lands of my to be RESPECTED and CARED by all....not only the kanaka maoli

i see good also in the hearts (pu'uwai) of non hawaiian kanaka, experience is that get more non hawaiian malama our lands and waters,

more kindly and better than the kanaka maoli themselves.....


remember our lands is not to be OWNED....but to MALAMA,

and i accept all with the good heart that will go the extra mile and line of duty,

to bring back the RESPECT and HONOR deserving to the Sacredness of

my Royal Kingdom Ancesters.....we need all to IMUA (move forward),

and to KUKANAKA (stand tall) to the Rights and Justice of our Sacred Royal Kingdom SOCIETY~~~

as a Royal Kingdom Heir to the non hawaiian that is truely a Hawaiian at Heart.....mauruuru

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non hawaiians that is educated and lead correctly is the ones to malama,

for some kanaka beyond the Protocals of our Ancesters,

most native hawaiians is commerical and influrenced by the american mentality.....auwe!!!!

please take your shoe off on MOKUHINIA (the very sacred land of my Royal Kingdom Ancesters).......and walk around 3 times on this "HISTORIC PRESERVATION SITE OF THIS STATE OF OAHU"..on our Maui Nui....all of you will feel the pain and sorrow on the bottom of your feet and feel the disrespect and the dishonor towards the Sacredness of my Ancesters of Loko O Mokuhinia,...auwe....for this is Hewa (a wrongful criminal acts) by the power of the leaders of this state of oahu and this county of maui...soon to be exposed and REMOVED.....amene~~~


on may 30th 2012...i spoke before the county of maui burial council meeting and its elected members,

keamoku kapu ask me a question?????......and it is about the Ecosystem of the plans of the army and friends of mokuula

proposal asking for more money $$$$$$$$$$$ to again RESTORE???....EXPLOITING MOKUHINIA??? GREED~

i answered to kapu.......we dont need an ecosystem on mokuhinia......we need to RETURN our Sacred Traditional KAPU System back to RESPECT and HONOR the Sacredness of my Royal Kingdom Ancesters, if butts and or whats!!!

it was mentioned to me...that there is hoops of having somekind say as a Royal Kingdom Heir of i can INTERVENE between this chaotic Hewa allowed by this state of oahu....State Historical Preservation Division, by this...County of maui elected officials of historic councils.....needs to be MONITORED and given a VIOLATION immediately.....for i only seek Justice to Testify what i am witnessing within this government system on our Maui Nui~~~


i am only going in circles....just seeking my birthrights and to be recognized as a Native Hawaiian Kanaka Maoli,

just within this illegal confused government ecosystem of Usa, hummmm?

way tooooo much hewa is allowed on this very sacred national federal State Historic Preserved Lands,

and why the disrespect, the dishonor and disgrace of this county of maui to not give it back to its

Royal Kingdom Heirs to Malama and to bring RESPECT and the Proper PROTOCALS of our Ancesters......amene


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