kupuna and who should be on Hawaiian Homelands?

This is a email I received from Da Princess and I find it disturbing. I am not sure how to answer it and I perhaps some other mana'o would be better than mine. I could explain how Prince Kuhio was forced to accept blood quantum by the American government and fought it. Can we know the kupuna of the unoccupied Kingdom and their mana'o. Can we unravel the American propaganda or remain huikau?

aloha kai,

however, not all Na Kupuna follow the true ways of a Kupuna. being a Kupuna is
sacred and the position of a kupuna can cost the lives of a village if proper actions
is not inculcated right with PONO.

being a true kupuna is like the sacred places on our 'aina, not everyone can claim
a sacred land with much Mana like wise a kupuna with honor will be identified
immediately by others in our villiges. thats why we have hawaiian homes set aside
for only native hawaiians with 50% or more hawaiian blood, any one less can not
even apply because it is not for all and thats how sacred we should honor a true KUPUNA.

this has not only been a educated discussion but one to show and honor
our true Kupuna's with the highest level of Respect, period!!!
for they are the true Ali'is and subjects of this Royal Kingdom of all Hawaii Nei.

i close my case and Aloha all that mr. kinney invited to this discussion of who
Qualifies as a Kupuna???? many Blessings of knowledge to all.........~da princess~

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Much of what is stated relies in concept, perspective and interpretation. This can vary in degress and how one holds on to the ideals it represents. Generically, Kupuna is our grandparents and their generation that are regarded as a source of knowledge garnered through the years and they are highly respected for this and from their personal being and practical experiences.

It's a personal choice as to how one would regard one's kupuna or kupuna in general as related to one's personal experiences. I doubt that kupuna want to be put under such close scrutiny as to be judged by others with such diligence for they are human after-all and subject to human frailities. What they impart are values, learning experiences and the complexion of the society in their day. There have been ancestors who have been pono and those who have been hewa and through time it reveals lessons to learn from and also to pass down to our mo'opuna.

We do know that many have a deep respect and love for their kupuna closely associated with them; especially those who are closely associated with them personally. How one views a kupuna is how one will defend them. There is no right or wrong in this.

I would, however take umbrage with the analogy or reasoning that Hawaiian Homes were set up for that purpose and it depended on blood-quantum. The make-up of the Hawaiian society was never exclusive save the hierarchy of classes which slowly dissipated to the haves and haves not under the WASP system. We never shut out people; we included them for a more diversified look at life compatible to our value system.

Anyone can be a kupuna by description; but revered only through their actions and how much they are regarded by others. There are many that hold that position in high regard and expectations. We rely on the integrity of the kupuna that they will be responsible for their actions and impart the wisdom they have learned from their kupuna which they share with us.

In other levels, we have na kumu with their alaka'i and haumana. Our relation with 'Io and aumakua or spiritual guides. Our kupuna help to bridge all this together into a well-balnced way of being pono and in taking care of our kuleana. We are who they have molded to carry on the values and life learning experiences as the bases of our foundation in formulating who we are and the kuleana and legacy with which we leave to others. This will help us deal with our lives and the problems and challenges we are confronted with in our lives and we make our choices.

Wow, pilikia nui over in the emails. Just to expound on what Tane said by 'anyone can be a kupuna,' of which, I tend to agree: Personally, I think that there are all sorts of 'kupuna,' (and by kupuna I mean a teacher in the english vernacular... in elementary school we called all the Hawaiiana teachers Kupuna) certain ones teach certain things and emphasize certain values. Each one has their unique perspective on the issues they choose to represent; no two share the exact same outlook. I think to be a well rounded 'student,' plenty perspectives should be examined. To pigeonhole or limit oneself to only one perspective or one way of looking at things leads exactly to the circumstances that lead up to all the pilikia in the emails. Of that, you guys sure you not just interpreting the term 'Kupuna' and 'Haumana' differently?

E Live Aloha, ahh :p
aloha maika,

but for me it is not pilikia when one speaks the truth. this is what our kupuna's want our generation to do. for many of them have died in silence. how will our next generation learn if we don't expose the hewas and call it pilikia.

if you was brought correctly by your kupuna's from your ahupa'a then you would be able to understand the seriousness of the respect and honor to a true KUPUNA, not one red neck kupuna that only know the surface
of our culture. any body can claim the language, do the hula, but only those we 50% or more can apply for native hawaiian homes, period!!! and only one true kupuna can see the eyes of other, all other have makapiapia, to blind them from the truth. so maika, neva feel pilikia when you stand up for your rights (being PONO) for your kupuna, your kupuna kahiko (ancestors), our ahupua'a and the truth.

my blessings to your knowledge to increase
until we all understand in unity
mahalo Ke Akua
malama kou kino (take care of your body)...........................................~da princess~
Aloha no e Princess,

Qualifying as a native hawaiian, I understand the dilemma. However, I have to admit, I am biased in favor of no blood quantum because of my daughter, and all future generations. I like to think I've followed the logical conclusion of the 'quantum', and to me it's not exactly pono. Although, I do agree, the lesser 'quantum' Hawaiians have been carried on the back of the 'n'ative 'h'awaiians. The problem, it seems, is how do we recognize this going forward. I would love to hear ideas on this. I think, though, since a lot of the 'n'ative 'h'awaiians live below the poverty line, if not by choice then otherwise (referencing specifically Waianae). Personally, I think that in the building of this 'thing' the economically disadvantaged should be addressed before the well-to-do; regardless of quantum. Naive? Perhaps. I know this is a controversial issue, and like I said, I would love to hear other pono mana'o.

