our Kingdom of Maui Nui is made up of Royal Kingdom Heirs

you need to breath it, live it, smell it and be excepted to malama,

to much have claim with greed for the american dollar,

how can one come from the other hawaiian islands,

and not respect and or recognise our Roayl Kingdom Heirs???????

hewa to the greedy kanaka......that dishonors our traditional

protocals of our Royal Kingdom Ancesters.....amene

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The Royal Kingdom Heirs has it's own mixtures of Anglo Saxon and until you see these facts one cannot see the true heirs.  If not physically at least the time and space and should include the gray area.  It is difficult to reach done into the bone of it all--but their is a parting ways of ancient and the Royal Kingdom so-called heirs.  

The splitting of our people has a deeper meaning embedded into the English version of Splintered Paddle written into the state's constitution.  

mahalo for sharing in good kind words, that all listeners,

of maoliworld.....have no choice but to pay attention,

and to heed the warnings~~~

however, if one was raised on the Ahupua'a of their living

kupuna kahiko (ancesters)...one can be identified immediately,

they are already chosen for the Mission,....no if butts and or whats,

now it is within our generation....that will Imua and Kukanaka as one Nation.....watch....amene


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