I want to talk about something that has bothered me for a long time. By no means am I trying to call anyone out or even diss them in anyway. I'm just sharing my point of view on things.

Over the years I've noticed a lot staking claim to be king or queen and calling these lands 'theirs'. I am not going to debate anyone's lineage. I don't feel that anyone should challenge another person on those facts for any other reason than to educate and share. My feelings for so many laying claim lies in the fact that without heirs being named, the position would go to vote by the people.

I think this is something we all need to think carefully about. Discussions range from when Hawaii is free will we go back to a monarchy and if so, to who? It's a very dangerous question. Almost all of us can trace our roots back to Ali'i, and as many know just from these boards, we are all related in some shape or fashion. When the time comes for us to answer this question are we ready to look at things not just by tradition, but also by the strength we want our nation to move forward with to continue to perpetuate a strong Hawaiian Kingdom?

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I would love to join you all there but I cant swim that far.LOL
I live in Prince George British Columbia , Canada. But be asured my heart will be with you all.
Loved BC, Victoria, Vancouver City, such a beautiful place.
yeh I do like it here we are a bit farther North and set more in the mountains so we get the northern lights
Cool, thanks for sharing. I have to spend more time on my next trip up there, whenever that happens.
Thanks Amelia for this posting,

Maintaining helps to keep things into perspective and I appreciate all your work each time. Much Aloha
There are many children of Ali'i here today. Some direct, some distant. If you read the "Ruling Chiefs" and other books of that time, you will see that they had many Wives and Husbands. I am a descendant of Chief Mamane Keawemauhili of Hilo; Kamehameha's uncle who gave Kamehameha his sons, canoes and warriors to unite the islands. However, I nor anyone from my line does not have claim to the throne. Royalty was only given by decree in accordance with the Hawaiian Constitution. If there is no Monarch then they will have to elect (As you already know).

The Children of the Ali'i are living life in 2 worlds as we all are. A connection to the past but the need to survive under occupation. Until we can be given our Kingdom back and self determination we have to live by walking this fine line. We need to all stick together, continue to practice our culture, support the few freedom fighters we do have and educate the young from all nations so that these children who are going to be our future leaders will help make a change for us in the future and break this occupation...

One day there will be a tipping point, a reckoning will happen and you will see the true leaders emerge in the time they are needed the most. And they will do it for their people sacrificing life and limb... Then you will know who your true King and/or Queen will be...
Aloha Amelia,

Thank you for your response to my post. I do have to be honest though, I am very confused on what point or stance you are taking. I don't know if you are offended that I called the descendants of Ali'i "Children" and not refer to them as adults??? Also, Redundancy about electing a Monarch??? totally don't know where you were going with that. There are way too many posts and blogs about Monarchs etc so I don't know where you want me to start... Okay, then we go back to Children... And Adults. So I guess you were offended that I referred to them as children... Um, Sorry???

Then you talk about Law and then discuss with you the meaning and documentation of the Hawaiian Kingdom Government being "Underground." You totally lost me there... Are you willing to wait for me to finish Law School to get back with you???

Lastly you talk about neutral nation, warmongering, friendly and non violent... And on top of that you called me a name... Idiot. That's not being to neutral or friendly. Totally don't get where you take sacrificing life and limb to warmongering and War...

Anyway, using the term "children of Ali'i is my way of expressing the descendants of the Ali'i that have come and gone for over a hundred years. Some are 76 years old like Dad, some are in there 40's like me and some are 7 years old like my son. In any case were are all children of someone. I guess I can only say sorry for offending you... Hope you feel better and accept my humblest apologies...

My comments was based off of the following constitutional law.

ARTICLE 22. The Crown is hereby permanently confirmed to __________, and to the Heirs of His/Her body lawfully begotten, and to their lawful Descendants in a direct line; failing whom, the Crown shall descend to __________, and the heirs of his/her body, lawfully begotten, and their lawful descendants in a direct line. The Succession shall be to the senior male child, and to the heirs of his body; failing a male child, the succession shall be to the senior female child, and to the heirs of her body. In case there is no heir as above provided, then the successor shall be the person whom the Sovereign shall appoint with the consent of the Nobles, and publicly proclaim as such during the King's life; but should there be no such appointment and proclamation, and the Throne should become vacant, then the Cabinet Council, immediately after the occurring of such vacancy, shall cause a meeting of the Legislative Assembly, who shall elect by ballot some native Alii of the Kingdom as Successor to the Throne; and the Successor so elected shall become a new Stirps for a Royal Family; and the succession from the Sovereign thus elected, shall be regulated by the same as the present Royal Family of Hawaii. (Affected by the death of Her Majesty Queen Lili'uokalani on November 17, 1917, who failed to receive confirmation from the Nobles of the Legislative Assembly for Her Majesty's nomination in accordance with this Article of the Constitution due to the civil unrest in the Country and the American occupation)

Basically Stating that my line is not Royalty. Royalty was created when Kamehameha became a King. We are Ali'i. So I don't see the redundancy in my comment.

