kupuna and who should be on Hawaiian Homelands?

This is a email I received from Da Princess and I find it disturbing. I am not sure how to answer it and I perhaps some other mana'o would be better than mine. I could explain how Prince Kuhio was forced to accept blood quantum by the American government and fought it. Can we know the kupuna of the unoccupied Kingdom and their mana'o. Can we unravel the American propaganda or remain huikau?

aloha kai,

however, not all Na Kupuna follow the true ways of a Kupuna. being a Kupuna is
sacred and the position of a kupuna can cost the lives of a village if proper actions
is not inculcated right with PONO.

being a true kupuna is like the sacred places on our 'aina, not everyone can claim
a sacred land with much Mana like wise a kupuna with honor will be identified
immediately by others in our villiges. thats why we have hawaiian homes set aside
for only native hawaiians with 50% or more hawaiian blood, any one less can not
even apply because it is not for all and thats how sacred we should honor a true KUPUNA.

this has not only been a educated discussion but one to show and honor
our true Kupuna's with the highest level of Respect, period!!!
for they are the true Ali'is and subjects of this Royal Kingdom of all Hawaii Nei.

i close my case and Aloha all that mr. kinney invited to this discussion of who
Qualifies as a Kupuna???? many Blessings of knowledge to all.........~da princess~

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aloha natural born,
if your kupuna kahiko taught you right then the topic of a kupuna in our day is important, how many true kupuna's you see today, very few like having pure hawaiians, we don't see to much of them. my era was in the early 60's to today and i still is involved with them and its good to see pure hawaiians with much mana and here the life stories of their sufferings and past of disgrace against them. some share their stories of struggles is having their ohanas being injected with lepersy and how their entire identify was changed by having their last names changed from Keahi to Adams. so to say that our kupuna's did not die in vain please rethink that thought and i challege you to interview kupunas in your village and see/hear the vain of disrespect from the military, the religion and the western americas that overthrew our Kingdom Government.
the lesson of our KUPUNA's was respect and honoring them with the highest level of consideration. many has lost the respect of our kupuna's and one day if you no speak up for our kupuna's, you going be treated just like them today. we can not stand by and watch the disrespect of our kupuna's no more, go into the hawaiian home villages on your island and Aloha your kupunas then listen to their stories of vain and yet they not dead, they still trying to breath the HA in vain because of the disrespect from this new generation.~da princess~
As above so below
as within so with out
Po and Ao
Malama your 'aina' and it will take care of you.

Aloha no, Aloha no, e wahine nani u'i
Some people forget that not all Kanaka Maoli 50% and plus live on Hawaiian Homestead lands and a majority are still on the waiting list. This means only about 1/5th who qualified are on Hawaiian Homes land. Then there are those like my family that already have property and opted not to apply because there were native Hawaiians that don't have land and need it more. Because we are shut out by the system or opt not to apply, doesn't make us any less kanaka maoli and prevent us from practicing our culture. True kupuna are not defined as only being on Hawaiian Homestead Lands.

aloha tane,

at one time i also owned my own home, and allowed others like yourself, go gain the wealth of living on hawaiian homes, but i am like the few that is 50% and has waited on the hawaiian home lands for the past 20 yrs. because i can not come up with the new qualification of a $250 thousand bank loan, so my next generation can have that deserved oppurtinity to gain what is due to them.
it is not the blood quantum that shuts one out from being a true kupuna or a kanaka maoli, it is the Attitude of such one, the knowledge of our culture, traditions, and most of all the Mana where another can identify right away.
like our kupuna's tell us "NO ACT" because we was born and raised to know the difference between the wolf and the sheep. and now the wolf with the sheep coverings is more in our presents.
yes you are right our true kupuna's are not only on hawaiian home lands, they are on Ahupua'a, villages of farmers and fishermens. if you are brought up with the genuine MANA, you can find them where ever you go, and if you can not then again tane, know how you are and where you belong, period.....
mahalo nui for your educated mana'o and sharing with all of us, for we the next generation is seeking knowledge every day and most of us is advanced in higher eduacation, so be careful what you say, for it might bite you where you least expect as said by my living Kupuna's of our Kingdom of Maui Nui..............................................~da princess~


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