1.  18 The Failed Annexation of Hawaii (pp. 359-380)

    In 1842 the American President Tyler had cautioned his countrymen not to expect too much of the opening of China: ‘[T]he cheapness of labor among the Chinese, their ingenuity in its application, and the fixed character of their habits and pursuits may discourage the hope of the opening of any great and sudden demand for the fabrics of other countries’. But, he continued, Western products did ‘find a market to some extent among the Chinese’ (Tyler 1842). Americans had traded with China in Guangzhou, the country itself was among the first powers to enter into a treaty with China, and...

  2.  19 The United States Becomes a Colonial Empire (pp. 381-400)

    The campaign for the annexation of Hawaii gained new momentum after McKinley’s inauguration on 4 March 1897. One of his appointments (made at Lodge’s request), making Roosevelt Assistant Secretary of the Navy, would have far-reaching consequences. Roosevelt, an early advocate of the annexation of Hawaii and much more resolute than his chief, Navy Secretary John D. Long, would make a significant contribution to the aggressive turn American foreign policy would take. In Hawaii circumstances had also changed. There, Harold M. Sewall, a ‘Cleveland appointee’, had taken the place of the deceased Willis as American ambassador. Sewall was as much an...

  3.  20 The Partition of Samoa (pp. 401-416)

    The American Empire was not yet complete. There was still another flashpoint in the Pacific: Samoa. Peace, if one might call it so, had not lasted long in Samoa and the archipelago once more became a focus of intense international rivalries and unpleasantness at the end of the 1890s. This time the British and Americans were the aggressors, but the Germans with their newWeltpolitikwere equally belligerent. Some were convinced that the previous deal had been to the detriment of their country. Or, as Rear Admiral Diederichs wrote to his wife, ‘we bear the costs and others earn the...

    Reference:  https://www.jstor.org/stable/j.ctt15nmjw8?Search=yes&resultItemClick=true&searchText=Cleveland&searchText=and&searchText=Hawaii&searchUri=%2Faction%2FdoBasicSearch%3Famp%3D%26amp%3D%26amp%3D%26amp%3D%26amp%3D%26amp%3D%26prq%3D%2528U.S.%2BPresident%2BCleveland%2BAbout%2BHawaii%2529%26wc%3Doff%26acc%3Doff%26fc%3Doff%26Query%3DCleveland%2Band%2BHawaii%26so%3Drel%26hp%3D25


    corrections:  The United States of America became the United States and the American Empire, not the American Embassy

    Queen Liliuokalani's successors on record was Princess Kaiulani, then Princess Poomaikelani and her heirs - her families existed then and their descendants exists today including myself and then Princess Kinoiki and her heirs which is where Kawananakoa and Kuhio followed.  

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