I want to talk about something that has bothered me for a long time. By no means am I trying to call anyone out or even diss them in anyway. I'm just sharing my point of view on things.

Over the years I've noticed a lot staking claim to be king or queen and calling these lands 'theirs'. I am not going to debate anyone's lineage. I don't feel that anyone should challenge another person on those facts for any other reason than to educate and share. My feelings for so many laying claim lies in the fact that without heirs being named, the position would go to vote by the people.

I think this is something we all need to think carefully about. Discussions range from when Hawaii is free will we go back to a monarchy and if so, to who? It's a very dangerous question. Almost all of us can trace our roots back to Ali'i, and as many know just from these boards, we are all related in some shape or fashion. When the time comes for us to answer this question are we ready to look at things not just by tradition, but also by the strength we want our nation to move forward with to continue to perpetuate a strong Hawaiian Kingdom?

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Hi Kaohi,

Once again, Confused on your position. For Kamehameha or not. for me it does not matter because he and his line are gone. We are to work for the future by using the past as a guide of what not to do again...

Nuuanu was a call that Pono made to film and got his okays from someone. I will follow him wherever he needs me to go because i admire Pono for his belief and what he is doing. A true modern day Warrior with PLENTY aloha to stand up for what he believes and to share and educate with others... Like me. I have learned alot from him. And if Na Nakoa objects to filming and wants to act like they somebody then they can kiss my ass when they need support from me and my family. They can stay hidden in their shadows and where their Malo's around in the bushes all they want. I thought the point was to expand their movement and educate people such as me to help support them. If not then they can wither away in secret. When you guys have your next event, or internet meeting and find that only 4 people showed up, you will know why... Nobody wants to put up with this crap that is spewed.

As far as Ululani, it is Public on here and FB that some people disagree with her and vice versa. I feel it is okay to agree and disagree with each other. I don't agree with alot that she says because she is a Republican and I am still figuring out what I am... However, I don't call her names on here and in public nor do I shut down her opinions. That's the difference between our posts and why I say I like the bantering because it brings out the ideas of people. If there is something that I disagree with what she and others are saying, I just don't post it publicly... I let them say there peace. I may not agree personally but you are entitled to say what you want...

Weather they are for your ideas or not for your ideas. It is called respecting ones opinion. Is that not why this entire site is set up. Is that not why people start blogs and threads with a questions.... Looking for responses...

So it is not choosing chocolate or vanilla. Because if i did that then I would not be able to be educated and advised by what others have to say or feel. I would just disagree with everyone who doesn't see it my way. Which now results in this kind of arguing. Which then is hard for people to see your view and support your efforts. You will be left out in the cold when you need help of others.

It is about respect. I will disagree with alot of peoples points of view and equally agree with others. Pono had disagreed with me on an issue once that dealt with DU / military and Makua and Pohakuloa. He had mentioned he disagreed with me strongly and told me why. I then thought about it and saw his point and agreed that he did make sense. Since then i changed my mind on my position. But there was no name calling, hate and personal feelings hurt. I did not stand steadfast to my position and be bull headed about it. That is why I do not see Amelia's stance towards me. Not that I care, But just the mental process behind it...

Anyway, ttyl. gots to go help people out there.

BTW, I do admire your work out there. Lot's of respect to you.
well said Scott. And I think we all have something to learn, we all have contributed different perspectives and that's important. I know I haven't had seen everything that Ululani sees and the same for others but I'm glad that we do have people with different perspectives, or else we'd be...well, zombies.
Aloha kaua e Kalani.

I notice the "state" of Hawai'i is consolidating schools like how they are consolidating mana'o into one thought and no tolerance for diversity of opinions... one body of fish controlled by a machine. Thoughts that are homogenized/white milk. That is one reason I like Kaohi. Even though she has a bit of a temper LOL as we all do... she does not have homogenized/white milk way of thinking.

Diversity of mana'o should always be encouraged... not discouraged for this reason. Which reminds me... did you read the latest. Such potent words. Onipa'a LOL
The similarities are there too when one compares the history and today's capitalistic progressive profits. Nuuanu prayers are about stopping the sacrifices of our people and those that past.

Cool Uncle Scott,

I think throwing people off the hill is okay for some people, but I've seen thousands of children thrown off the hill and I don't like it. I can't say anymore about this subject of throwing children off the hill.

Welcome to the real world Uncle!

As for the four people, no one in their right mind going to do battles with the Federal Reserve Board on a web site that the White House reads. My audience is different from yours.
Aloha kaua e Scott.

Kako'o! Exactly. Much mahalo for the diatribe.

For others... do NOT diss my former classmate and my former classmates friends and/or siblings in my presence... then we cool.

If not... we not cool LOL J/K

Seriously I have much respect for Kaohi partly because her son is one of my former classmates and is a gracious one with a genuinely kind and carrying soul. I will not tear into her soul or her spirit. Even though she calls me nasty names to try to deflect all posts to her objectives LOL... I will not stop her from staying on task of getting the depleted Uranium out as you and I already know that federal law requires us to disclose this. Fully disclose the dangers of radon gas = depleted uranium. However I do not like that gray line of suppressing the truth and suppressing the truth about who we are as a means to an end to get the Army out.

