To; Lehulehu and anyone interested,


Keep in mind lehulehu, something is being done in the events that have taken place with Mr. Landow, Spinney and Anthony. We see these action against Spinney a Hawaiian national to be a common practice by the Republic, Territory and State when US citizens decide to come and settle in our Kingdom.


We feel that Spinney has in this instance (Sai v Obama) taken his complaint (inclusive of all subjects who live in the Hawaiian Kingdom today) and brought it before the chambers of the US District Court.


There are fence riders who may feel different and others who will only see this as a bad thing, but in reality we see a process in which the loyal subject of the Hawaiian Kingdom may bring their claim forward individually or as a class.


Mr. Sai and Spinney is the only Hawaiian subjects that we know of to have entered the US federal district courts and have already put enough claims to appeal this matter to the US supreme court, the other cases are 5f babies or kau inoa children etc. We know from the records that we received, that Mr. Spinney and his wife could have accepted offers for their kuleana in excess of $100,000 and did not, so we know that money is not the driving force.


I'd say something is being done!

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Natural Born,


Who is we?

"We see these actions.... ."


"We feel that Spinney..."


"we see a process in which the loyal subject of the Hawaiian Kingdom..."


"we know of to have entered the US federal district courts.."


I am the 5(f) babies and soon will enter the tenancy in common.  I have been the 5(f) babies since 1974 at first as a proposal and than as an enemy of the non Na Kanaka of 50% plus bloodquantum.  And now the tenancy in common that which if I can avoid ...I would!!!!!


Awhile back, I was offered $15,000 by DHHL for my injuries---to date I have not received a cent cause I told them to stick it up their asses.  I cannot convience Na Kanaka as to why I did that!  But, the Atomic Energy Commission and the Nuclear Energy Commission knows why.  If it is true that Spinney was offered "...$100,000 "and was told to stick it too and you (we) know that money is not the driving force..... "obviously you are sitting on the fence too.


You (second person as oppose to third person) there are a lot here that one isn't letting up. 


I get so tired of Free Hawaii, military veterans, academic, Kamehameha immaturity, and nationals---that all play the monkey games that kill their young. 


Should I add you to this list?


This is a public forum, I understand...and you are not the master of Maoliworld!!!! Nor am I to put it quite frankly, however, I resent you taking advantage of Lehulehu if he is a person of simplistic knowledge of the real Na Kanaka's.  


You (second person) attempted to block the information from what is going on in the real world of the Na Kanaka!

As in no worry, cause "we going take care".  In the mean time the FBI is stepping up to plate real soon, and you know how that game goes, if you (we) are that well informed.  As to how in the hell Anthony took the slam is beyond my comprehension. 


The de-occupation case is different from the 'aina' cases is my point!  Sitting on the fence by conjoining the two is a stupid thing to do.  I feel that it should be kept separated and people like Lehulehu should be told not strung along and often times raked over the coals by the we we's.  Or, set up as the fence to sit on!


Thanks for the "I'd say something is being done" for that's the child that walks on the fence with a sword in hand and a paper hat on his head--don't you think!



hi Kaohi!


love your explanations!


"Thanks for the "I'd say something is being done" for that's the child that walks on the fence with a sword in hand and a paper hat on his head--don't you think!"


add his imaginary friends with paper hats, etc. to


all kanaka maoli/aboriginal Hawaiians need to recognize that governments do enlist people to maintain the "conquer and divide" mentality........intent is to confuse, "stir up", make something out of nothing, etc.


in other words, games are being played by specific individuals who must be simpler words, people get paid to confuse the people, intentions are other words, watch, look, listen.... there's wicked people who are up to no good.......


"conquer and divide" is a strategy that was used by the slaveholders in the past........don't let history repeat itself.........and as our American Indian friends reminded us about........Amerikkkans speak with forked tongues ......snakes has forked tongues, and most snakes are, look, listen.....


I too suspect Natural Born to be a genocide activist.


aloha and malama pono.



I wish I knew who this person was though, he seems to know one's stuff.  Unlike most others that all they want to do is skim the surface and play yah yah.  I like yah yah too, but only for a little while.


