Hawaii, the 50th state of the U.S.A, once recognized as an independent, sovereign nation or kingdom is in fact still a nation. After years of dedication and extensive research, many Hawaiian sovereignty activists found through documents that the overthrow and annexation of Hawaii was altogether illegal. For over 100 years, the United States of America has blatantly made people believe that Hawaii is a legitimate state of America through “falsification of records and documents, manipulation of mass media and educational systems…”(Ardaiz 1). For years following the illegal annexation, the issue on who owns what land and who has rights to what land became an unresolved dispute within the state with counties selling property that do not necessarily belong to them. Land disputes have been a major on going issue in Hawaii and until they are resolved, Hawaiian’s will not give up the fight to get their land returned. The Counties and State of Hawaii should not be allowed to grab at land to sell in order to pay for their debts or build for any purpose that does not benefit Hawaiians. Hawaii is a fake state being corrupted by the Western culture and influence.

According to Dr. David Keanu Sai, chairman of the Council of Regency, prior to the arrival of Europeans, the Hawaiian’s lived in a self-sufficient, autonomous social system, with a sophisticated language, culture, and land tenure (Sai). It is said that 500,000 Hawaiian’s lived among the Hawaiian Archipelago before Western contact.  According to the 2000 census, the total population of Hawaii was 1,211,537. Of that number only 113,539 were Native Hawaiian with majority of the population made up of 294,102 Whites and 503,868 Asians (“Table 3…”). If Hawaiian’s was able to sustain themselves off the land with a Native population of 500,000, why can’t we now?

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July August Hasegawa,


This is a cool write!  And cool is all that it is, so I thank you for sharing words that are idealistic in nature. 


To defend this contention on the streets or in courts are difficult and costly.  The best way to go is scholarships, and or working for an entity.  Non-profit works providing you have the accountable skills and the stomach to watch from a far the need that grows and grows right before your eyes.


The sustainable for native Hawaiians with 50% plus bloodquantum on DHHL (squatting) or on the list is to maintain the racist haole'fied quantum for those that qualify and shall never see their goal in their life time.  That said, and in place will preserve the first people, thus it's sustainable. 


As the recent COP 16 concluded, saving the planet earth is in the hearts and minds of indigenious peoples.  Which in my mind equals to the persons on the list waiting for a DHHL lease.  Closer look-see, and number crunching--one will see first people and their descendants as sustainable. 


According to the 2000 (random sample) of a population 100,000 numbering with a drop of Hawaiian.  To avoid the bloodquantum one would miss the sustainable measures of a 100,000 eligible for successorship from an original leasee of 50% plus bloodquantum.  Should the fake state arrive to settlement of the waitlist of 40,000 will arrive to the origin of John Wise vision in 1920'ish.

The Nationals are far more closer to the core of the problem, (don't mean to waiver) however, it would mean genocide to the first people that have been grouped together.  I've fallen of the cliff with this one and hoping for a landing without any broken bones. 

I've recently heard or argued the point of the 'bloodquantum with Ethnic Studies UH Manoa and they sayed that it's a native Hawaiian problem.  Lie, it is the Ethnic Studies that raced to the top from it's inception of the 1978 concon with the Federal Policy and now they want to recind their 'ideals'?  One constructed 'Mea Culpa' and then walked away leaving people hanging in the balance of justice? Or, imprisionment is more like it!


Who is your Prof?  Tell him/her I said thanks a bunch for the assertion--I mean this in a sincere way. 

Mahalo Kaohi

I'm actually going to school in NY right now and chose my topic on Hawaii to get those out here to open there eyes to reality.


The top of the heap is the military in Hawaii and it's toxicity to our fetuses and children, depopulation is more of what they are doing.  We were the first State (fake) to legalize abortion in 1972.  The supposedly cause was incest, but actually if one understood the military nuclear testing on Pacific Islanders in the 50s one would understand why we were the first state to have legal abortions.  It is more than just population control.


Every inch of our aina (land) is speculative purchasing thus it's a gold mine for those that know how to watch the bubble burst and sell before hand. 


You are in the best state for they have the right equipment for toxicologist and people, we don't have that experties that can test water ways, land and air and it's people.


You look young--were you in New York during 911 and what's your views on the situation?  If you don't mind me asking.

I suspect this is Dr. Keanu Sai's question and not yours, I can't tell.