I do have to say that I know nothing about the Hawaiian Kingdom Government being underground or wherever it may have been and see no correlation with that and getting into law. All I know is that the Overthrow was illegal and is a dispute between nations. Hawaii vs. USA... As far as who or what entity is the Lawful government is yet to be determined amongst the many Hawaiian Kingdom governments that are in existence today... All have their own agenda; which I hope eventually leads us to Self Determination with the A'ama crab syndrome which plagues all us Hawaiians.

Which leads me into my last point. With all the different groups claiming to be the Kingdom government etc, and the many years it will take to regain the end goal of self determination/sovereignty at the rate we are going; It will take a cataclysmic event to bring world recognition to the plights of the Hawaiian Citizens. Some examples is the plight of the emerging youth of China (Tienanmen Square) looking to break away from communist control and have more religious and social freedom and also Tibet and the revolt of the Monks to do public sit ins and protesting against China's control of their Nation's capitol. My vision is that one day, after over a hundred years of sitting peacefully and Neutral, someone is going to push too hard. When a person, group or Nation is facing genocide; you can only back them up in a corner so far... And this is when you will see your real leaders emerge. I am very non-violent and the most peace loving person you will ever meet. But I did serve my time in the American Military and have served in combat. I clearly know the difference. But one thing I am not is an Idiot...

BTW, I know alot of the Goras...
Aloha kaua e Scott.

I can understand why you used that term since it is in "Kaulana Nā Pua" written by Ellen Kehoʻohiwaokalani Wright Prendergast in 1893 to protest the overthrow of Queen Liliʻuokalani

Credit: www.Huapala.org

Miss LoLo and Kaohi believe in peaceful resolution but for the last 117 years peaceful resolution has NOT worked.

Kamehameha is a warrior. Anyone who descends from him including but not limited to his cousins through Wakea and Papa is one too and will ALWAYS be despite rhetoric from pseudo-intellectuals here and elsewhere who want to pacify us and/or who want to oppress like how the oppressors DO. Despite their call to reason with unreasonable people for another 117 years this is who we are. It is in our DNA: KAMEHAMEHA WARRIORS

Credit: Brook Parker

BTW June 11th this Friday is Kamehameha Day. Aue to those people who try make like it's better to reason with unreasonable people for another 117 years. Hopefully others' na'au no fall ill like how Miss Pilau Lolo's did for speaking ill of the ali'i!

I love your screen caps Lana! Awesome. Most importantly citing your sources! Good to know that there are sane people in this world after all.
E Tita.

No wonder some of your family are mad at you and talk about you behind your back but no make like you so peaceful and neutral when your own son trains to kill for Americans. Yes... one of your relatives told me about that.

FYI Miss LoLo.. Alapa'i ordered Kamehameha be killed when he was a baby. When he grew up Kamehameha killed his cousin Kiwalao. Kamehameha forced 400+ men off the cliffs at the Pali. Nonviolent and neutral? The Hawaiian Kingdom is partly based on Kamehameha killing some of his enemies so speak for yourself and even then you did not know who Naihe was.

We all remember you dissing not one but two Naihes then telling someone "Naihe? That name sounds familiar." Then later you said that you were a Naihe too. Naihe who is the line of the chief counselor of Kamehameha. Everyone who knows Kamehameha and Lili'uokalani's mo'okuauhau know that Naihe is a descendant of Lili'uokalani yet you dissed not one but two of her bloodline descendants.

FYI Miss Lolo... Scott is one of Kaohi's sons former classmates yet you felt compelled to disrespect him. It says more about you than it does about him.

No wonder you fell ill. That's what you get for dissing so many ali'i. They got your pilau na'au.


Aloha kaua e Kaohi.

Why because some of us are warriors like Kamehameha who killed his cousin Kiwalao and pushed 400+ Hawaiians to their deaths in Nu'uanu. If it wasn't for Kamehameha's VIOLENCE the islands would not be united and your personal insults do not and will not change that.

Peaceful resolution has not worked for 117 YEARS yet you insist on pushing for it for ANOTHER 117 YEARS. Even going so far as calling me and other warriors pilau names calling us crazy.


Obviously people like you and Amelia do not know because Amelia didnt even know who Naihe is LOL We KNOW who we are. We KNOW our DNA and we do not seek peaceful resolutions with our enemies who wish death upon us.

Your attempts at trying to censor us ali'i does not work. It says more about you than it does about ali'i.

BTW you cannot stop ali'i from being ali'i. Some of us STILL GO FOR THE KILL irrelevant if you peaceful resolutionists continue to push for another 117 years of "peaceful resolution." It's not working. WAKE UP from your unrealistic dreams.

You may also want to be careful because they are watching and reading EVERYTHING. They see all and know ALL and considering how gracious your son is it's best not to make enemies with the ALI'I like how you are doing by insulting their WARrior like heritage which helped unite the islands. They are watching YOU. Amelia too and that is why she recently fell ill. They got her in her NA'AU.

BTW Amelia is not on the deciding council. Just so you know. She is not one of the chosen ones chosen by ali'i. There are reasons for that.

E malama pono.
BTW Amelia is not on the deciding council. Just so you know. She is not one of the chosen ones chosen by ali'i. There are reasons for that.


Ay ka pila hoi oia i kona pane ana ia oe me na video, oia hoi o HOW TO LOOK LIKE A SLUT ma. Sometimes you have to wonder....how did she find that video anyway? Hmm, that's a scary thought.


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