But, can check out the Mankiller, I posted.  Embedded in there is Susan Masten, President of the National Congress of Amercian Indians.  She is very intelligent, but native stupid, in other words the whole Akaka Bill is not over with her and the Danner sisters out there. 


The Danner's do lack the maturity, but they can rise to the top with the help of the pirates in the Pacific.   Most people think they are smart, but they are not--I have to take lots of steps down to have any kind of interation with these girls.  But, on the other hand, Susan have the power not that Mankiller is gone.


I believe not sure, that your focus is not too much the Akaka Bill which I don't blame you.  It get's cluttered up with a whole lot of groupy crap!


It is so dam interesting that the connection is the Hawaiian Homes Commission Act of 1920, which is bull!  Because when one looks at the entity, it stinks with huge misconduct and miss use of monies on the part of Na Kanaka and the Republic no thanks to Kuhio and his boys.


And besides it was an amendment to the Organic Act which in my mind does not name the Hawaiian Homesland changes to the Organic Act no longer.  But a genocidal action had occurred while we were sleeping and the amendment was amended during the Reagan years, through the forces of the Council of Hawaiians bits at a time. 


We are going through mean sweeps on homestead at this time under the new amendment. 


Here is a cute one!


The Lualualei Station in Waianae consisted of many acres and it was exchanged with other acerages.  Here is my complaint:one that is contaminated with nuclear that is what we got.  I attended a meeting in Nanakuli and all we did was talk about sweeps indirectly and unknowingly of our people on Hawaiian Homestead.  This sounds bizzar but more true than reality. 

Aloha Amelia,


Also note that the Supreme court remanded the Crown case for a ruling consistent with federal rules and without using the Apology bill as a basis.  The State supreme court stays in violation of the high court order.  Sales done in exchange is still alienation of the corpus.  When the State Supreme court ruled that the case was not ripe, not ready for court action it lied.


The land did not go anywhere and someone [A Title insurance company] will be holding a big ass bag.



Aloha Kaohi,


I am not sure how the Kukakuka went a bit kalohe, but it is true that money has been offered in different times places and Aupuni guys to back off issues and support Kale's kine issues.  We are just not in it for the kala, period.


We could all have spent our money on our families [dont think they dont remind us] and our commitment to our makua past present and future dictates our deportment.

The reward we seek is for our nation.  OK thats sound dogmatic and ma'aoi so kala mai, we do not own the franchise on loyalty or commitment and so many others deserve the credit before us.


We just want enough ho'omana'onui from Hawaiians to hear what we have to say and look what we doing.  Give us feedback and join us when we either join this suit or refile ourselves.  Yes, we are not 5[f] Hawaiians, we are the 1839 Hawaiians, the Mahele Hawaiian, the Hawaiian constitution Hawaiians, not the American Hawaiians.


We are simply the Hawaiians with the rights that can be tried in any court and be known as the possessors of those rights.


Mahalo for the kind words above


Kai Landow

No problem Kai,


I've watched both sides and can't say I know all details to be able to say, I know.  But, watching and exchanging information in support of any case is important when it is possible to share. 


The 5(f) have been in full swing since it's inception and true incomes and proceeds are in the baggies of different accounting systems that are American. 


And, I am clear about the injury caused by the overthrow, thus the pain and suffering it has caused.  However, more deeply we need a land inventory dating back to it's rightful owners which include the 200 thousand acres belonging to those that are 5(f) with 50% plus bloodquantum and given the opportunity to decide for themselves who, how and what to spend it on.  In addition too, we need an inventory of lands belonging to Kuleana, and too those that have undivided interest too.  I have all three!


So, I am thrilled that this case is in the process, as for the 5(f) not too many people know about the wrong doings of it's business and the poverty it has caused directly to our people and especially children. 

A'e what you say about 5F is very true.  I do not think the 50% realize the harm they have done to there own family.  That act may have been the most destructive act of all, because that act set the people against each other.


