Design Registration is concerned with the protection of a certain product's design. The fundamental goal of Design registration is to grant the designer or owner the exclusive right to exploit and utilise the Design for business purposes. The application for design registration should be submitted to the Office of the General of Patents, Trademarks, and Designs in Kolkata, which is part of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry's Industry Policy Department and Promotion.

Documents Required for Design Registration in India

  • Name and address of the applicant.
  • The legal status of the applicant, i.e., whether the applicant is a natural person, Company, etc.
  • In case the applicant claims to be a start-up registered with the Government of India, the certificate has to be filed.
  • The applicant is also required to file the description of the ‘article’ along with the identification of the class as per the classification.
  • Image/drawing of the article is to be filed along with the application.
  • Other declarations and Affidavits.

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The registration of customs in India is governed by the Customs Act, 2000, which came into force on May 11, 2001, and the Design Rules, 2001. According to the Act, a design register protects the features of design, configuration, design, decoration, or composition of lines or colors applied to objects. Now hire programmers India. As long as a design registry seeks to protect the visual attraction of a single design, not including in its conclusion any feature that is a construction or mechanical device or any artwork covered under the Copyright Act.

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If you are planning to sell a design, it is necessary to register it through the appropriate government body. Design registration is a process that protects a design from unauthorized use by other parties. The Office of General of Patents, Trademarks, and Designs of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry in India administers the registration process. This office also provides doorstep services. However, you should follow certain guidelines for online design registration to avoid any confusion. KUIU Discount

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