My Work with Women

I Help YOU unfold YOUR feminine mystery held in YOUR body and hidden in YOUR psyche.

YOUR Private Sessions or the 10 hour (or longer) Intensive may include:

Awakening YOUR Female Sacred Sexuality
Tantric Holistic Healing
Spiritual and Sexual Coaching

Every session is unique because every woman blossoms in YOUR own special timing and unique way. Until a YOU'RE ready to open YOUR body to life's flow, surrender YOUR heart and embrace YOUR sacred feminine essence YOU won't be able to receive the gift of a partner's male sexual essence. Sacred communion between the partners will only happen when sexuality and spirituality are reconciled. To this end, my Tantric Holistic Healing practice offers Somatic, Sexual, and Spiritual Integration.

My role is to create a sacred space where nurturing, healing and guidance are available. I draw from 10 years of experience as a holistic healer, spiritual practitioner and Tantra-Breathing teacher. I have assisted many of females young and old in healing the split between sexuality and spirituality.

I offer women of all ages and sexual preferences a safe and loving space to help reclaim the sacredness of our body-mind connection.

GODDESS HOLISTIC HEALING will benefit those with:

A desire to integrate Sacred Sexuality into their life
Stress related Sexual Performance issues
A Lack of sexual desire
A desire to surrender to Love and to Deepen Intimacy
A history of Sexual Abuse*
A Limited orgasmic potential
Painful periods, PMS and other hormone imbalances
A desire to learn sexual secrets for Health and Longevity
Relationship Inquiries
A need to Heal Past Relationships
Kundalini syndrome (no grounding)

* Usually requires previous work with a therapist.

My Engery Balancing HEALING practice combines love with Spiritual Coaching, energy work,Chakra Balancing , Rituals,Tantric Breathwork,

THE WOMAN’S 2-3 HOUR SESSION(s)can be booked as a one time event for those wishing to experience the work. I may then recommend a series of sessions based on your needs and interests. Women in crisis and in need of immediate assistance are also welcome. The first session often combines Spiritual/Sexual Counselling, the The Full Body Orgasm Technique, and Tantra Polarity -

No explicit nudity required for these sessions.

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What if I was asking for my wife, or any female for that matter, would you be able to "unfold YOUR feminine mystery held in YOUR body and hidden in YOUR psyche?"

I don't think your 'mystery' is much of a secret when you take into consideration the duality of man. And then of course, the 'mystery' is made even more transparent when you figure out who the holy spirit in the metaphor of the trinity of self. And then, of course, there has to be a reason why the native Americans call the earth the 'Earth MOTHER.'

But I digress. Perhaps you do have a mystical marvelous wonderment to reveal. I tell you what, if you promise to teach me while dressed in 'explicit nudity' for the sessions, I'll commit to trying to learn.

Looking forward to you =)



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