I work to try to change minds and to what I admit is my own view of the Hawaiian way of governance. Lilikala claims that the Kingdom was the tool of the Missionaries and how they undermined Hawaiian rights.  I see those rights alive today because of the same things.


Not everyone will come together to unite Hawaiians. From my own experience with sovereignty leadership the "No's" outweigh the "yes's" by way to much.  Yet, No can change.  Though the Kuaina guys partner with us without a lot of stink.

The smell of Kala will certainly bring out interest.

So how do we appeal to the 50% ers to wake up and defy Dep, of Hawaiian Homelands?


I believe Alfred is really on to something in the DC court and let me warn you this will not be over tomorrow or soon. It is only the beginning of answering a question that arises in every court case we are involved in and in which the court runs away from like greased lightning.


We know who we are, the court can not address that question without giving up the game.  Land title without owners or heirs becomes the possession of the government [that is the legal one really, the Kingdom].   So they fear to identify that sovereign Hawaiians exist [103-150 sees them] and so do the Mahele grants, then what?


I do not see how the question can be avoided forever and we know it can have only one outcome.  Or the US will simply choose between Hawaii and democracy..........


Aloha Nui Kakou Kai

Been on the docks before with Native Hawaiian Study, I saw the changes first hand from single dwelling (owner builder-sovereign) to density(developers-bankers)--now it's bunkers (military-Hoppers).   Scary stuff!


As for the Land titile's awhile back in the late 70's or early 80's there was talk about 'Alaska's land title office and why Hawaii didn't have one?  At first, I didn't understand it's ramifications and I then decided to go back to college to become a geographer.  I watched the culture interpretation (two sentence) given an architec certified stamp which is what had happened to my father's father's land during the missionary or Lorrin Andrews years and to it's present.


So I am elated when I see someone in court for their Kuleana lands.  Don't mean to waiver, I also want deoccupation too!  We can't live side by side with military toxicity.

thanks for the do not read your shit any more, cause you "don't have the luxuries".


The word 'luxuries' from my perspective is sugar, butter, and catsup. 


Luxuries as you put it sounds like creepy guns crap!


Natural Born you asked another person to not swear, but first asshole you put down that person because of his spelling!

Cut the crap asshole, Hawaii's people are not 5(f) babies!!  Creepy bastard.   Naturally born from a pig's turd!!!!!

Hui, Kaohi, Kai and Amelia


please don't cast any stones at eachother, i was warned that if i come to this website that it will be difficult to kukakuka because to much hewa going on and people just like fight one an other, i have received alot of good mana'o from this place from all of you and i am very lucky to kukakuka with you all with my concern. can we please just holomua for the future of our ohana.


Thank You



This is not about casting stones this is about staying on top of the heap of crap that people have been doing to our people since their inception (200 years).  What is actually happening here is $$$$. 

When natural born did his 5(f) babies thing the lights went on.

We are not looking for the money, but everyone else are!  You be surprise how this money grabbing have been going on.  At first it was blatantly by those that knew how to manipulate the system shamefully.  When I say shamefully, I mean taking food out of the mouths of children and Natural Born don't get to continute to do this to children that are now in poverty and have no one looking out for them at this time.  The corporate strutured system will ask for death!


So take a deep breath and count to ten.  This jerk smells badly and we are in the mist of Obama's Cobell Settlement.  This is about jerks, taking --no stealing social security numbers and seeking the funds from that pot.  At this time, I don't know if those children with 50% plus bloodquantum from the published list are being tracked as a cash crop.  I suspect this is true.  And natural born is laughing in your face.  I just through pig poop his way.


So if you are looking for warm and fuzzies, maybe you need to know that this is not where it is at.  Many of us made a conscious decison to wake up and get to work for our people.  Please note I said for our people not our individual self-serving-life-career-goals.  If one wants warm fuzzies maybe E-Harmony can fill those needs.  I'm not looking for friends although it's nice to have!


I'm here to work as quickly as I can to stay on top of elements that hurt our people.  As for the stones, that's what men do in foreign countries to women that commit adultery.  And there is a lot of men on Maoliworld that enjoys stoning.  Your call!


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