"If Hawaiian’s was able to sustain themselves off the land with a Native population of 500,000, why can’t we now?"


We have climate changes and devastating heat in between buildings that have an affect on the mountains or hills.  The heat from the buildings blows to the mountains and thus lessens rain fall because of the up swing of heat that pushes rain clouds out to sea.  Your buildings in New York produces the same radiating heat and warmth from the ocean, but where does that heat go?  Does it go straight up or blows to where? It would be interesting to determine if New Your acts as a blackbody that absorbes heat. 


Dr. Keanu Sai is occupation and deoccupation, I believe your focused work will be greatly appreciated by most of us that are struggling with the military in Hawaii.  I recently made a conscious decison to abandon the decolonization to opt for Dr. Keanu Sai's position or court case.


But, I don't have the academic enivronment for I left the University in 1998 and find myself dependent upon schorlar students like yourself.


You must be new to maoliworlds forum--it can get pretty nasty for all peoples particpate regardless of culture, economics, or religion.  Lot's of biases on this forum. 

I take it that you understand that there is a group of Na Kanaka living together through a 50% plus bloodquantum contract agreement with the fake state.  I use to know the numbers as to how many in the said population of Department of Hawaiian Homesland, I don't anymore.  All that I might know is a wait listing of 40,000 that are 50% plus bloodquantum that list has a successorship meaning if the person dies, the successor can take it's place providing that they ar 50% plus bloodquantum--I think!  Administration rules changes each time we have a new Director.  As I said earlier, my immediate concern is the 100,000 population with 50% bloodquantum that don't have access to the incomes and proceeds that belongs to them, but never really utilized it since 1920.  Too much criminals in power over our first people.


I don't think this group is part of your focus study, I believe you are writing a 'national' paper.  And Tane is the best person for this information.  He has managed over the years to maintain a level balance on the immediate post of the 'overthrow' with Turpie's, Newlands, and Joint Delegation. 


My grandparents were born into the overthrow and they infact, did everything they could to carry their parents involvement with the Ku'e petition and stepping up to the plate, so to speak, in protest against what the US and their military are doing to our people.  In my opinion US is  intended to do a final genocide, but first they would need their studies to justify another ten to twenty years of stalling the fact that they are liable.  Dr. Keanu Sai is very important and a credible source.


Here in Kohala, northend of Hawaii, the Big Island, birthplace of Kamehameha I, we have 6 organizations that have been at work with preserving land which would normally have development.  We have been at work since the 70's from one organization growing into now 6.  We all have different yet collaborative efforts in preservation.  We preserve for use of gathering and access rights currently for coastal where we can still enjoy recreational, spiritual and food resources for hawaiians & general public.  Much of which are area in need of cultural and sacred preservation when there are many archaeological sites.  Land is not only for use of residence but use of sustenance - we need food for survival first which means protecting marine & agricultural land life, etc.  Best website for reference is www.kamakani.org.  My nonprofit is Maika'i Kamakani 'O Kohala.  Nonprofit KAKO'O is an organization which I co-founded from a predecessor organization aka:  Hui Lihikai.


Some may look at what we do not in full understanding why.  We find funds to purchase back land from private landowners - land that are in need of preserving because of "what is on the land - cultural/sacred".  Yes real property titles are still "cloudy" but it is part of our community to NOW be responsible with government entities to make sure the land use is for what our communities general plan is intended for.  When you enter our town of Kohala it says, "Welcome to Historic Kohala".  Therefore in our District of North Kohala we resonate to this for preservation.  We are a District responsible for abundance in sustenance in the days of ancient warfare -   plentiful was food for all warriors and residence.  This same tradition in what we value and hold we want to keep for our District in modern day life.  Pristine Land, Pristine Water we continue to fight for as a way of preserving our peoples.  We also advocate for affordable housing projects as part of our general planning.  We are a community that also understands that we can not change what has happened in history.  Many residents here purchased land not understanding titles were "cloudy".  They are friends and neighbors.  I myself have a handful of community members with their families living on land which belong to my 'ohana.  However, whether or not the lands are fully returned by reinstating Hawaiian Gov't we will never tell them or "kick them off" the property - that's not the hawaiian way.  They were blinded as we were and should not be punished. Others might not feel the same way but I tell you now...you all must consider  ALL that can happen if land was returned.  Will you kick people off the land  that were betrayed as well?  Hawaiians or not?  You must think of this....PAU!


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