Aloha kaua i ke akua

aloha maika,
i am 50% hawaiian and not yet on the 'aina, i have been on the list for almost 20 yrs. waiting ,all my kupunas have past all away, if i die and not on the 'aina then like you there is nothing for my kids and all ohanas after me. i feel the fustration, however for me i relie totally on Akua, it is his time not ours. like hard work we are that generation that have to speak out now. as my great grand mama, Queen Lili'iuokalani quoted, "it is by the prayers of petitions that my subjects will seek Justice", i believe education with in our generation will help the next generations to succeed. Don't give up hope thats why we have each other and soon we will all unite, again in Akua's time.
the best mana'o, is from our living kupuna's, go the the hawaiian villages and kukakuka (talk stories) with them, tell them i sent you to them and then LISTEN (ho'olohe) and you seek you going to find, you ask the right ones they going give you the right (being pono) answers that you need, our kupuna's are dying in silence. save what mana they have to share and begin your petition~~~da princess~~~
Teachers are generally referred to as kumu. The DOE began the Kupuna Program several years ago so that students get a sense of Hawaii and its culture. This gave them a chance to utilize the elders in teaching Hawaiiana without having to pay them the same as they pay their regular teachers. DOE saved a lot of money by using the kupuna to teach that course. What the kupuna shared is invaluable to the residents of Hawai'i that have no clue about the culture and its values thus giving them a sense of being Hawaiian in Hawai'i. It is hoped they will respect and share the values they have learned from the Kupuna in Hawai'i and carry that on in their lives. Maika is pono and correct in his mana'o about the various perspectives influencing the students. Mahalo, ia 'oe e Maika.
Mahalo for e maika'i hana on explaining this from your mana'o. As always better than I could do and I hope this mailea mana'o will help end any pilikia.

lokahi for Independence

Prince Kuhio did not support a Blood Quantum to the Hawaiian Homes Commission Act. As Prince Kuhio wanted every Hawaiian to be on Hawaiian Homes Lands as a people. Not just those who Qualified as a native Hawaiian. Alone as a Real Kupuna. Which I find to be Insulting and HEWA. Long Live The Hawaiian Kingdom, o Pomai
aloha kai,

i hope you understand the seriousness of a KUPUNA, i myself was a Makua teaching my cultural traditional lifestyle in the DOE to 4th and 5th graders on this kingdom of maui nui. I work close with our living kupuna's. i have personally have had the opputunity to intergrade my genuine beliefs with the curriculum of the Kupuna DOE system.

i can not stand by and hear a red neck calling another red neck one Kupuna, especially when their words conflict with their behavior. and yes, price kuhio demanded this law to protect native hawaiians 50% blood line from intruters to also overthrow what we kanaka maoli have left which is our sacred 'aina for his people, the kanaka maoli's.

again until we meet in one understanding in unity
mahalo Ke Akua
malama kou kino (take care of your body).........................................................~da princess~
Aloha Da Princess,

Many years ago Aldous Huxley wrote a book called "Brave new world" and in it he created a futuristic world with many classes of people. The Alpha's were normal, but Beta's through Epsilons were deprived of oxygen while they were developing. The Alphas dominated and used the others for menial tasks. They convinced each group to be proud of their differences and used propaganda to have each group believe they were superior.

This was his critique of American-European views of people like Hawaiians. So many Hawaiians confuse the body politic of the Hawaiian Kingdom with the race based line of America. I confess I posted this hoping Tane would answer you. He know his history and he loves us.

In the end Kamehameha III said it best in the declaration of rights, that God hath made man of one blood. I am always surprised to Hawaiians oppose their Ali'i makua. Racism is a poison that helps the Americans illegally hold onto our wai wai au pau [land, government and people]

I need you, we need you with us to lokahi, onipa'a and help our American friends find their Aloha and respect our nation and assets.

ke aloha kai
As far as Hawaiian Homestead Act, Prince Kuhio never wanted a blood quantum restriction placed on it. It was the WASP racist haole Melika that insisted on it. Their thoughts was that Hawaiians were a dying race and sooner or later, there would not be any reason to have Hawaiian Homesteads. Because we live in our homeland; Hawaiian values are predominant in all of us regardless of blood quantum. It's illogical to say that the more Hawaiian koko in one's veins, the more Hawaiian one is in values, culture, and heritage. Blood quantum is a very racist WASP American mentality and not that of Kanaka maoli. I will agree that the more Polynesian-Hawaiian one has; the luckier and blessed that person is. God made so few of them because he didn't want to spoil the world of a good thing. LOL...

Nonetheless, a person's "Hawaiianess" is not dictated by the amount of the koko flowing in one veins but what is instilled in that person and what they practice and how they live their life. The legacy passed on to them is what they pass on to their children and mo'opuna. It's a continuing process that keeps us alive and pono with the surroundings of which nutures us. We have our kuleana to keep it alive. It's something we share in keeping it a living culture. Those who have been stripped of it are beginning to return; including the 50%+ who had lost it as well. This gives us hope and a reason for celebrating. The mana is returning to the people regardless of the white mans' enforced blood-quantum.
Kai Landow (slick dude)

Posting your stupid forum and when a young women stands her grounds you find it disturbing. Dog Poop! You know exactly what to say, however, you lack the courage to say the things you want to say. Like you said, "I could explain..." you are to stupid to explain anything. Prince Kuhio did not fight it, if he did, he would be fighting his own Na Kupuna which was far wiser than his act of kindness to the sugar kings.

Dude, you can't even explain how a worm crawls out of a donkey's ass, let alone your own democratic process. The ocean is full of Valdez oil, how did it get there? Explain the American propaganda to our Princess, undo the mess and explain why your positions on values (huikau) are so valid as oppose to the greatest environmental tragedies in history. This fit's your character far better Dude, than skirting Woman Suffrage. Kaohi


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