One does not replace truth with lies in a truthful life on a truthful path with a truthful goal.

BTW is there a way you can help Kaohi videotape regarding Makua?

We all have our own battles. We pick and choose them on our own. Maybe she is willing to put some of her words in video format which is more effective because viewers will be unable to argue with what she has to say about depleted uranium. It's not only depleted uranium too. That is only the beginning but maybe you Pono and her can work collaberatively on a video series so that she does not take her anger or angst on other people and instead channels it to the real culprits.

E malama pono!
What you missed Ululani in all of this that was said and done in the spirit of prayers at Nuuanu and that tomorrow is Kamehameha Day not Saturday. Ironically, as Scott walked away from the ceremony which was still on going. Out off his mouth came the problem of his nephew being thrown of the hill at the beloved Kamehameha School. An on going problem since Roland Tharp read our history and decided to enact the sacrifice in his missiony hind sight.

Yes, this battle get's played with children today!

Roland Tharp has a following today of Na Kanaka whose purposes are to eliminate children from their scholarship, getting a college degree and to die before adulthoold. Ten out of 100 in any group setting works for capitalism and their profits--it's operational.

As Ku Ching said, once that nano particle get's into our lungs it's over. He use to work for Atomic Energy Commission. Too little too late on the part of reaching out to Hawaii's audience. My audience is outside of Hawaii, only in time will the evidence surface. We are passed the point of no return, the Army will receive their license to posses and use depleted uranium in live fire in Hawaii.

Talk among yourselves, I have work that needs to continue like burying the dead. You'er all grown up and matured enough to take care the problems around yourselves. At least this time cops shooting-- it made front page and was news worthy.
Aloha kaua e Kaohi.

One day I hope to pass the bar in Hawai'i. Even though you call me nasty names LOL I would be the first and probably ONLY one to defend your mana'o for FREE. It's unfortunate that you would not do the same or similar to others with differing mana'o.

However don't misinterpret what I do or do not write to mean that I do not know what has happened behind the scenes and to whom. I have managed to get some people to donate clothes to the home-less in Hawai'i. I have managed to tell those people whom I know who vacation in Hawai'i that they better donate to less fortunate Hawaiians. I laugh when you and Amelia write all kine pilau stuff but it's cool. I still have respect for you and your mana'o.

We all pick and choose our own battles. I am very familiar with how some people continue to use children as pawns in their sick games. I know about this more than I wish I knew but I do not dwell in the sorrow or pain. I learned this from one of my mentors who is already a broker/attorney. It is about RESOLVING ISSUES... not creating more.

I know the dangers of depleted uranium too as ironically federal law requires full disclosure of the dangers of radon gas yet not to those less fortunate who live on the land. Shouting or yelling at people and calling them nasty names does not get your message across. Instead it makes people tune out. It's obvious that Amelia does not know how to relate to people and that is why so many people have oki'd/cut connections with her but if you cannot relate to people then your message will be lost as they tune you out as well. Personally I like your message and respect it because they need to be stopped.

I serve on several boards because they asked me to serve because they know that I care. I work with many different people with different ideas. I do not yell at them or call them nasty names. A real leader or someone who is effecting change for the better listens to people and what they have to say. They do not call them nasty names LOL

There is a reason why you are still a teacher and Amelia is not.

I hope there comes a time and a place where you can resolve things without talking down to people or calling them nasty names. It will take your message much farther. You would be surprised that when you are civil to kind and caring people it attracts nice actions and nice responses. On the other hand if you want to continue on that path that is divisive then be my guest. That is an automatic loss.

E malama pono.
Oh Yeah!!! Kaohi, I forgot about my battle with the administration of KS and the Boarder situation... Totally different front. LOL! Anyway, that is my sisters battles that they need to carry. I am just there to support them because our children are entrusted to the school and should be protected by them, not left out to dry like your Uncle. I told my sister who is also classmates with your son (Who I respect alot, tried to recruit him to CB but was doing good on his own) about your uncle. It made me call my nephew and tell him that I love him and it was not his fault... Just so he don't carry the guilt...

Makua is a project that I would love to help on. However Pono and someone else was assigned with that one while i went to Kaena to help Malama that side. Anything Pono needs me to do I will help to get the message out. Currently working on getting the Blood Quantum show out for you all to see... Be pau with it tonight...
LOL! KAOHI??? No I did not know who you were till Pono told me today... I don't come to MW too often cuz get too much drama here... LOL! I only know you by your other name...

Anyway, Hard to follow the responses from some people Because it goes both ways sometimes...

Anyway, Spoke to Pono tonight. I can't go this Saturday but I will be at Olelo tomorrow to help Lynette get stuff Done. I got my Haaheo, Mokuiki, Keawemauhili and Naihe reunion on Saturday in Laie... Going to film that for our genealogy records... My Uncle Chuck wanted me to film your dad's Maunawili property and the portions of Luana Hills Golf Course that is owned by Matson or something... Anyway, Luvs; see you later...


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