokalani's families.


Love it:


"The U.S.A. continues to make a mockery of  justice, honor, integrity, democracy, and freedom.  Fuck 'em!"


There's opportunities to make corrections and many who come from those who assisted the wrongdoers are now helping us...............guess Kaohi doesn't get it and am thinking that working with damaged DNA/ special ed folks is  not compatible for all in the field.......of course there are exceptions but.....





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